Thursday 11 February 2010

Let's Just Relax

I'm snowed in, midterms are finally over, college stuff is finally done. The rest of you are surely busy as well this time of year, and there's a lot of stress going around. Let's chill.

One of my personal favorites, this Japanese experimental song is so beautiful, and it's a shame that it's not commonly known. I can listen to this one for hours and hours on end.

And leave it to Royksopp to create another relaxing melody. This songs catchy, light-hearted, and goes with every mood, prompting one to say "Jesus Christ, Royksopp, please release Senior already!!" By the way, Senior should be hitting shelves this April, if all goes well. Whenever it comes out, I'm sure it'll be just as fantastic as Junior was.

One of the smoothest songs of all time is Daft Punk's Emotion. Since everyone already has that track, and if you don't, go get, let's listen to a nice remix, straight off of Android After All. Not the mellowest of songs, it's still fairly relaxing.

And finally, let's relax... Oizo style. Oh god, my ears!!!

Mr Oizo - Quick Relaxing

Okay, maybe this was a poor song choice.

Enjoy, and don't pull your hair out too much that things have been kinda slow around here. Also, stop spamming me with Japanese emails, I can't even read them.

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Unknown said...

Royksopp is awesome for chill sounds! Also, thanks for the Daft Punk remix and the Japanese experimental track, both are great. Have you tried listening to Air for a zen fix? They're fantastic.