Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A Belated Valentine's Show

Hey all, dropping by with another round of the ilictronix show. I couldn't be on this one but I still sent over my selections. As the theme would suggest, we got a whole heap of lovin' tunes to get yourself and your other half down to. Tracks and all after the embed. If for some reason the embed isn't working for you, click here to go to the show page.

Sheek & Big Pun - Piña Colada (Arca Edit)
Caspa - Lon-Don City
Massive Attack - One Love
Chase & Status - Take U There
Vitalic - Poision Lips (Extended Mix)
Louis La Roche - Love
Together - So Much Love To Give
Sébastien Tellier - Kilometer (Arpanet Remix)
DJ Assault - Sex On The Beach
Fingers Inc. – Feeling Sleazy
Smerz – Blessed
Lloyd – Get it Shawty
Miguel – The Valley
Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else's Guy
Delroy Edwards – Get The Nut

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Snowy Synthwave Sundays

Just swinging by with some synthwave goodness on this unusually snowy afternoon. Wasting no time lets get down to brass tacks. Just like Carpenter Brut does on the short and furious Turbo Killer, which seems to have spiked again in popularity as of late. While it's nice to have the spotlight taken off of Roller Mobster once in a while I do urge you check out his other work, the man has his style down pat, and you'll certainly be seeing more of him in future.

And to cap off something I finally remembered the title of after seeing it on a stream, which I originally found years ago as one of those real low effort 80's/90's anime set to synthwave deals. It was Riding Bean if you're curious. Anyway, Lazerhawk's Overdrive takes a while to get going but it all pays off around the halfway mark with a glorious pitch bent riddled synth solo that sounds like it's ready to start leaking out your speakers any minute.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Monday, 6 February 2017

Double Cyberpunk Feature

After weeks if not months of not paying off, I finally found a couple things on soundcloud that grabbed my attention. Wasting no time let's get stuck in, some more Ghost In The Shell action, normally I'm a bit cynical with anything billing itself as a remix because they normally miss the point or are just plain naff, I imagine in part due to Deadamau5 dropping a bit of the main choral theme a few years back in his live sets (which while a nic touch, was a bit low effort). Ghostgate manages to strike a nice balance between the two, the subtle cues of the chorus in the first minute or so are nicely done and manages to capture the dark ambient vibe of the OST well. It could do with a bit more variety once it gets going but overall not too shabby.

And finally just because it's been rinign in my ears for the past week or so, more from the VA-11 HALL-A OST, the game that had my interest as soon as I saw the tagline "Cyberpunk Bartender Action". I'd have much appreciated it if this was the kinda stuff playing when I was working in a bar but hey ho. Most of the OST is a kinda synthwavy deal, but this one's been sticking out to me as of late because it's got a 90's techno thing to it, that might just be the synth piano stabs but who knows. Definitley check the two volumes out if you're in need of more like this.

-Claude Van Foxbat