Thursday 25 February 2010

[CRYDA 010] Spaced Out/Holy Ghostz

Crydamoure is a French House label created in 1997 by music gods Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo (of Daft Punk fame) and Eric Chedeville (currently Rico the Wizard). CRYDA was the first French House label I ever got into, and boy am I glad I did.

The 10th installment of Crydamoure's fantastic releases is courtesy of Play Paul, the younger, and more attractive, Homem-Christo brother :P Like his world-famous brother, Play Paul has a knack for turning out short riffs of sampled disco songs that can be seamlessly repeated for minutes while still keeping us entertained.

Spaced Out (Xtended Mix) is an French House tune of epic proportions that incorporates all of the elements seen in early 2000s French House, a time in which Nu-Disco was coming alive. These features include subtle drums, powerful layers, cyberpunk-style synth riffs, and quick 1-beat backtracks. It all comes together to make an orgasm for the ears.

Holy Ghostz (Yes, I spelled it correctly, alexdaftpunk91 did not :P), happens to be my all time favorite Crydamoure track - not only by Play Paul, but by all of it's star line-up. It's so smooth and precious, and the sample is like heaven to my ears. The EP version takes a little while to develop, unlike the Waves II edition which jumps right into the action. But hey, the pleasure goes on for longer :) It's good stuff, and totally belongs in your library, if it isn't already.

So that does it for this installment of Crydamoure posts, expect MANY more in the future. I hope you enjoyed.

Comments are more than appreciated,


LRNT said...

First track is not working for me :(

More play paul plz !

Chris said...

The first track would've been awesome if there weren't so many poor cuts and it had run a lot smoother.

Korbi said...

You gotta love Solid Goldberger! ;D

meansteppin said...

crydamoure is my favourite of all time.

colin said...

your blog is the SHIT!

i dont have time to go through it right now but its my new homepage and i will definitely be hitting you up for all you're worth

so legit! i found the blog cuz i was searching for git down saturday night ever since i started listening to the daft punk essential mix

Mike Moulin said...

yeah! Este blog me entona bien cabron!

I love this Blog...
still doing guys.

Unknown said...

yes i did enjoy and glad there are more coming! ;-)

lol @ "still doing guys"

wobbble said...

holy ghostz is definitely one of my faves too