Sunday 29 May 2011

Testing 1, 2, 3...

Just ignore me for one second... :)
I'm testing a new feature to add HTML5 support. If you recall back a few months ago, I tried to implement this and, well, failed miserably. [TECHNICAL: Every player on the page would load simultaneously, killing our bandwidth and slowing your connection, and we couldn't avoid this]. So now, I'm trying to make it a per-track type thing. Click the link that says HTML5 (duh) to get some better quality audio (with a sexier player!). I should note that the quality is probably not better, and it's just a placebo.

"Oh my god Jordan is posting again!?!?!"

How are you guys? Long time no chat.
Prez out

EDIT: It works!! Oh my, doesn't it sound wonderful? I've edited the webpage the staff uses to generate HTML code for the music players, so you'll be seeing this on the page from now on :) Enjoy!

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