Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: The Juxtaposition Edition

Claude and Adam share their favorite tracks of the week and talk about; Minimal, Orbital, IDM, My Love is Underground, and more. Adam shares his list of, quote, "CHUNKY DJ BOMBS I'VE JUST ABOUT RINSED".

The ilictronix podcast for this week is live! We have opposite moods when it comes to our selections this week, but that's part of the reason I wanted to start doing the podcast again, as you all know I adore peeking into other folk's listening histories. Speaking of, this episode is much more conversational than our last few, we kinda drift from topic to topic which might not be for everyone but is again another reason I really wanted these to return. It's not often these days I get to talk electronic at length, so I have to thank Adam for that, as well as editing the whole thing together. Tracklist and notes follow as per usual.

B12 - Hall Of Mirrors

Claude’s picks:
Felix Da Housecat - Marine Mood
Marshall Jefferson Vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix)
Ginrei - Hello, Weather
µ-Ziq - Hasty Boom Alert
Ochre - REM Sleep Research

Adam’s Picks
KMA Productions - Cape Fear
NY Stomp - The NY House Track
SE62 - True Force
Paris Underground Trax - Sexy Thing Remix
Bicep - Keep Keep

Dreamer G - I Got That Feeling

Show Notes:
I talk in this show (and maybe a few in the past. And probably will in the future too tbh) Ishkur's Guide To Electronic Music which is a really neat resource if you're looking to discover stuff from specific genres (though I take issue with some of the names Ishkur applies to them), but even if you're not looking for new stuff to pickup, it's pretty interesting as a interactive map of genres roots and their histories!

And with that, we are done for another week of Podcasting! Me and Adam will be back with more same time same channel next week. As always, stay safe and enjoy the music. We'll leave the light on for ya.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Spotify Monthly Selections September

A synthwav-y themed selection to start this month's playlist off with. As much as I like the genre every now and then, I do loathe how formulaic the track titles for anything with that sort of sound have become, the spotify recommended additions served up cliché after cliché. Things quickly take a turn into more electropoppy territory though, first teasing it with a little bit from Kleerup's debut album before sliding full on into the gorgeous synth noodling of Games' (now known as Ford & Lopatin) Midi Drift. My favourite track from La Roux's sophomore album after that, hard to believe it's been four years since it came out. A different Au Reviour Simone tune this time too, taking a break from Somebody Who, my usual go-to electropop example of theirs, instead opting for the much more uptempo sounds of Crazy from the same album (Move In Spectrums).

A slightly indie-tinged remix of HEALTH, definitely a far cry from the all out-abrasiveness of the album the original comes from, DEATH MAGIC, I assure you its sound earned it the place in the playlist. Get a load of that deliciously retro house breakdown around 3 mins in. My long-time favourite tune from Ladytron's 604 after that; the backbone of my "their debut album is electroclash and I don't care what the band says" argument, Playgirl certainly fits the bill with its moody monotone delivery and simple electronics. To be fair that's true for a lot of the album, but Playgirl is definitely Exhibit A in that regard.

The new Gorillaz single next as their barrage of new singles from The Now Now continues. I'm not sure what Damon's planning to do here with so many singles, Plastic Beach was full of good tunes and didn't get this much treatment. Though I suppose a lot has changed in regards to music streaming and the like since 2010 and all. One of the instrumentals from Ford & Lopatin's Channel Pressure to round out the retro aesthetic running throughout the playlist and a bit of an abrupt turn into ambient territory to play us out just because that's what I was feeling at the time. A delicate piece from Tim Hecker's An Imaginary Country brings us to a rather sleepy end to this month's playlist.

Me and Adam should be back this Wednesday with another installment of the Podcast, I hope that my month's listening rundown tides you over until then. I know I'm a day late on this instalment of the monthly playlist but they're all archived over on the left side so you can relive each month's going back to the first (or second?) from November last year! As always stay safe and enjoy the music all.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: Detroit Edition

Claude and Adam talk about Detroit Techno, Vaporwave and Other People Place between sharing the favorite tracks of the week.

The ilictronix podcast for this week is live! Join myself and Adam as we talk about all things Detroit techno/electro, and go off on a pretty lengthy digression about vaporwave. You'll be pleased to know that my audio quality is much improved over last time after a bit of fiddling on mine and Adam's part. Clocking in at just shy of 2 hours long, i's our longest podcast to date, though we had a little helping hand from our track choices in that department. Tracklist and notes follow as per usual.

Mallard - Surface

Claude’s picks:
Japanese Telecom - Virtual Origami
ADULT. - Nite Life
The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me
DMX Krew - I'm All Alone (Cylob's Mix)

Adam’s Picks
Pepe Badrock - 4
Larry Heard - Missing You
Jana Rush - Divine
Gnork - Tokyo Beats
Mad Mike - Hi-Tech Dreams

Jack Peoples - Song 02
The Other People Place - Sorrow & A Cup Of Joe

Show Notes:
As mentioned in the show, Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café was reissued on vinyl in 2017 (but not on CD.) Digital versions, both in .WAV and .FLAC as well as 320 MP3s available from, Warp's digital storefront.

And with that, we are done for another week of Podcasting! Me and Adam will be back with more same time same channel next week. As always, stay safe and enjoy the music.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Bk On R BS (The Podcast Returns)

Claude and Adam are back at it again sharing their favorite tunes of the week. Discussions this episode include: The new Justice live album, DJ's in GTA 5, Ghost in the Shell and the landlord stab

We are back after an unintentionally extended break! it was a lot of fun to come back to, though we still have some hiccups here and there (thankfully not literally.) So please enjoy a new instalment of us talking about music, as mentioned above we have some interesting topics this time and it was great to have an actual conversation with Adam about them. Extra thanks to Adam for editing all of this together! Tracklist and notes follow:

Bôa - Duvet (ScummV Remix, JJ's Another Edit)
NOTE: Due to an editing goof (that was partially my fault), this track is both the intro and outro, the intro was *supposed* to be the original ScummV Rmeix

Claude’s picks:
Hideo Kobayashi - Navi 3.0 (Wasei "JJ" Chikada Remix)
zircon & Jillian Aversa - The Search For Ambrosia (NYC Streets)
D∆WN - Serpentine Fire
Cornelius - Ghost In The Shell: Arise
Yoko Kanno - Crystalized

Adam’s Picks
Cajmere - Chit Chat
Spok Da Rok - We Dance (Intr0beatz Remix)
Cybonix - Make This Party Live
Kalisha - I Got Something Here
Underground Resistance Ft. Yolanda - Living For The Night
Landlord - I Like It (Blow Out Dub)

Bôa - Duvet (ScummV Remix, JJ's Another Edit)

Show Notes:
Duvet (ScummV Remix) is available for download from ScummV’s Soundcloud (, check the track description for a link.

Hideo Kobayashi - Navi 3.0 (Wasei "JJ" Chikada Remix) appears on the album Cyberia_Layer 2, which is available to buy Digitally and Physically from JJ’s site,, and is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music etc.

The Search For Ambrosia (NYC Streets) appears on Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation, which is a free fan project that is still available to download from it’s mini-site over on OCRemix (, either as 8 individual tracks spanning the entire Deus Ex series or the whole thing in one package. It comes with a selection of album art in the style of each of the games too which is pretty neat!

As of the time of writing, the 2016 Adult Swim Singles collection can still be streamed (but not downloaded) from the mini-site at (, it can be a little tricky to navigate, but it’s neat nonetheless. There are some mirrors of the .zip and blogs that host the tracks from that year’s program though, so if you do a little bit of virtual crate digging you can still pick them up.

And that wraps up this installment! Me and Adam will be back soon with more in due time. As always, stay safe and enjoy the music.

-Claude Van Foxbat