Thursday 30 April 2009

SebastiAn - Motor EP Review

My parents usually tolerate my music. I use the word usually because of this album.

Motor EP is one of the most hardcore, THE most in my opinion, series of tracks ever released by the great Sebastian Akchoté. It screams, it shreiks, and above hurts.

If you listen to your iPod loudly, you'll know how cymbals seem to make their way out of your ear drum and piss off everyone in a 25ft radius. Unfortunately for you, this song has many "crisp-frequency" (such as cymbals) sounds that will annoy the fuck out of everyone. I love every second of it.

Let's start with the title track. At first glance, you may want to kill yourself. One of my biggest annoyances in electronic music is the sound of a revving engine (I HATE PTOYL SO MUCH). Anyway, after about 20 seconds or so, the beat erupts with some kickass SebastiAn bass drums, an instrument the great Oizo has commented on being "pure sex." I could not agree more. Although this track has it's ear-piercing-not-in-a-good-way moments, it's fairly solid.

The next track, Momy, is by far my favorite on the EP. It has a fantastic mini-sample, and does not fail to impress me with the exploding beats. To be honest, this song greatly sounds like Nouveau-French-Electro-House, the kind of stuff Louis La Roche and The Phantom's Revenge have been hard at work making. I love the overall sound of this, and I love the main spooky synth. My favorite part has to be the super-tiny "star" vocal sample that I recognize but can't figure out why :(

The final track, Army, does not fail to impress me either. Although it's a little drier that I wish, it's still pretty amazing. This track sounds EXACTLY like SebastiAn, and I'm glad he has not lost his touch. Unfortunately, many listeners might find this song a little generic.

Overall, this EP was a great treat from our pal Tyler, who has given so much to this blog. I loved the EP, and it has significant replay value. It has some great samples, and some great bass drum that SebastiAn is known for. Unfortunately, the tracks can get a little repetitive, and may sound a bit too crunchy for 100% volume. This limited the album to a...

4/5 (I'm super-generous)

Enjoy your new music,
Prez Jordan


Boba Fettuccini said...

I've never heard any of these! Thanks!

Jan said...

Great tracks dude!

Attack Yourself! said...

Erol Alkan did a brilliant edit of Momy. You can hear it on his MySpace.

Lady Electronica said...
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Ed Banger Kids said...

I love the Erol remix. Tis very good. Motor is just a great track, he played it at Hard 2008, and I cried. = ]. Motor is just a simple electro track if you truly listen to it. SebastiAn has the potential to do SO much better, as you can see by the Daft Punk remix.

I can not f*cking WAIT for him to release a full album already!

Much love to this post = ]

- Cassidy

Tyler said...

Aw! Thanks for the shout! Make me feel so special :P I love this blog, what can I say.

But yes this EP rocks. Motor is ridiculous. I like playing it and watching my friends go WTF? Still waiting on SebastiAn's album though. Hopefully this summer?

Hangloozz said...

I think that the 'star'-sample on Momy is recognizable from The Chemical Brothers' hit 'Hey, hey girl' where the part 'superstar' from the phrase 'superstar DJ, here we go!' is almost pronounced the same way :)

Anonymous said...

This was a clear rip off of a song done for buddy Whitehawk from Toronto produced it sampling the actual engine
Have a listen yourself..