Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Ilictronix Podcast: Strictly Retro

"Claude and Adam both take a look back at retro sounds and artists who are recreating older genres."

We are back once again this week, with a sligtly altered format of some ideas we were throwing around last week. What started as an 80's episode in my mind quickly morphed into an appreciation of all things retro, both new and old. As reflected in my choices, we go from the (relatively) recent sounds of Mitch Murder and Games, to the grand-master Moroder himself, a little more Italo from Gary Low, all rounded out with some very New Age style stuff courtesy of Software. I tried to really run the gamut here, though I stuck to more synth and chillwave than I'd have liked for the modern portion. And I feel like I could've chosen a more fitting intro track but hey, I will forever love Blue Monday so easy come easy go. Still saying that, I think I did a decent job outlining some of the old/new combos like I say when we hit the disco phase you can really see where folks like Chromeo get their inspos from.

Once again though Adam has completely shown me up in this department. And I mean that with all sincerity, once again I am reminded of why I love doing the show so much; Adam brings a much more different vibe to the table than I do while maintaining the theme of the episode. And he had even less prep time than I did too! And it all culminates in that absolutely bombastic Ryderz courtesy of Hudson Mohawke (that I may have a little bit of a moment over as we introduce it) It's not a competition sure, but I definitely feel that Adam's choices this week are certainly more on-point with the old/new thing I had going on, and I hope you enjoy both of our selections. Join us as we appreciate a wide variety of genres both new and old, tracklist as always follows:

Intro:New Order - Blue Monday 1988 (7" Mix)

Claude’s picks:
Mitch Murder - Alright
Games - Strawberry Skies
Gary Low - Play The Game (I'll Do The Same)
Giorgio Moroder - E=MC²
Software - Island Sunrise

Adam’s Picks
Citizens of Vice - Pikes
Patrick Cowley - Hot Beach
Luke Vibert - Feel the Melody
Zomby - Where Were U In '92
Lone - Vapour Trail

Hudson Mohawke - Ryderz

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Ilictronix Podcast: This One Time, At Band Camp

"Claude and Adam are back to discuss their favorite tracks of the week! In this episode: Claude shares some recent Bandcamp finds, Adam shares what he listened to while in Texas"

After a longer than anticipated break, we are back on track with all things podcast! As I say in the episode it's actually been quite refreshing, though I've been itching to lay down these selections for a while now (and some of them will crop up again in a few months when I do the inevitable cyberpunk episode I've talked about). It's a slightly eclectic cross section of my bandcamp library this time (be warned it leans heavily on the soundtrack side because that's where I pick up all my indie game stuff!), this is definitely a format I'm going to revisit in future, I really like shining a light on the random bits and pieces I've acquired, doubly so when it gives us a break from the usual big names I talk about. Starting with a piece from Echochamber's i'm real, i'm here (which again, is most certainly going to make another appearance in the future). I'm not really doing the album justice by playing a single track from it here, as I say in the episode it's absolutely an album that is meant to be experienced sequentially. I picked the lone hip-hop infused track for this week's choices, there's nothing really else on the album like it which makes it stand out even further to boot, it takes a more downtempo turn towards the end that's more like the rest of the album's vibe though. But I included it because it's re-ignited a love of instrumentals once again so stay tuned in the next couple weeks for that showing up.

After that it's a tour de soundtracks once again, I talk about Graeme Norgate and how important his soundtrack work was to a young Foxbat, before hitting you with yet another example of me legitimately loving a song that's become a meme with Pascal Michael Stiefel's Peace And Tranquility which is no word of a lie one of my favourite house songs of recent years despite it's original context ans subsequent meme-ification. After that it's awhirlwind tour of sci-fi soundtracks courtesy of Ben Prunty for FTL, a fantastic album that is full of lush space-y sounds and finally a bit of the Neotokyo soundtrack by Ed Harrison (who now goes by 0edit). **Links to everyone's respective bandcamps will be in the show notes!**

Adam returns on top form, with a vertical slice of his southern listening that is once again very much his style. It's almost a shame I was the first to go this week, I'd have loved to hear Adam's choices back-to-back. He hits s with the usual affair, though definitely tinged by his recent travels. We even hit some absolute classics towards the end too which again makes me wish we'd coordinate lists sometimes. We at least planted the seeds of an 80's episode once again! be sure to remind yourself of that, future me. We leave off this week with a bombastic bootleg courtesy of Jean Sean and the collective Sophisticated Delinquency, you're not going to want to miss it! Full tracklist below as per usual.

Carly Simon - Why

Claude’s picks:
Echochamber - blindfoldz [& ticking clockz]
Graeme Norgate - SpyFi Tileset
Pascal Michael Stiefel - Peace And Tranquility
Ben Prunty - Engi (Battle)
0edit - Stopgap

Adam’s Picks
Vtgnike - Nervnii RnB
Shigeto - Detroit Pt. 2
Jacques Greene - Another Girl
Girl - Higher
Inner City - Good Life

Amerie - 1 Thing (Mr. Alexis Remix)

Oh boy do we have a whole host of show notes this week, going artist by artist:
Echochamber's album 'm real, i'm here is available on bandcamp here, and additionally that campaign to get it pressed on vinyl has succeeded! if you would like one of your own on vinyl they are still taking orders as far as I know on the project page here!

Graeme Norgate's bandcamp is here, and it is full of (most of) his soundtrack work going back to the N64 days! I reccomed the Timesplitters albums naturally,they have some gorgeous pieces on there, and some straight up dnacable tunes too.

Ben Prunty's bandcamp is here! he does stellar work (no pun intended). I once again recommend the FTL soundtrack, as well as the mini-EP of extra tracks he released when a big update for the game happened too.

Finally, Ed Harrison's new 0edit bandcamp is here, the Neotokyo soundtrack is split into two albums; NSF and GSDF, I can wholeheartedly recommend both. I have yet to check out his other solo realse but I most definitley should given how I've fallen back in love with the Neotokyo stuff.

Jean Sean and his collective have a few releases under their belts already, the rmeix for our outro this week was taken from Tesoro Vol. 1, and you can see the rest of their releases so far here!

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Belated 2019 Spotify Selctions

I've been putting this off for a while, and there's not really a good way to say it. Simply put: I beefed it majorly when it came to the monthly playlists, I chalk it up to having a pretty crazy winter period and some familial turbulence in the past month or so along with other naff life elements. Regardless, I wanted to break away from that and so we won't dwell and will instead talk about the tunes I have lined up again.

Now I think about it, I was a little worried about using potential tracks that I would've included on the podcast but I'm trying not to fret too much this year. And with that in mind I made some lovely downtempo / trip hop (and all the other umbrella terms) selections for you. In stark contrast to me agonising over the stuff to include in last week's podcast I threw this list together shockingly quickly. Not to say it's sloppily done mind, I even had to cut some here and there for flow reasons. There may be some repeats from last year's playlists in here but there's far too many of them to check (and to be fair all of them on here have earned their place.) Let's jump in.

We open with the gorgeously dreamy and subtly bossa nova-y sounds of Delarosa And Asora. I was turned onto this LP fro Miss Kittin's Radio Caroline compilation and this tune has been waiting for its time to shine. It opens my Yellow playlist, firmly planting the whole sound of it from the get go. A word of warning to those who check out the LP proper; it isn't all in this style and is much more IDM in parts, still worth a look if you're into the same stuff as me tho.

The next one comes with a bit of a tale, this is the first submission I've received from Reddit of all places. Not complaining like, I'm just used to tweets and DMs at this point. Saying that, while I don't have my Reddit listed on here but I'm sure you can guess the username. Anyway, I've publicly mentioned several times my love of all things Adult Swim form way back when: their use of Warp's stuff for one, their support of indie musicians second and of course their overall aesthetic third. I've also lamented that for better or worse, the scene that popped up around it with all kindsa folk making fan-made bumps and sometimes questionable beats has been and gone. Well, that's not entirely true, I had also stopped looking because of the sheer volume of them, and as it turns out there are some folk out there keeping that flame lit as evidenced by what landed in my inbox. Voker's Is This Lo-Fi Or Chillhop to be exact, kicking off with a sample of the famously dodgy voice acting from Sonic Adventure which is a bold choice. Perhaps a little on-the-nose with the title and all but I think we're all at least a little guilty of that.

After that it's a tour of all things that scratch my itch in that vein, from the big hitters MF Doom and Nujabes down to the more obscure, like my favourite cut from DJ Mehdi's debut album The Story Of Espion, a beautiful piece that makes me wish he were still around to bless us with more tunes, and oddly enough a track from the Bojack Horseman original soundtrack too. So I hope to be back on track from here on out, I hope that this makes up for me missing January and I'll see you all next month with more!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Ilictronix Podcast: Movin' House

"It's a non V-Day special with some house tracks that Claude and Adam both love."

This week's podcast is live! It's a decidedly different selection from me this week, much to Adam's surprise (and delight), I lean in real heavy on the house stuff. And not just the French stuff you've come to expect from us at the 'tronix. I kick things off with the absolutely sublime When I Fall In Love from A:xus vinyl crackle and all. I did almost swap it out for the Stryke's Blue Vocal Techsture" mix which truth be told is my favourite version of it. After that it's a whirlwind tour of similar territory, starting with out and out legends Frankie Knuckles and Mr. Fingers back to back, taking a bit of a left turn with an instrumental from Golden Boy (minus Miss Kittin) before bringing it back to home plate with a primo piece of electronic goodness from Galaxy 2 Galaxy, with their trademark Jazzy Techno sound.

Adam totally took a leaf out of my book for his choices this week, which I knew he would when he saw my selections. As such I must apologise for any excessive garage vibes that may occur. Joking aside, once again I appreciate Adam's contributions to the 'cast, because my selections pretty much used up my entire supply of that breed of house, (it's a genre that is woefully underrepresented in my collection for a variety of reasons) and Adam provides me with essentially of shopping list of artists and EPs to look at, pick up or otherwise add to my rotations. Full tracklist below as per usual!

A:xus - When I Fall In Love (Album Mix)

Claude’s picks:
Frankie Knuckles - I'll Take You There (Director's Cut Classic Signature Mix)
Mr. Fingers - Ammnesia
Marshall Jefferson Vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix)
Golden Boy - It’s Good For You To Meet People Like Us
Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Hi-Tech Jazz

Adam’s Picks
Forgemasters - Track With No Name
K Alexi Shelby - Vertigo
Housey Doingz - Gobstopper
Kamar - I Need You (Peggy Gou Remix)
Robert Hood - Detroit: One Circle

Criminal Minds - Baptized By Dub