Sunday 29 November 2009

WE NEED YOU, KID. [Closed]

That's right, the time has come to appoint some new stuff. HUT HUT. You think you can handle it, chump? I THINK NOT. (actually I do)

We have lost two writers due to sheer busy-ness, and I'm now looking for two talented writers that can pick up where the old ones left off. We need more activity so our fans don't get pissed at us for having more slumps.
So what does this mean?
Simply put, I'm looking for the best of the best. If you feel you have a substantially large knowledge of dance music, and you can write well, apply. There is no downside to applying except filling out applications.
What's in it for me?
Ilictronix has a fanbase well in the thousands, and these are not your average stumbleupon readers, but instead a vast community of music geeks like you. Your music WILL be listened to, and your words will be read. To be honest, it's quite thrilling know people appreciate what you do.
Who can apply?
Anyone. Your age, location, race, and even gender will not affect your chances to become a writer. The only thing that matters is how savage your music library is, and how well you can engage our readers to come back for more.
What will my duties be?
You will be required to post once a week, but I want you to take the initiative to post more if things become slow. If you're busy from time to time, I understand. I want the staff to have fun, so I'm not gonna play bad cop. Writing for ilictronix is a great experience, and I want you to get something out of it.
What will you be looking at?
I want to know what kind of music you listen to, where you live, your age, and other basic info. Ilictronix has a vast variety of cultures, so it would be nice if you can contribute something. If you're a middle-class white male living in the states - like me, don't fret. My decisions will not be affected by affirmative action - I'm just looking to be entertained.
Alright Prez, so how can I apply?
Applying is easy, you simply email me with the follow info...
- Name
- Primary Email
- Age
- Location
- A few sentences on your background info
- Do I know you? (explain who you are on the internet)
- Your favorite songs, artists, etc. - Previous experience (it's cool if you don't have any)
- How often you will be available (aka "how much do you spend on the computer?")
- How much music you have (give me an amount of songs, total size "GB", or just a rough estimate)
- A few sentences on why you are qualified to write for ilictronix (include anything you find impressive about yourself)
- Your skill with computers, including experience
Feel free to include anything you think I'll find impressive. This includes a myspace, maybe some songs, other places on the internet you've contributed to, even your job. Don't hold back, your task is to impress me and convince me you are well qualified.
Do not lie.
So get applying! I expect to get a bunch of applications - so competition is likely to be stiff. I'll let you know whether or not you've made the team in a matter of weeks, probably only like 1 or 2 depending on how busy I am.
I will most likely reply to your application with some questions, I'm pretty personal - we'll chat.
Phew, that was a lot. I should've proofread :)


Hutton said...

"and you can write well"

You trying to break the illictronix mould then?

Jordan S said...

lol. by that i meant - can speak decipherable english.

Alejandro said...

I just completed everything and it showed error FUCK THAT SHIEEEEEEET
heres my e-mail

Kamei said...

And what's your e-mail?

Jordan S said... you should know that :)

Dark DJ said...

I'm currently applying , prez, I hope I succeed this time as I'd love to be able to contribute to this blog :)

Funkow said...


messer hani said...

sent, hope to get it now, it was so close last time... ^^

Funkow said...

I'd say Europeans should take their place (UK excluded)
Am I right hani?

Shum - Payne said...

Check out me on

Lewis said...

Do you want any Australian writers?

Ashley said...

Big up the UK!
jus applied
fingers crossed
when will sir alan see me?

messer hani said...

true, Funkow, true :D

Big Little said...
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Big Little said...
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Big Little said...

mmm ahah yo I applied but it looks like last in a long line of applicants. My paperwork should be top of the stack then eh?
Even if I'm too late check out my mashups on hypem under the name Jeel and let me know what you think