Sunday 10 August 2008

One Badass Instrument

Readers, in order to enjoy the music of the electronic familia, if you will, we must get back and learn of the roots....

OK, that's a load of bull. Really though, this thing is sick.

Its called a Theremin and the schweet deal is that it was the first instrument that could be played without touching it. Consisting of a bunch of crap, known as oscillators, and two metally thingys, commonly known as antennae, the Theremin actually uses some interesting physics. Its played by moving your hands certain distances away from the antennae. One controls the frequency according to your distance and the other controls the volume. The combo of the two can perform pretty cool music. Not only is this used in the electronic world, many artists such as Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin have used this instrument as well.

So if anybody out there either plays this thing or knows a crap load more than me about it, hit us up. If you're any good, write some songs and if its good we'll post it.

Peace Out Girl Scouts,