Thursday 29 May 2014

Post Deadline Quickie

Hey all, another year under my belt and a little bit closer to that degree now. And as such I'm looking to celebrate a little. Here are a few post hand in jams I have up at current.

Jeremy Mann - Sunset By Union Square

Opener from the Ellen Allien & Apparat collab. Not as lighthearted as the album title, Orchestra Of Bubbles would have you believe. The album is full of tracks that like Miss Kittin's I Com and Batbox are easily as at home on the dancefloor as they are on yer own. Solid intro and an album I definitely recommend you check out.

And a couple of sedate numbers I qued up for the ride home. I've said before I never really dug the Chem Bros. too much until a friend lent me Push The Button way back when. I was realy taken in by this track, it was a side to them I'd never really heard before and I loved it. Still got time for it every now and then these days, it's still a gorgeous tune.

And finally I put on the fittingly summer tinged Made In The Shade by The Deadbeats. I can't stress how much I love this LP, the guys are very underrated and hell I wouldn't have even found them had they not put this album out on Wax:On and been featured in a promo mix by Nightmares On Wax. Check them out for some lovely blissed out hip hop vibes.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Eclecticism #1

I enjoy musical diversity. I feel it broadens my thoughts, and helps with the whole emotion thing. I don't know if it's just me, but sadness and dub step don't mix, neither does feeling energetic and listening to Tycho. So here's a bunch of random tracks, with no matching mood. You'll find a track in here to suit how you're feeling, hopefully.

Positively relaxed? Emancipator is easily one of my favourite artists to listen to when I feel relaxed. This is a little upbeat, kind of makes me turn a good mood into good actions. Particularly nice for cleaning, or dancing, or doing both at the same time. Productive and positive.
The whole jumpy bass vibe really rings through, giving a bouncy/dance feel to the track. The mechanised snaps add a slight krump element, but those melodies soar so smoothly and softly over everything else, resolving all bounce into a flowing bouncing track that's bound to incur some sort of positive movement. It's like someone putting a bouncy ball in a jumping castle. It's bouncy, but it flies through the air with grace and fluidity.

Sadly relaxed, or maybe sleepy and a hint of sad? This is the one for you.
Again, really really quite relaxed. However, fitting into the Hearts A Mess theme, this is a melancholy  mix. The bass hit deeps and not entirely sinus - the first sign that this is not a particularly soothing tune. The pads sweep slowly behind the haunting, and slightly distorted, samples of the original. The hats and other percussions echo this haunting, collecting themselves over time, like scattered thoughts. 

Friday Night? This is a winner for those of who who feel like it's a friday night, and time to go do something not entirely relaxing or sad. Girltalk is an absolutely amazing artist, no doubt. Personally I feel like he put's too much into the beat most of the time. I don't get that feeling in this track. Keeping it to a simple 1234, samples abound. Tempo perfect for exciting times, energy of all the samples, even one from The Prodigy.

Peaceful and happy? Can't go past clams. Beautifully distorted, soothing vocal samples with bass too match. This for me is a life moment type of track. A track that would fit perfectly into a moment of achievement or clarity.

Wall punching amounts of anger/sadness? Let it out man, and let it out to this. I first found Crystal Castles when I was a mere 14 year old watching the first season of Skins. After seeing the episode that contains this song, my brain automatically relates it to sadness and immense anger. Also related to remembering that people are actually there for you.
Sonically, this tune got me away from nu-metal, and started my entire electronic music expansion. The sheer emotion of it. I always imagined electronic music to be 'blip blip blip blop I'm a robot who's cold and has not heart'; but this changed my life in so many ways. I can only hope that affect is paid forward.

I'll leave this up to you guys. I personally listen to this if I'm in a weird mood. It doesn't help at all. The MV for this is equally weird, but somewhat amazing.


Ilictromix: Loftmind

Happy Holiday weekend everyone*! (Americans) very special mix today for those coming down from an extended weekend. This weeks Ilictromix is a video mix and it comes from producer/artist Loftmind.

A 20 year old resident of Newport Whales, Joel Sinclair makes some pretty breathtaking tracks. If your a fan of James Blake or Jamie XX this will be up your alley. I fell in love with his INTP EP and am super excited when he agreed to whip something up for this feature. Obviously I had to ask him a question or two as soon as I saw/heard the mix. 

Ilictronix: So huge fan! What albums are you stuck on right now?
L: Currently my go-to albums are 'Knife Play' by Xiu Xiu, Akkord's eponymous debut, Actress' 'Ghettoville' is getting smashed pretty hard, Sleaford Mods' latest is pretty great. Let's just take a second to bask in the glow of SD Laika's debut too, mmm all those warm eski synths. I just realised that I haven't mentioned Millie and Andrea's 'Drop The Vowels', amazing piece of work.

I: How long have you been producing for?
L: I've been producing for about 5 or 6 years now. I kinda had a head start on it when I was a kid, although those tunes were pretty much just drum loops on drum loops on drum loops.

I: So how do you stay motivated and find inspiration for the moody tracks that you are able to come up with?
L: To create work, I manipulate existing frameworks of genre to describe an environment, scenario or object. I am very interested in the fusion of disparate codes, finding a half-way point between 12 tone serialism and jersey kick patterns, lifting grime freestyles for restretching into a dark ambient context. I am also very concerned with the notion of deconstructivism in music, how little can I use to make a reference, how can I manipulate and distort a framework or set of ideas about a genre to communicate my understanding?

I: What or who would you say your biggest influces are then?
L: As far as influences are concerned, I hope my music lands somewhere between Jam City, Beneath, Acre, Mumdance. There are definitely some Hessle vibes in there and some residual dubstep tendencies

Peter Chamerlain - Bedtime Stories For The Innocent
Holly Herndon - Chorus
Actress - Ours
Loftmind - Elevium B
Oneohtrix Point Never - Boring Angel
Arca - Trauma
Loftmind - Inseries-Dizzeeintherhizome
L-Vis 1990 - Ballad 4D
Loftmind - Chalice

You can follow Loftmind on Twitter or Facebook


Monday 26 May 2014

Technolg (ae)

I got around to sorting out June's monthly playlist yesterday and I think it's gonna be pretty neat. Anyways, while perusing for tunes to fill it with I got a real hankering for techy stuff and returned to some old favorites I have kicking around.

Auteche first with their unique brand of Industrial meets IDM that sounds more like a machine made it than a couple of blokes from Manchester. The Anvil Vapre EP is a good jumping in point if you're new to them, it blends the melodic and experimental sides of their sound quite well, and still sounds pretty fresh nearly 20 years later.

I wish they'd stuck to this model for a while longer, I mean their style consistently changed for each of their first three albums but after that it begins to move away from the melodic. Which is a shame because I always loved that about Autechre, it was machine music with a touch of soul. Anyway have another track from the EP which harks a little bit back to the roots of Amber and Incunabula.

On the opposite end we have AFX with the Analord series. Richard's triumphant return to the world of analogue is full of highlights but playing these two back to back has made me realise that unlike Autechre's very deliberate and sterile sound, all the Analords sound much more warm and human, with a bit of a DIY edge to them. Especially on this one as the title probably clued you in on.

The same applies here, even the name itself sounds like it was something that AFX whacked together in about an hour or so, which given Rich's methodology on the Richard D James Album woudln't be too surprising. Still the track is pretty gorgeous, a real testament to the man and his skills with the gear for sure. Check the Analord series out for more acid tinged meddling, Rephlex put out an expanded digital release of the entire series a while back with some bonus goodies.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Saturday 24 May 2014

[Insert Post Title Here]

Yo Guys, Nite here. I apologize for the month-long absence. I've had to deal with some irritating BS, both at home and school, which has caused my brain to be completely and utterly fried (and still is to some extent). Anywho, I'll make this post short, as I really don't feel like talking much.  So here's the music. ENJOY IT.

Keeping things real,


Friday 23 May 2014

Pre Deadline Quickie

Taking a break from making sure everything's in order for me hand-in next week to lay some tracks down for ya. Hope to keep this one short so sit tight.

Andreas Nilsson - Landskap Norsken

Another blast from the past here, I actually remember grabbing this through illegitimate means circa 2003. I can practically recite this tune note for note given the amount I've listened to it. Good news is I wouldn't give you a decade old 128kpbs file, I've since changed me ways. Enjoy.

Another tune I've had on my HDD for a loooong time, ripped this one for a friend digitising his vinyl collection. We picked it up back in like 2005 when we were out searching for the elusive Roulé and Crydamoure. Pretty solid house actually, shame the guy never really put out much more than a few EPs.

And finally and extra minimal bit from the special edition of Temporary Pleasure. When I picked it up I wasn't too big on minimal, still ain't, but I branched out a little in that direction. It was pretty clear SMD were gonna head out in a techno direction after this with Delicacies, especially given the title of this track.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday 22 May 2014

Robyn & Royksopp - Sayit

One of my favorite duos are back making music together. Robyn and Royksopp are reunited with a new EP titled Do it again. It's streaming right now at NPR but one of the tracks is an absolute monster "Sayit". I don't think I've ever heard Royksopp sound so bold, and Robyn sound so seductive.  It's a loud dizzying track with a fat synth line bursting through midway, and it just keeps building and building. Enough of my gushing listen below:

Do It Again is out May 26th


Tuesday 20 May 2014

Ilictromix: DJ Toka

Hey guys real special exclusive mix today coming to you from DJ Toka. I've been listening to this mix for the last couple of days and I'm excited for you to hear it too.

Toomas is a 30 year old DJ from Estonia with a great ear for deep cuts. Believe it or not he has only been spinning for a year now and it sounds like he has an exciting road ahead. I recently chatted with Toka about his influences and this mix:

Ilictronix: so what kind of influences go into your sets and production? 
Toka: My taste and influences are very varied and i love all music made with heart, soul and thought. My favorite artist is Michael Jackson and i love soul music, classical music, downtempo music and of course electronic dance music.

I: So then what are you listening to now or recommend to friends? 
T: Lately i have been listening to the album from the danish/canadian duo "Rhye". The album is entitled "Women" and is a smooth soul record with amazing vocals. Generally im more into the soulful downtempo stuff as opposite to the music i choose for my DJ mixes. However, i always try to keep it soulful. I like to be open minded and a good DJ should be able to educate, throw in bits and pieces of old music but still keep it fresh and always look out for the next big record. 
(Note: we featured Rhye in our ilictronix: wingman features)

I: So what kind of equipment did you use with this mix? 
T: Regarding this DJ mix and the tools i use, im using only digital equipment. Laptop and Traktor S2 DJ controller. Personally i dont think there is any "true style" of Dj:ing today, since it does not matter what equipment you use, whether it is analog or digital. All that matter is the music selection and how you program the sets and the flow.

You can find more of Dj Toka here:

1. SOHN - Lights
2. Aki Bergen & Pezzner feat Terry Grant - Tararareando
3. Lifelike - Night Patrol
4. Hayden James - Permission To Love (Touch Sensitive Remix)
5. Tom Trago -Two Together
6. HNNY - For The Very First Time (Dirtytwo Midas Touch version)
7. Charles Murdoch - Dekire feat Oscar Key Sung (Bodhi remix)
8. Daughter - Youth (Lane 8 Remix)
9. Doc Daneeka - Walk On In
10. Nightriders - You Said
11. Outboxx - Need You
12. Lane 8 - Nothing You Can Say feat Lucy Stone
13. Ruede Hagelsein & Noir - My lover
14. Foals - My Number (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)
15. Funk d Voi - Lovin feat Jay Leblone (Your body mix)
15. Tensnake - Congolal (Tensnake Rework)


C-C-C-Combo Breaker

Claude has had the luxury of crafting the last 7 posts. I haven't posted in a while.
This is destiny. This is music. This is poorly written.

Firstly, some fresh Glitch Mob. Love Death Immortality was a strange album. While I enjoyed hearing the crystalline production shine through, the overall tempo of the album was a huge put-off. Many of the songs sounded too similar and repetitious in their synth lines. It sounds as if they'd found a golden song goose, and they'd abused it. The whole album is a bit of a silver egg for me. It doesn't sound as though they were willing to try anything new than to add 30 bpm onto their old formula. But hey, that's just my opinion, you guys should probably formulate your own. Here's my least disliked track from the album, Becoming Harmonious.
Those dreamy vocals are almost over-run with triangular eargasms. There's a hint of actual glitching within the drum track. The subtle bass within the song. The tempo is at a reasonable pace. The dedication to production within Glitch Mob work shines. Enough bad sentence structure. Song.

Now to some of my more likeable selections.

Another of my favourite Daft Punk tunes. The best part is the stirring of the strings. Add a march tempo to it, and you basically feel as though Jason Voorhees is walking towards you while you're paralysed. Spooky, I know.

I don't normally enjoy dance or trance type tunes, but this song is just so perfect, so I suppose the title is rather fitting in that respect. This is barely just a song, it feels more like a composition.

If you know understand the Stephen Falken reference, you know this track perfectly fits into that scene. Contains that clear Futurecop! psuedo-80's sound, but also has that direct link to the past that just cannot be explained.

Aesop Rock has some amazing work. I've had this playing all week, and I notice new things every time I listen to it. The first listening, that strangely high bass line catches the ear. Then that kick comes in, realising the low end missing from the bass line. There are so many things going on, but it all works so well. The utilisation of multi-tracking vocals is one of Aesop Rocks signature techniques, it's hard to think how he'd be doing that live, or if he even can. Great writing, great sampling, great production and a quite good execution.

Enjoy the mix up

Monday 19 May 2014

Slightly Less Moody

Hey all, decided it was a pretty bad move to leave the proper atmospheric tracks on the front page so long, so here's some slightly lighter tunes.

Miwa Ogasawara - In Licht (2013)

Röyksopp's one and only Live EP is pretty special. The normally bittersweet Sparks gets beautifully transformed into a whole different beast after a suitably downbeat intro. Anneli Drecker reprises her role on the track in top form, a real far cry from her fuzzy musings on the album version.

Grandaddies of electronic Kraftwerk were making very moody tunes before long before Portishead threw their hat into the Trip-Hop ring. To be honest I think Neon Lights fits this bill better, but I already put that up a while back. So instead have cult classic and number #1 single from 1982, The Model.

Rounding us off we have Little Dragon. Ever since her guest spot on Gorillaz's Plastic Beach, Yukimi's been a constant highlight on my radar. Here's a lovely downbeat section from their self titled debut, if you're digging this, they just put out a new album a couple days ago, I definitely recommend you check them out.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday 15 May 2014


You mighta guessed from the title, this one's all about moody tunes. Doesn't really work too well now summer's in swing but hey ho, here's what I'm jamming to these nights.

Miwa Ogasawara - Sorge 1 (2011)

Funnily enough this all started cos I was on a garage kick, put google music on shuffle for my old Garage tunes and then ended up with everybody's favourite dub/future garage fiend Burial. I know I've said he's hit and miss in the past but I'll say it once again; when he hits he really hits. Not many atmospheres like this out there.

Finisher to Modeselektor's second LP kinda fits this bag. I'd argue This from Monkeytown fits better but I'm pretty sure I posted it. Thom Yorke joins the Selektors for some pretty typically moody musings over the track. As much as I don't really dig Radiohead I gotta admit whenever he guests on stuff I got in my collection it doesn't dissapoint.

And lastly another bit of excellent trip hop courtesy of Tricky. Tracks like this is why Martina Topley-Bird became one of my favourite vocalists out there, her and the instrumental sound almost in sync. Not to knock Tricky himself and his spoken-word style delivery though, he compliments the hazy vibe excellently too.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Sunday 11 May 2014

Smooth On Sunday

Alright, gonna list you some of my techy listenin's of today. Been more boring laying out work for a PDF so here's whats been keeping me sane, tracks after the suitably techy art!

Pascal Dombis - Post-Digital Blue (2013)

I really need to get more Plaid in my collection. Double Figure is a fine place to start, it's pretty consistent with their sound but it's also a bit long if you're looking to just dive in. This one's a good example, not quite the full on playful electronica of Plone but not the subtle menace of say Aphex Twin despite the name.

This album has been at the top of all my media players for about 2 years now, and I can still never tire of it. This one perhaps isn't the best example of the smooth sounds Mike weaves into his tracks, but I've posted some of those before. Still, even saying that the beat salad works really well with those lush synths after the mid-point.

And finally, the square man himself. Not talked too much about the album this is from (his debut on Warp!) but it stands on its own in terms of quality. Here 'Pusher mixes his then current 'Drill 'n Bass' style with just a hint of Jazz influence. The opening couple of tracks on this LP are nigh perfect, but in true Jazz fashion, here's something a little longer for you. Stay tuned 'cos things get beautiful around 3:40.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Friday 9 May 2014

Lazy Days

Preparing for the end of my second year at University, still pretty chilled cos I don't have to commute into town every day these days. As such I wasn't feeling my usual electronic modus operandi so instead scratched my hip hop itch again.

Edward Hopper - Sunlight In A Cafeteria

Starting with more Pretty Lights. Most of this album errs more on the upbeat side of things but this one right here strikes a nice balance between the two, I could pretty much listen to this all day, that vocal sample is just brilliantly selected.

A bit of a rarity, the one and only EP by Walking Endustries is very elusive with only 500 copies floating about (and no rips on the net). It's a real shame because from what little I've heard it's absolutely gorgeous. Luckily Miss Kittin has one of those 500 and included it on her compilation Radio Caroline Vol. 1.

And sending us off, homegrown talent The Deadbeats with the final tune from their second LP Made In The Shade. Honestly a prefect ending, it fully encapsulates the vibe the 'Beats lay down and is deliciously smooth. Get yourself lost in this one, because it's almost over too soon.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday 8 May 2014

Let There Be Tracks

Got on an old school kick earlier today as I do every now and then. Back in my bloghopping days when I first started coming here and was picking up a boatload of new tracks every week. Times and taste have changed since then, but I do still have a place in my collection for the old electro.

Atelier Olschinsky - Organic 02

Title track from TBG's follow up, featuring their occasional 80's tinged sound as shown on Aviateur but with a much more post-Kavinsky influence. The album was a little ropey in spots but I'll be damned if they didn't nail it with this one.

Simian Mobile Disco's debut is probably one of the most solid I own, for their first full length it's quality throughout if a little short. Here's track four featuring Char Johnson, surprisingly she's done no other tracks since, thought a lot of people would have picked her up based on the strength of this.

And lastly, them Modeselektor lads. I put Happy Birthday! away for a long time, but now I think it's time for it to trade places with Monkeytown. I came late to their unique blend of electro, IDM and the occasional bit of Hip Hop which is a shame because it's real refreshing. Definitely check them out if you missed the boat like me.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Monday 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday

Hey y'all got this Monday off thanks to the great British tradition of bank holidays, thought I'd take the opportunity to hook you up with some of my tunes from today. Tracks after the art!
Indie184 - Bliss
I have a couple of FlyLo's demos on here, this isn't from this years Ideas+Drafts+Loops though, this is taken from the '06 on, the same year his debut dropped on Plug Research. It's sounds very different from that though, much more rough round the edges like Los Angeles. Track 'em down for some interesting but unfinished sounds.

Bit of a jump now as I revisit Kittin & The Hacker's debut. Surprisingly I hadn't posted this one, it's pretty light all things considered, definitely far from the crude cult track Frank Sinatra. The Hacker's production really shines on this one, there's a lot of lovely sounds going around among Kittin's vocal accompaniment.

Another album I've dug out of my crates recently: Felix Da Housecat's Virgo Blaktro & The Moviedisco. It's pretty solid, though the second half seems to be made up of short tunes like this one here. Still, not to knock it too much, I'd forgotten how much of a funk/disco influence there was on here, it's kinda like Proto-Chromeo in a way. I dig it a lot.

And finally another reworking from the Sneaker Pimps' debut. This mix takes the hazy trip hop of the original and adds a little bit of a harder edge to it. I almost prefer it because the original does get a bit of 90's pop going on whereas this is more like straight up trip hop. Keep yer ears peeled for the cheeky Massive Attack sample.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Saturday 3 May 2014

Yup, I've Been Drinkin' Again

Stopped off for a cheeky pint or two on me way home with some mates, as university students are legally required to do. And I gots to thinking about audio that matched out merry state as I walked to the station, and here's what I found!

Pablo Picasso - The Absinthe Drinker (1901)

Kicking off with a bit from Modeselektor. Hadn't even considered this at first, but then the stumbling melody that opens the track just fit perfectly for the theme. Lucky I've recently put Happy Birthday! back into rotation, I've been missing my electro style fix as of late.

Keepin' it in Germany with a visit from Siriusmo. I didn't see much press about his second album Enthusiast compared to his debut Mosaik, though I suppose we weren't waiting about ten years for it. Similar to the Modeselektor tune it sounds pretty unstable, but the title also translates to something along the lines of "Beer Tears" too.

Something a little out of leftfield here, I've mentioned a Squarepusher's one off Jazz record a couple of times but never actually posted anything from it save My Sound. It does get pretty weird in parts but is actually pretty sweet, here's a little 40 second interstitial that appears about halfway through that reminds me of some stuff I've made meself while on the drink.

And finally, a little extra that I decided to put on as it came on in the station. A dubbed out rework of Massive Attack's Better Things courtesy of Mad Professor. I was surprised I hadn't posted this one, it's one of my favourites from the remix album No Protection, headphones definitely recommended for this one.

-Claude Van Foxbat