Monday 9 August 2010

Happy Birthday ilictronix!

Hey guys, what's up? I'm actually out of the house right now, typing this on my phone. But in case you didn't know. Today is ilictronix's 2nd birthday.

Two years ago, I was sitting in my room, playing Combat Arms with my buddy James when I thought, I want to make a website. So that night, I sat there thinking of some names. Electronix was taken. Ilectronix looked stupid, as did Elictronix. So, I went with ilictronix (note: all lower case).

And that's basically the story of ilictronix. Nothing too sexy or dramatic. Just one kid and his friend wanting to write about electronic music. Well, James left the 4th day (sucks to be him!) and I was on my own for a few months until I started hiring some writers. Best decision I've ever made.

Since it's small beginnings, ilictronix has grown into a diverse community from dozens of countries, numbering in the tens of thousands. Each day, we receive about 2,500 unique visitors - a number I never thought I'd ever see.

So thank you, readers, writers, commentators, etc. Without you guys, ilictronix would be nothing. Each day I come home and look at my website with great pride, because one little idea in my head spawned into a heavy hitter in the blogosphere. *tear* I love you guys.

I would love to post music, but I'm sorry I'm not home to dig up a track. Hopefully my sincere-for-the-first-time-ever blogging is good enough for you all.

So from all of us, thank you. And happy birthday ilictronix! Keep the love coming, you guys. I have the best fans in the world.

Cocktails for everyone,

PS - Another happy birthday to our writer, Claude. Have a good one bud.


Claude Van Foxbat said...

aww, you remembered me too :3... even though it was over when you posted it! :P
doesn't seem that long since I first started reading, when you were hiring the first writer batch. Back in them days I could only dream of writing & just used to comment 'n shout under many different names :P.

Here's to another fruitful year of freshening up the audience's airwaves! :)

Adam said...

Happy Birthday! Heres to two more years!

Anonymous said...


I love ilictronix