Thursday, 26 February 2015


Sorry about the wait, I just had the domain renewed for another 2 years, so the ilictronix train will keep on rolling until 2017! And with that out of the way I am clear to post again without worry of the site going down. Here's this week's jams.

Tom Wesselmann -Interior #2 (1964)

A pleasant surprise this morning as I sat down to edit, more Pretty Lights. His debut was by far my favourite but the follow up, Filling Up The City Skies does have it's moments that bring it up to that level. Take Change Is Gonna Come for example, I could listen to that intro forever, gorgeously smooth even when the beats come crashing in a 1:30.

Pretty Lights - Change Is Gonna Come [click to download] |HTML5|

Next is the song I had in mind when doing the renewal process. Much like the PL tune above, the intro for this one is lush, if a little quiet. Every time I turn my volume up to enjoy it only to jump out of my skin when the beats come in. Flashbulb records have been very hard for me to get a hold of, but when I do it's worth it.

The Flashbulb - Submerged Renewed [click to download] |HTML5|

And once again the opening track for Shobaleader One continues to be one of my all time favourites coming up on 5 years since it was released. Other than the mastering being a little quiet there is not much I can fault it for. I may be a little biased because I love me some vocoders but still, check it out if you're interested in what 'Pusher can do when he puts aside the Amen Break and sets his site on Space R&B.

Squarepusher - Plug Me In [click to download] |HTML5|

-Claude Van Foxbat

Monday, 23 February 2015

Self Employed

Being reduced to one day a week isn't too bad, I got videos to keep me occupied and that, even if rendering takes up 80% of my time these days. Here's some tunes seeing me through my rotoscoping today!

Sigmar Polke - The Plant

First up is a tune I barely missed out of my overview of Stenchman's new album. This one's a collabo between his usual vibes and his love letter to the 80's project Steel Stallions and it's pretty bloody great in all honesty, as usual with stench those samples are on point and that bouncy bassline is damn catchy.

Stenchman - Got Me Goin Wild [click to download] |HTML5|

Which put me back on his solid Philestine side project. The remix he did of DJ Shadow's Scale It Back keeps it fairly simple but I cannot get enough of it. Headphones are a must to appreciate this one to it's fullest. It's got little in common with the original other than Yukimi's solid vocal contribution, amazing what a little increase in tempo can do for a song.

DJ Shadow - Scale It Back (Philestine Remix) [click to download] |HTML5|

And funnily enough as I was going through footage frame by frame this little number with a fitting title came up. I've said it before but I'd love for more demos from flylo in the vein of this. Not to say I don't love the direction he's taking but I love me some instrumental hip hop goodness.

Flying Lotus - Slow It Down [click to download] |HTML5|

-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Turnin' Tables

Remember like 3 years ago when I posted about going for my interview? well guess whose turn it was to give the new applicants the same treatment this time? Das right this guy right here. So apologies for the post drought, I gotta go be an adult and serious shit. But here I am with some tunes so do not fear!

Pam Glew - Exhale (2013)

Kicking things is one of the first tracks from UNKLE's follow up to Psyence Fiction, held off on it cos there was a decent year gap between the LPs and DJ Shadow isn't part of the lineup on this one. Turns out 'm a big thicky bobo and should probably check things out fist because while quite different from the turntabalist trip hop vibes of Psyence, the tunes here are just as solid and in some cases just as moody.

UNKLE - In A State [click to download] |HTML5|

Got majorly into the Late Night Tales series a while back as you probably all saw with my playlist obsession. The cover songs have always been a highlight, from Röyksopp doing Depeche Mode toFatboy Slim doing Kraftwerk there's plenty to go around. But what's been played the most recently for me is Trentemøller's electric treatment of Chris Isaak's Blue Hotel. It's sinister in spots but is overall a gorgeous listen.

Trentemøller - Blue Hotel [click to download] |HTML5|

And finally another tune I avoid due to thicky bobo-ness. I kept being recommended Thievery Corporation at every turn thanks to my trip hop listening but avoided it because I was pretty sure that it'd be ore loungy than the moodier vibes of Massive Attack and the all out depressive Portishead. Turns out Trip Hop can jump the pond and it can be done just as well by my transatlantic brethren.

Thievery Corporation - Until The Morning [click to download] |HTML5|

-Claude Van Foxbat

Saturday, 14 February 2015


Taking the weekend off as usual, realised I didn't stockpile any valentine's mixes like I have done in the past. Oh, cock. Instead have some kinda love-y songs I guess? that seems like a thing I could do to make up for it (and also the slow posts).

Romeo Britto -First Love

Been on a Björk type of thing lately, and I've been itching to post this one again, the tune and infamous video that introduced me to both her and Chris Cunningham and tickled my cyberpunk itch before I even knew I had one (or even what Cyerpunk was).

Björk - All Is Full Of Love (Radio Mix) [click to download] |HTML5|

On that same line I will shamelessly re-post what is to this day till my favourite lovesong in the world: The live version of The Knife's Heartbeats. While no doubt influenced by José Gonzalez's cover that gave it a new atmosphere, The Knife aren't one to be beaten at their own song, and they return with the definitive version. Absolute classic.

The Knife - Heartbeats (Live) [click to download] |HTML5|

Throwback to Simian Mobile Disco's debut. Honestly the tracks here have aged incredibly well, it's coming up on 8 years old now and it's all still pretty fresh. It's chock full of gorgeous electro of the era, and this one along with I Believe are fantastic singalong tracks that I never tire of.

Simian Mobile Disco - Love [click to download] |HTML5|

Just realised there's no instrumentals on here, so have an extra bonus from the Modeselektor lads, serving up some smooth synthy goodness with the simply titled I Love You, and I'll see y'all soon with more songs to get you by.

Modeselektor - I Love You [click to download] |HTML5|

-Claude Van Foxbat