Thursday 21 August 2008

Trancey Trancey Trancey

Well I promised Champiness I would write this, so here it goes...

He sent me an e-mail (which by the way all of you should) regarding an artist I should talk about. He's from one of least favored genres, trance. Now I'm not going to be biased or anything against it, but I just don't like it.

Anyway, the artist he regarded goes by the name of ZeRo_BaSs. And no, this is not some 12-year-old forum troll, but actually a rather good artist. Champiness writes...

Heyhey. Just thought I'd drop by with a new up-and-coming artist. You could say he's the Louis La Roche of Epic Trance (or something like it, if Epic Trance annoys you), albeit slightly less popular. Functioning out of the Newgrounds Flash Portal, ZeRo_BaSs may sound a bit immature. Trust me, he's anything but. Just an amazingly skilled Italian guy looking for a label, I'm sure he's going somewhere.

Now as stated earlier, I don't like any form of trance that much, but the first track Champiness sent me was actually quite good. I'm pretty sure it's not Epic Trance but rather just Dance or a light form of Techno. I couldn't find a name for the track, but according to the file type, I believe it's called *ZeRo.* But without further adieu, I'd like to show off the track, which I can't find a name for :-D. If someone could post the name of the track, I will gladly change it. But until then, we'll go with *ZeRo.*

ZeRo_BaSs - *ZeRo*

Be sure to hit up ZeRo_BaSs's Newgrounds portal at



Champiness said...

Cheers! Glad to see this. BTW, the track is indeed called ZeRo. That's the name.

Anonymous said...

This is trance...?

Jordan S said...

No the artist is. In the article I specifcally say the tracked listed is just Dance.

Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

this song is sick, i can say that im a fan