Thursday 11 September 2008


As most of you should've seen, I have some icons on the sidebar under my Persona Space. Well, if you want to make your mark on ilictronix, now is the time.

Whether it's your band, site, blog, or whatever, you can feature it on ilictronix. It will be an image of your choice with a link back to the site. This site gets several hundred hits weekly so of course people are going to see it. Email me at ilictronixstaff(at) and we'll get something set up.


Update Note: This email is no longer monitored, please do not send any emails to that address!


Champiness said...

Well... aside from further artist recommendations (check your inbox), I don't really have anything to advertise...

Jordan S said...

i check my inbox every 2 minutes while im at my computer, I got your recommendation. I usually wait a week or two to post it though.

Jordan S said...

Also, I read your message more carefully and saw you wanted to be added to the mailing list. Sorry I made you wati!!!

Anonymous said...

w00t for adspace!

(does we getz an artical todaiz???)