Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: The Season Of Tech

Claude and Adam share and discuss their favorite tracks of the week. This week, Claude digs deep in his techno crates and Adam plays his darker tracks for the changing seasons. Featuring tracks from Galaxy 2 Galaxy, Aphex Twin, Bjarki a new track from Clark and more!

This week's ilictronix podcast is now live! I changed the idea I had for my selections based on Adam's opening choice, I talk a little bit about it in the intro chat of the show, but the short of it is that I canned a planned generic Cyberpunk rundown from my spotify playlist of the same name and instead went all in on the techno front. It's of course front loaded with Artificial Intelligence-era Warp stuff but stay tuned, I pull out a couple of rarities towards the end! I also say later on in the episode, but I wanted my choices to be a nice grab bag of techno I like, so that it could serve as a nice jumping in point for anyone listening who's interested, because 'Techno' is an incredibly broad label to tackle. Adam also hits it out of the park with his choices, diving deep intro darkness, treating us to yet another annual installment of his Fall-come-Winter playlists as the brutal Chicago winter begins to take hold. I always enjoy hearing what he comes up with, and especially when I get yet another reminder to pull my finger out and update my Clark-related listening. Tracklist and show notes follow as always:

Nebula - Deep Space

Claude’s picks:
F.U.S.E - A New Day
Aphex Twin - Polynomial-C
Musicology - Telefone 529
Joey Beltram - The Vertical
Bryan Zentz - Floating Point

Adam’s Picks
Bjarki - This 5321
Jensen Interceptor - Battery Assault
Clark - Harpsichord E.C.S.T.
Smerz - Worth It
Vtgnike - Gkbeats

Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Jupiter Jazz

Show Notes:
The video Adam was talking about of Squarepusher live at Fuji Rock was easy enough to find, on Squarepusher's own channel of all places. He's appeared there a few times since but this is most definitely peak classic 'pusher, the VHS artifacts and the downright vintage laptop he's using only add to that. Joking aside, it's great to see not only the man himself, but also the crowd be super into it, even if it does get a little experimental at times. 'Pusher was nice enough to include a tracklist in the video description too; the set's split into two parts: Part One and Part Two

I thought I'd also link the details of the Ghost In The Shell albums I talked about. Kicking off with Megatech Body, where I apparently had my own Mandela Effect moment because it's actually called CD and not Co? I guess it would make sense with the vinyl pressing too. Anyway, there's a discogs page with all the different pressings in and all their deliciously 90's graphic design; very handy if you're looking to avoid the Taiwanese bootlegs that exist. If you're looking to pick it up remember to look for the LTD. edition one, it has an extra CD that almost doubles the tracklist!.

The same goes for the tribute albums, I thought that discogs only had the bootleg pressings listed but that seems to have changed. There's a few for sale on there too if you'd like your own slice of obscure techno history! The first album, with the endearingly Japanese title Tribute Category:Techno Style seems to be a little cheaper than the sequel, I can't think of why other than the Scan X track having an incorrect name on the booklet (it's labelled 'Reflections' on the pack when the tune in question is 'Higher', and unlike the Zentz track I mentioned in the episode, they did see a release beyond this compilation.) The second, dubbed in suitably technological fashion Tribute Category:Techno Style Ver2.0.0 is there too, but there's no traclist errors to speak of here. I will say I like discogs new system of showing you the release history of a track if you click on the title of it, makes it easy to make sure I'm not spreading misinfo. I used to to make sure that I was right when I said the Zentz tune only appears on that comp, which it does.

Just as a final aside, if you fall down the rabbit hole of trying to track down soundtracks and similar stuff to the above, another helpful resource other than discogs is VGMDB, as it's name suggets, it's essentially discogs but for animated series' and videogames. Makes it handy to track down catalog numbers and cross reference tracklists if need be. It also has a marketplace like discogs, so it's definitely worth checking out in this case. It's not as populated as Discogs' marketplace, but it can help if you're looking for something super obscure!

And that should be it for the show notes this week, if there are any missing I'll update the post as and when I'm made aware of them as I re-listen to the episode. I'm really happy with how this week's tunred out in therms of selections and talk, despite my slightly cobbled-together tracklist I think I did a good job of nailing what I like about techno, and of course it's always nice to have someone else's selections to get stuck into too. Myself and Adam will be back next week with more of the usual, until then, stay safe and enjoy the music all! We'll leave the light on for ya.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: Sample Stories & Adam's Mini Mix

Claude and Adam talk about their favorite tracks of the week. Claude takes listeners on a story of sampling and shares how different tracks can use a sample. Adam shares a mini mix.

We return! This time we both tactically deploy little somethin' somethin's we've been holding in the wings. I lead the episode by using The Nightmares On Wax track to set up my three-in-a-row set of songs revolving around one sample (and the original too), with some more funky stuff courtesy of Chromeo and Thundercat rounding out my choices for this week. Adam treats us to something he's mentioned a few times in the past, in lieu of our usual tnes 'n talk combo, Adam instead gives us a mix he did the night we recorded! It's an idea I've mulled in my mind when there's been a few scheduling conflicts that might have made me unable to appear, so I'm more than happy to see it work out so well. Also I apologise in advance for the slightly rambling tangent I go on towards the end of the sample stories section, I make some good points and all but we were having connectivity issues, in the interest of keeping our audio synced I went a little off the cuff! Of course, the full tracklist and show notes follow as always:

Nightmares On Wax - You Wish

Claude’s picks:
Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On
Gary Low - I Want You
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - The Beach
Washed Out - Feel It All Around
Thundercat - Heartbreaks + Setbacks

Adam’s Mix
Geography Of Heaven - Pinky Promise
R.M - Chikyu-u 002
Cosmjn - Sunset Soul
Viceversa - Flat Earth
Rimbaudian - Let Me Beat U
Rythm Plate - String Thing
Lousie Chen - Reach (Raw Mix)

Ian Pooley - Feel It

Show Notes:
Oh boy here we go. Starting off with the sample I mentioned at the beginning, You Wish HEAVILY takes elements from Judy Clay & William Bell's Private Number, like from the word go. Which is funny 'cos I was holding onto this to make another instalment of sample stories, because it's also heavily sampled in Pretty Light's Finally Moving too in pretty much the same fashion.

A little light on the show notes this week, and I can **guarantee** that I will have forgotten a couple, it's late here in the UK so I'll have a proper listen over the next couple days and fill in any I find. To repeat what I said at the end of my section of this episode, I ask you all to be safe out there and of course to enjoy the music naturally. See you all next week for more from Myself and Adam, we'll leave the light on for ya.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: The Halloween Special 2018!

It's a Halloween Special! Claude and Adam share their favorite spooky tracks.

Right on time this week, with our suitably spooky selections to trick or treat your ears. Our trend of going ironic with our intro tunes continues, what could top our hardstyle 4th of July special? well, some Skeletonized trap might do just that! Outside of that, my selections are a far cry form my old days of posting dancefloor-orieted tunes I take a dive into my library and dust off some of the darker sounds I have on offer; the downtempo streak continues with my first offering being some gorgeously macabre Dark-wave (though not before the terrifying spectre of eurobeat makes a very brief cameo in the intro!) Adam takes us on an eclectic ghost train of selections, ranging from Industrial to House and Acid and back. I didn't want this ep to descend into slightly spooky dancefloor stuff and I think we pulled that off spectacularly, Apologies in advance if these selections aren't your bag, we'll be back to our usual programming come next week! Tracklist and show notes follow as always:

Mega NRG Man - Back On The Rocks (ends at 0:22)
Spooky Scary Skeletons (NoXuu Remix)

Claude’s picks:
Suilen - Zakuro
Clark - Vengeance Drools
Akira Yamaoka - Nightmarish Waltz
Hayato Matsuo - Badrick
El Huervo - Ghost

Adam’s Picks
Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?
Nine Inch Nails - Sin
Jenny Hval - Female Vampire
Bam Bam - Wheres Your Child?
Sax - Don't Turn Your Back On Me (Halloween Mix)

Carpenter Brut - Escape From Midwich Valley (Live)

Show Notes:
I immediately found that Dr. Dre produced tune I mentioned offhandedly with some vague googling, contrary to what I said Dre isn't ON the track but rather produced it. It's called (fittingly enough) Monster Rapping by Laylaw, released in '85, it's a far cry form the G-Funk and gangsta rap stuff that would make Dre's name much later.

Adam's contribution to the show-notes came in the form of a link simply labelled SKINNY PUPPY - LIVE 1986, definitely worth a peek if you want to hear what Adam was talking about, doubly so if you're like me and just like peeking at different aesthetics of genres and decades!

A little light on the show notes this week it seems, I have an itching feeling I've missed a couple but give me a day or so to have a proper scrub through the full cast and I'll add any that are missing. I'm goign to echno wat I said towards the end of this episode and just ask you all to be safe out there no matter what you're doing this eve (or this weekend too) and of course to enjoy the music. Myself and Adam will be back next week with more of the usual, I think we've figured out the background noise issue but you'll all know when I do. We'll leave the light on for ya.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Monday, 29 October 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: Replacement Pod Service

Claude and Adam discuss their favorite tracks of the week. This week Adam shares a list of his favorite tracks for this summer and Claude talks about Japanese bonus tracks and cuts from two different Akira's. *Uploaded late due to Adam being very sick.*

This slightly late instalment of the ilictronix podcast (due to technical issues we recorded in two parts, and Adam is ill as mentioned above, but hey it's the first time we've been late!) is coming to you to make your Monday this week, just before we get into our super spooky special selections for next week; I return to my usual routine of downtempo vibes, with a cross section of tunes I'm feeling at the mo, including a Japanese Bonus Track from Flylo's Until The Quiet Comes to kick things off, and of course what would some patented Van Foxbat selections be without some soundtrack stuff? The two Akiras that tripped Adam up: Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame, and Takemoto of Serial Experiments Lain. Adam gets all nostalgic for the sounds and times of Summer now we're deep into Fall, sharing a variety of tunes and telling us why they're on his list. TBH that's part of the reason I started this while podcast thing back up again so I'm super into it, I absolutely love hearing the accompanying tales for various tunes. Anyways, full tracklist follows as per ususal:

DJ Tonka - Summerthang

Claude’s picks:
Flying Lotus - The Things You Left (Japanese Bonus Track)
Casino Versus Japan - Metrobolt
Boards Of Canada - Music Is Math
Akira Yamaoka - The Reverse Will
Akira Takemoto - Island In Video Casset

Adam’s Picks
Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget
Scan 7 - The Resistance
Special Request - Brainstorm
Lab79 -Test Two
Mhysa - Strobe

DJ Mehdi - Survivol

Show Notes:
The full fanpage breakdown of Boards Of Canada's Geogaddi with a big old list of the references, samples and even transcripts of some of the harder to hear and reversed samples on Geogaddi can be found over here on Bocpages, it's even got some interesting interviews from the band themselves, as well as extra fan theories and the like. It's an enthralling, if at times slightly unsettling read.

The fan-made mixtapes I mentioned compiling all the trip-hoppy and lighter ambient stuff Akira Yamaoka's made for the Silent Hill Games over the years are both on YouTube: the original mix here and the recently-released updated one Silent Chill Redux here, be aware that the tracklist seems to be using the fan-made titles for some of the songs rather than the ones on the actual release. (IE: on the old mix "Pizza & Bowling" is actually called Alone In The Town on the actually relased SH2 OST)

My print-based Spotify playlists can be found on my spotify profile! but to save you all some searching I'm going to link them all independently here: (C)yan is a bit of a mixed bag, in here you'll find a slightly downtempo leaning collection sprinkled in amongst little bits of electropop, some ambient selections and other various lush sounds. (M)agenta next, which is home to all manner of tunes to cut loose to, a mish-mash of gorgeous tunes of the House, Electro, Synthwave persuasion, plus a few miscellaneous selections to get lost in. (Y)ellow: Home of all things downtempo, with a strong hip hop/trip hop lean to it, with some slightly funkier numbers in there for good measure. And finally, (K)ey. Which is where all the darker parts of my music collection lie. Full disclousre it's not all electronic!

And just because I'm in my playlists, if anyone's big into the Cyberpunk aesthetic like I am, I also have a huuuuge playlist of tunes that fit the genre I'm constantly curating, you can find that here

And once again, that *should* be that for this week. As I've learned doing these, there may be one or two things I've missed or otherwise forgotten to put in the show notes. If so just stay tuned, I give the episodes a quick run through after the posts go up, and I'll edit this post with updates should I have missed any! That's it until next week, join us once again where Me and Adam will be back with more hot takes and even hotter selections. As always, stay safe and enjoy the music. We'll leave the light on for ya.

-Claude Van Foxbat