Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Ilictronix Podcast: St. Patrick's Day B-Sides

"Claude unveils the "B-side" to his Bandcamp finds and shares other electronic gems. Adam brings some of the tracks he played for St. Patricks Day"

We are live for this week! I use this week's tracklist to share some bits and pieces form a mixtape I made on Sunday, and to add and additional layer of nerd cred; the tracks are all related to Serial Experiments Lain in some way but fear not as I think they all stand alone even if you're not familiar with the show. Also featured are some tunes that didn't quite make the cut for the bandcamp episode, and one in particular from Echochamber that a bit of a departure from my usual MO for those of you that have been following the show for a while. It's something I'm trying to work on getting over, too many times I've dismissed a song that I think is too long r doesn't fit with the rest of my selections. It's a bad habit I have IRL as well, but the podcast has helped me break some of those already so here goes nothing! Anyway, I hope you're in for a shedload of variety this week, we go from techy Hip-Hop to late 90's lounge house and even the aforementioned Echochamer with some Dub House style things later on (and also my latest obsession in electronic darkness from Sidewalks & Skeletons to play us out!)

Adam's choices are once again on point. It's a shame that we couldn't get these tunes in mix format from the set he did but honestly I sometimes prefer it like this, for example this episode turned me onto Chikyu-u Records, which if this were a full-on set I might have missed or otherwise overlook. That's not discounting his other choices either, I'm super into the Cyberpunk vibe of the Shadowax's A & B that he chose as well. I'm very happy with both of our selections this week, I was worrid it would be another touching 2-hour episode but we kept it fairly well reined in. Tracklist as usual follows, and links to the relevent bandcamps of artists we talked about after that!.

Intro:Jovonn - Pianos Of Gold (Ian Pooley Remix)

Claude’s picks:
Musashino Clan - Re:Duvet
Axian - Fallin'
Akira Takemoto - MJ-XX
Chikada "J.J" Wasei - INFANiTy World
Echochamber - feeding nightfire [neanderthal]

Adam’s Picks
Rubb Sound System - Cast A Spell
Taro Asama - Hikari
Jorge Felucca ‎– Pussy Clap (Pole Remaster)
Ketraj - Oddesey
Shadowax - A & B (Pyanstvu Boys Cover)
Sidewalks And Skeletons - Drifter

The Echochamber track I talk about, feeding nightfire is availableon the album 'm real, i'm here which is available on bandcamp here, and as I mentioned in the episode, the campaign to get it pressed on vinyl has succeeded! if you would like one of your own on vinyl they are still taking orders as of writing on the project page here!

Linking directly to page for the Axian track I talked about, you can find the rest of his releases on that page as well, if you enjoyed Fallin' throw the guy a dollar and have it to own!

If you liked the Taro Asama track Adam chose; the label Chikyu-u Records has a ton of bandcamp releases like Adam mentioned their full discography is here. Also what Adam said is true and most of the releases on there are Pay-What-You-Want so you can pick them up for free if you'd like, personally I'm definitley throwing some £ their way very soon just after I dive into their backcataloge further!

And I almost forgot, the pseudo-mixtape I made with all Lain-related songs is up on my soundcloud here I'm fairly pleased with it in parts, apologies fo rthose of you listening to it after the episode, the first 4 or so tracks are the same as what I chose for this show. Regardless, whether you're a fan of the show or not check it out!

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