Sunday 24 October 2010

[GXC 002] Poka - Phoenix Sun EP

Hi, my name is Jordan and I like Disco.

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I've written about poka many times. You know why? Because he is fucking incredible.

The 2nd installment of Galaxie Comete Records is a bit... more modest than usual (for the most part). If you can recall my GXC 006 post, which is also featuring Poka's work, it was in-your-face, cut-up, and pure awesomeness. However, Phoenix Sun EP takes a lighter approach at modern disco house - and it's welcomed.

Phoenix Sun starts off as a down-to-earth funk track, and stays that way for the majority of the song. While the track doesn't change all too much, everything flows together quite beautiful, making it the perfect track for almost any mood.

Heartbreaker is equally modest and equally awesome. The vocals in this track really make it glow, and the loops travel through the song so subtly that even your annoying friends who label everything as "so repetitive omg" will like it. Heartbreaker is truly a beautiful track, and there's no escaping that.

Poka - Heartbreaker

Party In Me is straight up audiporn. The energy is this song is so concentrated, it's hard to explain unless you're listening to it for yourself (so click that damn play button). The lyric cuts add a nice touch, and the everything-else (guitar clicks, drums, bells, etc) make this song a chunky funky soup. This happens to be my personal favorite track from this release, and I feel it also has the best sound development. The title's pretty funny too - gross if you really think about it.

Live Together is a complicated track to explain. It starts off with a basic lounge style, and develops into a rhythm-friendly sound, which greatly resembles early house music, and hey, who doesn't love early house music? While there isn't a whole lot to say about this track, it's a great way to end a great album.

And as a bonus, just so you can see how versatile this guy is.

So there you have it. Hopefully with this post, you were able to get some insight into one of the best house musicians of today's time (he's here to stay, bitches), and maybe even pickup some great tunes for your library.

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Unknown said...

This guy is awesome! Thanks for the sikk post. I always get so excited to add new music to my ipod! Can't wait to walk to school to these groovy tunes.


Tara said...

You should post up some Linkwood for everyone. Its a little more disco but so amazing

Anonymous said...

Poka's music is simply amazing, makes me fall in love every day. Does anyone know where you can get the EP that I do with The Disko Starz in good quality?, This EP I've wanted to get long, I hope you can help me.