Tuesday 30 September 2008

Those Japanese...

Sorry of my absence yesterday, my keyboard exploded on me, but now I have a new one!!

I recently got the Jet Set Radio soundtrack and I almost cried (not really) because it brought back so many memories of my childhood. This game I had for the Xbox (which is now gone), and it really showed me the world of electronic music. Most of the soundtrack was put together by Japanese Tech-Hop artist Hideki Naganuma, and he is the best of his kind. His music is very fresh and sounds very un-Japanese, because I hate Jpop lol.

Anyway today I'm showing one of my favorite tracks from the soundtrack. It's extremely funky and chock full of sampling. I'm not sure how to explain this song, you'll just have to listen for yourself. Don't be surprised if you see more Hideki Naganuma on this site, he is very good.

I hope you recognize this track from the amazing game!


Anonymous said...

(Great song by the way)
Around 0:40.

Jordan S said...

wow that's awesome you found that!

I wonder what the original is.

Anonymous said...

It said that at least part of it was originally sampled from a Richard Nixon speech about the Watergate scandal.