Monday, 29 February 2016

Monday Uncertainty

Another week and I feel the same once again. Let's not dwell on feels and instead songs. Songs that will be coming up as per us after the bit of art.

Betty Goodwin - Moving Towards Fire (1983)

Taking a trip back to the 1990's again with Everything But The Girl again. I think I might have said before that the album's aged pretty well, which *might* not be entirely true. The Drum & Bass parts hold up great for sure, but parts of it (and this track in particular) are mid-to-late 90's in audio form. But to be honest who doesn't like to indulge in some of that every now and then?

I've not posted anything from Felix in a long time. A bit of a shame really because after Daft Punk he's the one responsible for me getting serious into the wide world of electronic music. I'll admit He Was King has a couple really duff moments on it but I adore most of it; I saw one review complain it was Felix trying (and failing) to recapture the glory days of Kittenz & Thee Glitz but I don't see it that way, to me this is Felix revisiting the inspirations that led to the Glitz sound one last time, with an extra 8 years of experience.

Yet another reminder of things I need to pick up again. I've been out of the loop on all things Simian Mobile Disco for a loooooong time now. So in an effort to spur me on to actually check them out again I am going to post one of my favourites from Temporary Pleasure.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Monday, 22 February 2016

Back On Tracks

Hello! Slightly late again but good news! The decorating part is done so now I can go back to being a full time tune vendor. Starting off this week with some things I've found on my soundcloud feed. This one caught my ear first because I don't get much hip-hop/trip hop stuff on my feed most of the time, and second because I'm 99% sure that the beat up to the first minute is the same sample as Massive Attack's Blue Lines (which would be Tom Scott's Sneakin' In The Back).

Hot off the heels of last time's Bebop remixes post; I decided to check in on DJ Vadim again. And there I found this lovely reggae infused number. Yet another reminder I need to catch up on my lists more, because this is supremely my jam this Monday.

And a quick browse through Nightmares On Wax's reposts gives me many a tune to pick from. This one here is giving me Morcheeba come Little Dragon vibes. And so completes the chill trinity that I need while rendering and whatnot today. Hope this sees you Monday through as well!

-Claude Van Foxbat

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Apologies for the slight lateness again, it's been a whirlwind couple of days; ilictronix is now coming to you from the shiny sleekness of Windows 10 and I had to spend a little while tinkering with drivers and programs for compatibility's sake. Anyway, back to music: my man Celadon City finally put out Earth: OST and I have been giving it a listen on this surprisingly sunny Valentine's day morning.

It's chock full of the gorgeously smooth Celadon City sound we've come to expect, intermittently sprinkled with ambient pieces that take a few cues from Boards Of Canada, and wouldn't be too out of place on a LP from The Flashbulb (Heartsday, I'm looking at you). Currently I have Greenlands on loop (and probably will for some time to come). I'm absolutely in love with the distortion going on, it feels like my speakers are going to burst and wash me away in a sea of sound. Think a slightly smoother Analog Worms Attack or LA-era Flying Lotus and you're almost there.

if it's tickling your fancy, you can pick up the LP on Hush Hush Records' bandcamp, iTunes, Bleep or Juno Download.

You can find more Celadon City on:

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday Service

Apologies for the slight delay with this 'un, some things happened and I got carried away. Today's sesh is gonna be back to the chill side of things because that's what I'm feelin' ATM because of things that happened, more after some art fer yer eyes.

Edward Hopper - Early Sunday Morning (1930)

Been diggin' Thievery Corp's Saudade LP once again; the albums a bit of a departure from their usual trip hop modus operandi, instead opting for a return to a Bossa Nova style sound. The whole album is very relaxed, with perhaps some hints of sadness given the LPs title. This one comes with the added bonus of feeling extra cultured with the french lyrics.

Had a little chat with Evan a while back where we discussed our favourite Gorillaz songs, and as it turns out we both have a penchant for the more downbeat side of the project. I got around to getting the bonus tracks for main Gorillaz man Damon Albarn's solo effort Everyday Robots the other day and was quite surprised to be treated to another of Albarn's downtempo experiments.

And finally some Boards Of Canada. It took me a while to get me hands on this one back when, the Hi Scores EP I picked up came just a card sleeve with some Braille on. Everything You Do Is A Balloon takes a little while to get going for me, but once it does it earns a spot in the top of BoC's works.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

February: We Made It!

Oh boy 2016 is just keepin' on rolling. Welcome to the month that I can never spell consistently and will probably avoid mentioning from now on. Let's check in with what's happening on Soundlcloud, our man Celadon City has yet another teaser track from his upcoming LP, this time it's track #2 that premiered just a day late because now it's named after the wrong month. Also this post should be a reminder to me to check out the full thing when it comes out in about 10 days.

It's been a while since I've mentioned fellow Writer Evan's stuff, but his latest wave of sounds hot off the heels of some new hardware is pretty sweet. One of his old tapes came on as I was typing this out and the kid has certainly come a long way, here's hoping it stays that way for many more years to come.

And finally I made the rounds to see what some people are up to, turns out there's some new Vibert I hadn't heard (with eye-burning artwork too). Had no idea what it'd be going in as Vibert could be doing all sorts. This time though it's back to the slightly off kilter hip hop sound with samples sprinkled throughout that Luke clearly has fun making. And it's equally as fun to listen to, so that's another one I have to chalk up on the ever-growing list.

-Claude Van Foxbat