Saturday, 3 December 2016

An ADULT. Retrospective, Vol. 2

A little late on this one but I'll elaborate in a little while. One of the things you'll find out quickly about ADULT. is that sometimes it can be incredibly hard to google related terms. We're covering the Nausea EP / LP this time (Discogs calls it a mini-album), and you'll notice the cover below is very small, one of the casualties of the aforementioned goole issue, searching for "ADULT. Nausea" gets you all kinds of results that aren't to do with the band

The opening and title track is a bit of a different beast from the ADULT. sound you're used to; there's a whole lot more bleepy electronics going on, which I'm not sure suits ADULT's overall style, that's more Freezepop's territory. Nicola's delivery is sparse but on point as usual though.

ADULT. - Nausea [click to download] |HTML5|
Nausea does however mark the first appearance of one of my favourites, Skinlike. It's again a bit more upbeat than usual, but not as bleepy as the title tune so Ithink it works out better. It's a shame that the whole album seems to go oft unmentioned in the whole electroclash scene, I can see it fitting right in with Kittin & Hacker's stuff on International Deejay Gigolo at the time, full of 2real lyrics like "Just when I think I'm in control I fall apart again" and in fact they did appear on a remix EP for Tuxedomoon on International Deejay Gigolo around this time. ADULT. - Skinlike [click to download] |HTML5| Another early version of a tune that would get reprises on later releases, Nicola's delivery is again sparse here, that might be an unfair comparison to make though, as this is still early in the release timeline, but things are spiced up a little bit with a few lines with more melodic delivery than usual. I still prefer the cleaned up and slightly reworked version from Resuscitation more, but it's stil la sloid tune regardless. ADULT. - Love Sick (The Minor Version) [click to download] |HTML5| -Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A Bit Of Summer In Winter

Cold Snap over in jolly ol' England. But thankfully my man Celadon has finally got around to knocking out his latest release, which as the title says should provide me a little bit of audio warmth when I'm waiting for the train in the early morning frost tomorrow. I've probably said enough about Celadon at this point but for those not in the know, tune in for some Plone-esque indie electronic stuff, kinda like some Bibio stuff too come to think of it. It's even on spotify too if you wanna listen on the go

-Claude Van Foxbat

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Out Of Beta, Releasing (Not) On Time

Hoo boy this one took longer than it should've. Word to the wise, always have backup plans even for your backup plans: I got an email with this LP a couple of weeks or so ago now, and I thought great now I don't have to worry too much coming up with post material for this one, but between intercontinental family visits and other general life things it managed to fall by the wayside. (Apologies Chris if you're reading this!) But enough about me, let's talk this LP, the cover almost matches our post backgrounds to boot!

This time we're covering a little something from Carbinax, I glanced over the cover art and tracklist and we should be in for a good sciencey time (Hence the post title). The copy given to me didn't have the tracks numbered so inn true scientific fashion I loaded them up and let the shuffle algorithms take over. And it all started with Smart Casual, A very nice way to start if I do say so myself, an easy addition to my 'potential menu music' playlist for sure. I like it a lot, seems like it'd be good material for folks looking into getting into IDM without throwing them in at the deep end with Autechre or Drukqs.

Carbinax - Smart Casual [click to download] |HTML5|

Moving into more house-like territory for the next random pick. I was digging it from the get go just because we're founded on house and all that, but man if I can't see this being part of some cyberpunk club soundtrack. It probably doesn't help I've been playing a lot of Timesplitters lately either and been all about the trance fuelled soundtrack of them. Regardless the intro and outro here are deliciously retro-futuristic.

Carbinax - Tesla Coil [click to download] |HTML5|

Keeping the variety up once again, this time with some vocal accompaniment. I didn't find a credit for this track in particular but I'd like to thank them for doing a excellent job, the contrast between the punchy electronics and her voice makes for an interesting listen indeed, I'd be down for more stuff in this vein. The closest touchstone I have is Perturbtor's Sentient, and even then I'm liking this one more.

Carbinax - Perplex [click to download] |HTML5|

It's not all gloomy electronics surprisingly, there's a fair bit of piano in there too. And not MIDI 90's rave piano stabs either, more like Lisa Miskovsky's Still Alive if had to make a direct comparison. And speaking of comparisons, once this one gets going I had a flood of them coming to mind, that bouncy bassline bringing together a mix of Au Revior Simone, ADULT. and early to mid 2000's Freezepop specifically. Not a huge fan of the almost minute long fade-out, but saying that it only needs to be maybe 7-9 seconds shorter (which is admittedly nitpick-y).

Carbinax - Maranatha [click to download] |HTML5|

And finally playing us out, a much more sedate number, as is often the case with IDM artists, this one feels a lot like a Global Goon tune to me. The samples are on point too, and even a more upbeat section coming crashing into the mix around 3:45 before leaving again around the 5 minute mark. It's a unique approach for sure, and caps off the LP's sound quite nicely, think of it like a sandwich with all the LP's ingredients in one neat package.

Carbinax - C.D.O [click to download] |HTML5|

You can find more Carbinax on:

-Claude Van Foxbat

Monday, 21 November 2016

Aloha Alola

It's only fitting with a new generation of pokemon making the rounds that we go back and cover some more Celadon City. And it just so happens he has another sample of his upcoming release for us to boot. Natural kicks off with some filed recordings and on the whole feels effortlessly smooth like much of CC's wok. Which is kinda funny because he had this to say about it: "Natural had been a tough song to finish for the last year and a half. For weeks I would sit and listen to this one song, and later would find something wrong. Its funny that I labeled the track natural, since I was having such a rough time finishing it. What I can say though it that I learned what it means to be natural and confident in your work. It is what makes this collection of songs even more important to me."

And alsomy main man and long time blog pal Evan hit 1 million plays on his soundcloud, so I'm giving him a shoutout too. Not asked him about what the description of this one means, but I'd get it in your ears quick cos it sounds like it may not be up forever. That and I'm a sucker for a bit of bebop too.

-Claude Van Foxbat