Sunday 31 August 2008

A Tight Leather Vest

I don't know why, but whenever I listen to Ed Banger stuff, I always get an image of pure badass in my head. Like hitting the clubs with some fly t-shirt and leather everything. I'm not gay, I promise.

Anyway, I recently get the Ed Rec collection and I love it to death. He just compiles things so well, but you have to give credit to those artists as well.

I'm not sure what genre to group these tracks in. I would say like Dance Punk and Electrohouse, but I'm really not sure for some of them. Maybe you experts who comment can help me out.

Since, I don't feel like writing alot, here's the track of the day by the brilliant mind of So Me. That dude who makes the kickass Justice music videos.

This might be my favorite track I've ever uploaded. But I'm not sure if it's "good" to the general public. Keep in mind, my taste changes all the time. Last week I was a big Crydamoure fan, now this week I'm all about Ed Banger.

The french have taken over my life,

Busy P + Air Force 1 = Happy

Well since I finally finished by Ed Banger Records collection, I figured I'd talk a little about Busy P.

Some of you know him as the head of Ed Banger Records, and some of you know him as Daft Punk's manager. This dude's insane, and so is his music. His dance punk/electrohouse badass-ness really gets me moving. The songs under the Ed Banger label are just phenomenal, and I recommend all of you buying the collection, or stealing it.

That being said, his art direction is also amazing. I'm not sure how to describe it. It's almost like scene, but badass and full of self-loathing lol. If someone could help me descrive his art direction that'd be great.

Here's a pair of Air Force 1's he designed, and they are amazing.

Feel free to buy those for me.

Jeez You're Lazy

Haha sorry guys, it appears this CoD4 business is going to take longer than I thought, I'll have a track tomorrow.


Saturday 30 August 2008

Be Patient

I'm trying to torrent Call of Duty 4 for XP, and since all my music is on Mac, you guys might have to wait a few hours. But I'll have a track tonight.


Friday 29 August 2008

Modesty? Pshhhh

Today I'm going to feature an artist who is probably the best in the the best in the world. Yours truly.

Well, I bought an Alesis Micron synth last month after playing boring old piano for about 10 years. I fell in love with the synth, and I recommend you guys buying it for only 400 bucks. I did hours of research to make sure I got the PERFECT synth, being a beginner-intermediate.

So, to the point. I've been fooling around with the built-in sequencer, making drum beats and some melodies. So a few days ago, I was walking and had this great beat in my head. So right when I got home, I started entering the beats into my Micron. About a half hour later, I had a pretty decent sounding song.

Being a lover of electro-house, I decided to make my first track sound like it. To do this, I had some repetitive, yet simply and catchy patterns, with some blaring beats mainly consisting of a bass drum. Also, I added some noise to make the instruments and drums sound "raw." Now, I didn't add any real bass guitar, but I do have a semi-subtle pattern that can double as such. But anyway, this is my first mix EVER and I hope you all enjoy it. Feel free to download it, but just don't claim it as your own. So here it is, my song entitled "Ravage." The track was recorded 100% live, and only made louder and published as MP3 with Audacity. I'm not a pro, just a hobbyist.

Jordan Scales - Ravage [right click to download]

Where does the name come from? Ravage itself is a "harsh" word, which describes the raw-ness of the track. Also, it's a pun on "Rave" and "Savage." hehe. So have fun with the track, and spread it around the interwebs if you would like, giving me credit of course :-D. Constructive criticism is appreciated! I do this for the fun of it, nothing serious.

Don't forget to spread the word of ilictronix!

Thursday 28 August 2008

So Damn Funky

As all of you know, I'm obsessed with French House.

Well today, I'm going to take you to the roots of true, funky French House. I'm not going back as far as Jazz and Early Funk, because that's not electronic. I am going to cover one of my favorite genres of all time, Electrofunk.

Since I ditched you guys two days ago, I decided to unleash one of my big guns today. This track is the definition of Electrofunk. It's so damn catchy and funky, and has a talkbox in it :-D. Electrofunk is a very simple genre. Just take some of the Funk from the 70s, and add some synth action to it.

Now how is this the roots? Well, the fabulous French were inspired by this great music and took it, filtered it, and made it robotic and amazing, while still mainting the true funky roots. I hope you guys enjoy this song, because I know I do. A fantastic riff replays several times and each time, it's more and more amazing. So have fun with it.

Also, please help me keep this blog alive. I don't want to end up spending a lot of time to entertain 5 kids a day. So please, advertise it, and you will be repaid greatly with my apreciation. Just help keep the blog alive! I have fun doing this and I don't want to have to stop :-/.

So anyway here's the track from our Funky Bunch, Zapp & Roger.

Get some,

Some Things on My Mind

Okay guys, I got alot to get through, so this article might be very long.

First off, I've been out all day so sorry if the article's a bit late. Also, I apologize greatly for not uploading anything.

Why couldn't I? Well, as you may or may not know, I hate Vista, alot. Like I had given a chance for the longest time and used it for games, and only games, when I got Mac OSx86 on this partition. Anyway, it couldn't even get that right. I have a nice rig, but it was just slow and bulky, and all the new processes that must run for it to work ate up all my ram, making some of my games run slower than they could. So anyway, I just got fed up. Since I'm big on torrenting, I decided to get XP, for free :-D. Now I know most people tell you not to torrent because it's bad but hey, why should I pay for things? So anyway, I got XP. Then I needed to fix up some stuff to make it work, and then I was on it yesterday, while all my music was on Mac. So I couldn't upload a track.

Also, I've been looking to expand the site a little. For isntance, maybe advertise on some sites, and get some sites to advertise here to make some money for my work. So if you guys would like to help me and be my ambassadors to various forums you belong to. That would be fantastic. For instance, make a thread on a new blog you found, anything, be creative. I just want some more viewers because now my viewing has gone done to about 30 to 40 per day, as opposed to 100-150 when it first started. So any help would be fantastic, and I would be EXTREMELY greatful. Also, thanks to my dedicated viewers who keep coming back each day and commenting. Hopefully some more of you will comment. Also, don't forget about third-party articles and sending me some ideas. You guys can make this site whatever you want.

As for the track, I originally planned to upload two today, but I think I'm going to start a new policy. I'll try and have tracks and articles each day. But if I'm busy, I'm busy, and I'm sorry. If I skip a day or two, it shouldn't matter much to you guys. But be sure to check back each day, just in case I upload something. But to the point, I'm only uploading one per day.

So today's track is one I discovered on a blog I frequent to, the Solid Golberger blog ( He uploads tracks occasionally, and I found a pretty cool artist on there. I'm not sure if they're popular or not, but they seem fairly unknown. The name of the gorpu is Kristof. R, a play on "Christopher?" Anyway, they make some cool house music, so I decided to download it from his blog. But don't flock to his blog, stay here as long as you can :-D. So anyway, here's one track by them I like in particular, What's Happening. This is the most disco-y house I've ever heard, but it sounds great.

Jeez, 14 tracks already,

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Er...We have a Problem

Guys, I hate myself right now.

I'm swamped today and I'm not going to be able to release a track or an article. I apologize greatly, I hope this will never happen again. I just have some windows configuring to do and all my music is on mac. Again, I apologize.

Check back tomorrow, I'll be uploading two tracks throughout the day.


Monday 25 August 2008

Bend Those Circuits

Lately, I've taken a liking to the art of circuit-bending.

Electronic music does have its madness, and circuit-bending is surely an example of that. This liberal form of art involves taking anything electronic that makes noise and screwing with it as best you can. Instead of physically bending circuits, you simply short them out until cool sounds appear. Now by cool, I mean really weird and sometimes just annoying. But even so, it's still fun. Here's a quick guide on circuit-bending.

Run downstairs and take a toy that makes noise, I have some from my childhood (a hot wheels RC car) Rip it open with a screwdriver, exposing the circuit board With the toy on, holy (or tape) down the button that makes noise, so that noise is constantly coming out of the speakers. With a piece of metal (of your finger) touch any two prongs together on the circuit board. Keep searching until one combination changes the noise (it took me about a minute) Congratulations, you have bent a circuit

Now bending can be much cooler than that, by adding knobs and switches, you can make some pretty cool effects. I have yet to try, but I hear the best results come from those small toy keyboards you can buy. Also, a speak and spell supposedly sounds epic. This guy completely tricked out his SnS and made it sounds really cool.

Anyway, just a weird form of art, now get bending!

Appropriately, I have chosen a track that relates to circuit bending. No, it is not a song created by bent circuit, but a song entitled "Short Circuit" by our favorite french robots. I know Daft Punk is popular, but hey, it's a funky song. This truly captures every point of filter house. It's funky as hell, and has some boomin bass. WARNING: This song may annoy some of you.

Bend it bitches,

Sunday 24 August 2008

Funky Fresh

My good internet-buddy, alexdaftpunk91 recently aired a track that I orgasm everytime I listen to it.

Alex is an italian, house fan who regularly uploads house tracks to youtube. Be sure to look out for him at The tracks he uploads are seriously good. Feel free to message him and he'll gladly send you the MP3.

Anyway, my favorite track that he has ever uploaded is one of my big guns of music. These are a select few tracks that are seriously good, and I'll release them soon. Now, most of you might not like French House as nearly as I do, but to me, this song is fantastic. The track is by the House group "Funk Legacy" who is semi-known, I never really heard much about them, but their track "What U Gonna Do Baby" truly puts the funk in tekfunk (That's another name for French House). But I'll shut up so you can just listen to it. Please comment and tell me what you think. Remember, if you voice your opinion, I'll upload tracks accordingly.

Good ol' Filter House,

Locker Gnome

I'm obsessed with Chris Pirillo. Seriously.

Now this isn't the Pirillo from those tour commercials, but the Pirillo from such shows such as Call for Help and Tech TV. This man makes a living being a geek, something I truly envy.

Anyway, even though he's a semi-celebrity, he is still completely open and reachable to his fans. You can watch live feed from his office 24/7 at There, you will find hundreds of other fans watching and chatting via IRC. Now if you're not accustomed to IRC, he has a built in chat right below the video, so you just need to enter a username and start chatting! I'm a regular there, look for me (Azimuth).

Also, he posts several videos daily on youtube. His page can be found at Currently, he's at his convention called Gnomedex, so he hasn't been posting videos or in his office this week. But any other time hit him up. His videos are about anything tech, and you can find some cool stuff there. Feel free to e-mail him at, which he checks every five minutes, and he responds to all of them.

Overall, he's a great guy, and be sure to check out his videos!


Saturday 23 August 2008

Stupid Art Kids

Well guys, not much of an article today, but I still got a track for you.

I just found out I neglected to mentioned one of my all time favorite genres, Indie Electronica. Now I know electronica isn't a word, and I hate using it, but thats just the new of the genre. For my own purposes, though, I'll call it Indie Electronic.

To explain this genre, take that crappy Indie rock, and add some badass synth action to it. And BAM! you got Indie Electronic. The genre is also tied into minimalism because quite frankly, it's basic. But that doesn't mean it's any less badass.

The main man is this genre is a popular one who goes by the name LCD Soundsystem. Any Daft Punk fans out there might know him from a song he wrote called "Daft Punk is Playing at My House." I was originally going to upload that track, but it's too mainstream. Instead I'll upload another song by him that's more "electronic."

To sum up this song, take a simple bassline, add some cool drums, and a singer who really sounds like he's high. Like seriously, this dude was definitely baked when he wrote this. Anyway, here's today's track...

Have fun children,

Friday 22 August 2008

My Life is Now Complete

Well I was watching Spongebob while watching my two toddler cousins, and I saw the best commercial I've ever seen in my life. THEY'RE BRINGING GUTS BACK.

For those of you don't know what GUTS is, kill yourselves. But it's a kickass game show from the gnarly 90s where quirky kids would be placed in a variety of physical challenges. If you've seen the show, it's epic. Anyway, it's coming back!!!

The show will return as "My Family's Got GUTS" on September 15th during Nick at Nite. Supposedly a new host has yet to be found, but hopefully they'll do a better job than Mike O'Malley. If someone can find out who the host is, that'd be great. I know the shows probably be evern more nerf'd now because it's about family. But I'm sure it won't be nearly as corny as that damn American Gladiators crap or Wipeout!

But overall, I can't wait. So in honor of the return of GUTS, I picked a very appropriate track of the day.

Now I could go on and on and try and prove how this is electronic music, but I'd probably be lying. All we know is it's a derivation of breakbeats :-D. But I'm basically posting this track for fun. I believe the artist's name is Michael Hawkins, but I'll just say it's by Nickelodeon.

Have fun, and don't complain for real electronic :-)

A Crisis, Almost

Well guys today was rough, really rough.

First off, fileden closed my old account, I don't know why. So I had to rename and reupload all my tracks, then go back in and edit each article so the new tracks would play. Then, some of the tracks wouldn't play, so I had to go back and find out what the problem was, it was just an error in the flash music player. Now finally everything works, after about an hour of frustration.

I just want to let you guys know that I work hard on this blog, and I want you guys to keep coming back. Tell everyone you know, advertise it on forums you belong to, IRCs, whatever! Just try and get people here!

Also, in a few weeks I will be hosting a "Virtual Bake Sale" where you don't buy anything, you just donate :-D. See the thing is, dealing with free file storage sites is a pain in the ass, so I would like to invest in some server space. But that stuff costs money, so I figured my fans could support me.



Hey guys, just a quick post here. I just got done playing the new Team Fortress 2 update. Six new maps and a new playing mode "arena" have been released!

I must say, arena mode truly is badass. I like owning kids and making them sit and wait for the next round to start.

Anyway, my Steam ID is Azimuth{_tle} if you want to add me. Post your Steam IDs here and maybe we can rumble it out.

Basically, I'm just asking if any of you play TF2.


Thursday 21 August 2008

Trancey Trancey Trancey

Well I promised Champiness I would write this, so here it goes...

He sent me an e-mail (which by the way all of you should) regarding an artist I should talk about. He's from one of least favored genres, trance. Now I'm not going to be biased or anything against it, but I just don't like it.

Anyway, the artist he regarded goes by the name of ZeRo_BaSs. And no, this is not some 12-year-old forum troll, but actually a rather good artist. Champiness writes...

Heyhey. Just thought I'd drop by with a new up-and-coming artist. You could say he's the Louis La Roche of Epic Trance (or something like it, if Epic Trance annoys you), albeit slightly less popular. Functioning out of the Newgrounds Flash Portal, ZeRo_BaSs may sound a bit immature. Trust me, he's anything but. Just an amazingly skilled Italian guy looking for a label, I'm sure he's going somewhere.

Now as stated earlier, I don't like any form of trance that much, but the first track Champiness sent me was actually quite good. I'm pretty sure it's not Epic Trance but rather just Dance or a light form of Techno. I couldn't find a name for the track, but according to the file type, I believe it's called *ZeRo.* But without further adieu, I'd like to show off the track, which I can't find a name for :-D. If someone could post the name of the track, I will gladly change it. But until then, we'll go with *ZeRo.*

ZeRo_BaSs - *ZeRo*

Be sure to hit up ZeRo_BaSs's Newgrounds portal at


We're 1337

Well I promised myself I would write an article when I got to 1337 hits, didn't realize it'd be within the first 12 days of starting it. Anyway, when I came onto the site to check, I was hit 1338, so looks like I missed by 1. So to the person who was hit 1337, congratulations...asshole.

Thanks to all my regular viewers out there, you really make the blog what it is. Hope you're not bored yet.

Third-Party Articles

I know I constantly tell you guys to send me stuff, and I'm glad some of you actually have. Today, I am showing off an article one of my best viewers, Boba, has sent me. This is the beginning of a new segment I'm starting called "Third Party Articles." If you want to get your name out there, send me some info on a topic you would like to me write about, and I'll give you credit for it. Better yet, you can also send me full-blown articles that I will review and publish, giving you credit of course. So please guys, send me stuff. Anyway, here's an article written by Boba.

It’s a very rare day when you find a band that redefines everything you have ever thought you knew about life, the universe, and everything. It is even rarer when you discover a band that redefines existence itself…

Sadly, what I have to share with you today is not quite that awesome. But nevertheless, this obscure electronic group did make me rethink my views on electronic music.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to acquaint you with Proxyon, a rather obscure, yet amazing, space music/Italo-disco artist from the Netherlands who had their heyday in the late eighties and early nineties. Proxyon can be easily identified by the great big yellow letters on the box; they spell: PROXYON. That was a joke about the old 40’s Jell-O commercials by the way… heh… heh. Anyway. Moving on, you can be sure if it’s a Proxyon album or single by the presence of an image ripped from some science fiction novel’s cover, or something blatantly stolen from Star Wars.

I really wish I could tell you more about them, but sadly… there just doesn’t seem to be much info on them. No wikipedia page! Nothing! The only reason I found them is because I lost an auction for a record on ebay, and decided to see if the seller had anything else cool… and noticed a yellow record cover sporting a picture of Darth Vader. The seller offered an MP3 preview, and I wanted to have a listen. My ears were greeted by the sounds of beautiful vintage 80’s synths playing a sort of funky disco-ish tune with a very space-ish vibe to it. I loved it. Sadly, at 14 bucks but-it-now and 7 buck shipping, I couldn’t afford the record. Or any of the other Proxyon records being sold. Needless to say, I was rather disappointed…

But not to give up, I pressed on, and went to the discogs marketplace and found they were even more expensive there, with the overseas shipping. I had just about given up… I had but one taste of Proxyon, and I was sure I wanted more! Then a thought struck me: YOUTUBE, YOU DUMMY. I was very thankful for the thought, regardless of its rudeness, because it proved to have results. I found about 3 or 4 different Proxyon tracks there. LOVE LOVE LOOOVE!! Good stuff… but my appetite was still insatiable! I marched forth in the search of a CD!

…Only to discover that their 2005 best-of CD was a $50 import on Amazon. *Audible sigh* But was this music lover gonna give up??? NAY! I was never gonna give it up, never gonna say goodbye! Never gonna… ugh, too much Rickroll for me… so I finally managed to secure a copy of the CD by less than 100% trustworthy means, and here you have it: some of the best Italo-disco/space music you’ll ever hear… sadly, from an artist you’ll probably never hear of again. Oh, and as of Monday, August 18th, I have the 12'' single of the song. Sounds much better on vinyl

Well guys, thanks for reading, and enjoy the music.

Best regards,
Boba Fettuccini

Great article, and here's a track that was sent to me by Boba, Space Hopper by, of course, Proxyon.

Send me stuff,

Monday 18 August 2008


Music has seen it's fair share of true rock legends. Legends such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, and The Jonas Brothers, to name a few. So today's track-a-day is from the genre, Electrorock.

Well, I was originally going to post a Trance track I received by one of my viewers, which can be you, just email it to me. But I will save that for another day. Then I was going to post some techno, but I'll do that another time. Finally, I settled on posting an electrorock track.

Electrorock is a very, very obscure genre, yet it makes sense once you listen to it. It's not exactly hardcore, but I imagine it can be if you find the right DJ. To explain what electrorock is, take electrohouse (such as the Justice track I posted) and change the blaring bass to a blaring guitar. Then, add some Junglish lyrics (which you've also heard from the Pendulum track), and finally add a quick drum beat and you've got electrorock. In other words, it's rock, but made with computers.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of this genre. It sounds a little too "rave-ish" to me, but my goal for ilictronix is to introduce every subgenre of electronic the best I can. Luckily, I have a bunch of dedicated listeners who critique me constantly :-D.

But I'm sure you don't want to read and just listen to some music. So here's an electrorock track I found from one of my albums appropriately entitled "Electrorock."

Bosco Hi & Hat (Edit)

Need More Daft Punk in Your Life?

I know I did, and I still do. Until I bear their children, I will not be satisfied, by the way I'm a dude.

Anyhow, a few months ago I was wondering if their was a fan-forum for Daft Punk, I really wanted to join one. So I hit up my buddy Google, and found one that suited me, thedaftclub.

I joined the forum and began posting like a mad man, and soon noticed this was not like any other forum. And no, the owner did not bribe me to write this article, this comes from the heart. But anyway, thedaftclub is by far the greatest forum I've ever posted on, or even seen. And it's not like it's the only forum I've been to. I'm a regular member to a good twenty forums which I post on weekly. But overall, thedaftclub is the best.

It's not just the topics and threads, but the people who belong to the forum. After a little while, you realize all the people on there are just as obsessed as you are. They're great help, and I haven't seen one flaming asshole on there yet. I bet the admins search all over frequently and secretly murder all the trolls.

In conclusion, get the fuck over to thedaftclub now. LIke I mean it, right now. Go sign up and start posting. Oh, I didn't give you a link, To all the Daft Club members reading this, you don't have to join again. lol But go get friends and physically force them to join.

Get posting!

I'll post a track soon

Sunday 17 August 2008

Scratchy Scratchy Scratchy

I don't particularly like Hip Hop or any neighbor of it, but I have recently been listening to some tracks from the Turntablism Genre.

This genre was created because there was not a fine distinction amongst DJs. Where your amazing scratcher was theoretically the same as the old guy you hired to pop in CDs at your wedding. To fix this, music enthusiasts created the Turntablism genre in the late 80s.

This genre is fairly self explanitory. It's about making music all on a turntable. Most of it is live-recorded and simply flawless. It really makes you appreciate the true skill these DJs have. One of the most famous Turntablists is Cut Chemist.

His track "The Periodic Table" starts and ends very strangely, but the middle section filled with scratching is tremendously entertaining. Many of you may recognize the track from Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music.

Anyway, enjoy the track, and try to not skip the beginning or end.

Now get scratchin,

Trick Your Friends!

Well, this is a little off-topic, but it's really cool.

I came across this video yesterday, and it's really clever. I tried it on a few people over AIM and it really worked. All you have to do is ask them a few questions. Trust me, it's really original and kinda cool. Being the genius I am, I still can't figure out how it works, but it does apparently. I haven't gotten any girls with it yet, which is surprising.

Anyway, try it on all your friends! Here's a tutorial. Mind the poor quality.

"How to Confuse an Idiot"

Saturday 16 August 2008

Ilictronix Spotlight: Louis La Roche

Any man whose tracks can be confused for tracks by the great Thomas Bangalter must be doing something right. I've known about this artist for a while, and he is just great.

Louis La Roche is a recent House artist who constantly reminds us how he wishes to bring back old school House. Born in the UK, this 17-year-old really craves the stuff. He has released one EP so far, entitled "The Peach EP" which contains 5 tracks. Each track is truly amazing and be sure to hear his stuff frequently on this blog.

Mainly known to House-listeners, Louis La Roche is a true gem in the world of Filtered House. His tracks want to get you moving, and are Bangalter-worthy. Be sure to flock to his MySpace at

Now listen your hearts out,

A Little Glitchy Here and There

No, the blog's fine. I'm actually referring to today's track. Also, sorry I couldn't write a decent article yesterday, I was out all day.

Anyway, today's song is from our 5th genre mentioned, Glitch. However, I'm not posting a hardcore glitch track, but rather a lighter form of glitch. You might be saying, how is this possible? Well our Canadian friend Akufen was able to pull it off. He revolutionized a genre now known as microhouse, sometimes referred to as glitch-house or even mikroglitch.

Let me tell you, this genre is effing weird. But at the same time, intriguing. Our lighter listeners out there maybe saying wtf, but I assure you, this stuff is actually music. It really isn't very popular, because you can't really rave to it. You kinda just, listen. Anyway, I was originally going to post an Akufen track, but I decided I'll save him for another time. Instead, I'm posting a Hakan Lidbo remix of his famous song "My Way." This is a little heavier than microhouse, simply because of the drumbeats. While most microhouse tracks have really short, quick, drum beats and samples, this remix has has some longer-lasting effects. So have fun trying to figure out why such music exists.

I'll be back soon with another article.


Friday 15 August 2008

Early Release

I'm not gonna be around this afterrnon, so I'm gonna release the track now. I'll be back with another article later.

This track is part of a genre I don't believe I've even mentioned, Jungle. I don't listen to a whole lot of Jungle, but there are a select group of songs that I like from that genre. Jungle is easily recognizable with its quick, mostly subtle drum beats and trippy lyrics, if there are any. Many people like to link Jungle with Trance because of the vocal sounds. However, that is not politically correct, Nu-Jungle does have some elements of trance, and even some elements of DnB.

Jungle's a tough genre to explain, you really need to listen to it to get the jist of it. The song I chose today is on my iTunes Most Played list simply because it's a great tune. It's not very "pop" and not very "normal." But, anyway, you'll need to take a listen to the song to understand what the hell I'm saying. It has a quick drumbeat that seems original, and the vocoded voice makes the vocals stand out, unlike most Jungle tracks. Anyway, here it is, Pendulum's "Hold Your Colour."

Hope you were educated,

Notes on My Host

That kinda rhymed, didn't it? Anyway I finally found a free host that could support my massive sound files. Now I'm not advertising or anything, but I've never seen a site where I can upload anything, and directly link to it in HTML code. The site is I think it's great. You get 1GB of storage space, and each file can be up to 50MB. It's truly remarkable and I'm glad I stumbled upon this. Did I mention it's free? Peace, Jordan

Thursday 14 August 2008

Good News!...and a New Track!

Well as most of you may know, the site hasn't been loading lately, here's why.

I didn't want to pay for hosting, so I was actually hosting the music files on my home computer, yet when I would shut it off, the music files wouldn't load and that's why the webpage itself wouldn't load. But I have good news, I decided to get some server space. So hopefully starting tonight, there will be no more downtime, I hope. Expect about 5 minutes of downtime, however, so I can transfer over all the files.

As for the track, I wanted to go with something I haven't touched upon yet. The track I have chosen is one of my all-time favorites, if you can consider it a track. The song is Justice Remix of As Above, So Below by the Indie group, Klaxons. I feel it's more than a remix, because they 100% changed the genre from Indie electronica to pure raw electro-house.

The song is very very catchy, as is any other Justice song. It was fat basslines and big "explosive" turns that really get you moving, while still reatining the disco feel that is house. This track was a bitch to find in high-quality, and I hope I got a good one, so enjoy.


Wednesday 13 August 2008

Ishkur's Guide and a New Track

I was recently trolling the interwebs when I found a great link that I feel is appropriate to share with all of you. I believe it is necessary for a fan of electronic music to view this and take it all in.

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is a flash application which gives examples and descibres each subgenre or electronic. So if you've ever been confused about a genre, this is the guide for you. It organizes all the subgenres by date and category, and also offers some tracks as examples so you can listen to that specific style.

It can be found directly at

As for the Track of the Day, I was a little confused of what to pick, but I knew I didn't want to throw another House track at you, because I didn't want you guys to think it was the only type of music I listen to. Anyway, the track I have chosen for today is by the great English Club duo known as The Chemical Brothers, our veterans of the obsurd. I recently heard it on a Nissan commericial, so I've been playing it in my iTunes all week. The track is from one of my all-time favorite albums "Come With Us." The genre? Er, I think this track is more Trip Hop, but you never know with The Chemical Brothers, so lets go with "various."

The song does have somewhat of a "pop" feel to it, and it's extremely catchy. Like many other Chemical Brothers tracks, the song completely changes halfway through, then combines into pure sex. Anyway, the turn at 1:37 is truly epic. So here's the track.

Hope you guys are diggin the Track-a-Day service, and have fun with Ishkur's Guide.


Tuesday 12 August 2008

Track-a-Day is Here!!!

Well guys, finally after a bug-filled night, I can finally safely release the Track-a-Day system.

I assume some of you saw the site was down for a little bit last night, I just had to pull the plug while fixing up my Mac's Apache server to host the songs and flash music players. But now, that's all over. Some of you may've also seen a track listed for a few minutes. That was a simply a desperate attempt to put one out quickly because I wanted to surpise you guys, but it ended up failing horribly. Anyway, the track some of you may've heard last night will be featured on Track-a-Day some other time.

For the (official) premier of Track-a-Day, I have chosen one of my personal favorites. As you know, I am a huge French House fan, and this song captures the true meaning of French House, Sebastien Leger's "We Are."

Featured in Ishkur's Guide, which will be written about in my next article, this song is by the great French House artists, Sebastien Leger. Not to be confused with the other 6,000 French artists named Sebastien, Leger is one France's top electronic artists. His popular tracks are played through clubs everywhere, yet he still remains distant from the sticky hands of the popular media.

Although not his most famous track, We Are has been chosen today for it's freshness and all-around geniusness. It's repitive beats and quick turns, not to mention some extra flare here and there, make it a perfect example for French House. Basically, this track is my medium to brag about my favorite music.

So here it is, boys and girls, the first ever Track-a-Day track.

Comment on the song the best you can. I feel this is an uberappropriate article to comment on. I promise not every track-a-day will have this much description, I just went a little overboard because it's the first one.


Just a Reminder

For those who don't see the Message of the Day. We'll be live releasing the Track-a-Day service at 6:00 PM EST tonight. So be sure to be here when it happens. I feel the track I've picked out will be loved by all of you.

See you around,

[giggles and smiles]

I feel this is important for it's own short post.

Anyway, long story short, my friend Brian (the dickhead who flooded my hit counters) actually helped me figure out why my apache server wasn't working. So let's all put our middle fingers down and say "thanks."

I feel its irrelevant to start the service at 12:17, so I'll wait until the afternoon to upload the first track.

Keep checkin back to see if it's up!


Well guys, apparently God doesn't exist anymore. I wanted to surprise you guys with the track-a-day service tonight, but I guess it's not gonna happen.

I was unsuccessful in finding a host to handle my large music files, one I could directly link to my files. So I decided to set up an Apache server on my Mac. Well, now that isn't working for me. So I had to remove the files from the site because they would prohibit it from loading.

I'll try to get the service up tomorrow,

Monday 11 August 2008

That Damn Windows Key

A little off topic...
I've been complaining about this a lot lately, and I think it's time to see what others think about this travesty.

I was always a windows user, before I found Ubuntu, which I immediately fell in love with. Like many Ubuntu users, I grew a hate for anything Windows. I still used it for games and such, but I just hated it. Then about a month ago, I got involved in the OSx86 project, so now I mainly run OS X Leopard 10.5.2. I think Mac and Ubuntu are great, and they can handle anything I want, except games.

So I guess Windows got something right, they built a monopoly on the gaming industry so now you need a windows machine to do any kind of gaming. Well, unfortunately, that also sucks. I play Team Fortress 2 almost every other day, and I love it. However, when my gaming experience is interrupted, I get pissed.

So how does it get interrupted? With that damn windows key. Any OS where a simple key can make a game crash is unacceptable. Sometimes I miss control while attempting to crouch, and I am faced with a crash.

Anyway, what are your experiences with the Windows Key? Let's turn the comments section into an OS War.

Don't kill each other,

PS - I may or may not be writing another article today, but keep checking back for the track-a-day system might be released.

Now click that comments button below bitches :-D

Some Announcements for the Week's End

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's too soon to do a weekly recap. Well, screw you guys because I'm doing it. :-D

First off, I'm very excited by the number of hits we received from only being in business for a few days. 300 hits and 80 unique (the counter was reset, however) went greatly beyond my expectations. To be 100% honest, I thought it would be weeks before people outside my friends would be reading this stuff. The fact that you guys keep coming back is amazing.

Also, I have finally decided that I will be launching track-a-day no later than this Tuesday. But, depending on my mood, I could surpirise you guys tomorrow with it, so be sure to check back frequently.

Lastly, I really want you all to start commenting. I know you're reading our articles, but I want to physically see some response. Is that too much to ask?

Now, get back to reading James's!


Sunday 10 August 2008

One Badass Instrument

Readers, in order to enjoy the music of the electronic familia, if you will, we must get back and learn of the roots....

OK, that's a load of bull. Really though, this thing is sick.

Its called a Theremin and the schweet deal is that it was the first instrument that could be played without touching it. Consisting of a bunch of crap, known as oscillators, and two metally thingys, commonly known as antennae, the Theremin actually uses some interesting physics. Its played by moving your hands certain distances away from the antennae. One controls the frequency according to your distance and the other controls the volume. The combo of the two can perform pretty cool music. Not only is this used in the electronic world, many artists such as Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin have used this instrument as well.

So if anybody out there either plays this thing or knows a crap load more than me about it, hit us up. If you're any good, write some songs and if its good we'll post it.

Peace Out Girl Scouts,

Where are the hits!?!

You guys might be wondering what happened to my unique hits counter. Well, my friend's an idiot and played a practical joke on me. He flooded my counters so I had to redo them. So lets all give him a giant middle finger. 
I'll be back later for another article,

Saturday 9 August 2008

Pop Electronica?

I'm sure everyone reading this finds it annoying when people assume all electronic music is known as "techno." If you don't know what I'm talking about, well it annoys us. Electronic music isn't understood by the general media, but hey, it's good music. Most people seem to like it, as long as you don't play blistering speedbass to them. 
This leads me to my blurb for the day. There are those who just deal with people calling it "techno," and there are those who sit there and educate people until they understand why it isn't techno. These are the electronic obscurists of the world. 
What is pop? To me, pop is just musical that's well, popular. I don't see pop having any difference from other music, only that a lot of people listen to it because it's easily acceptable. These obscurists, however, hate pop, and think it's the music of the devil.
These obscurists are named for the type of music they listen to, obscure shit. Stuff you've never heard of before. To me, the music can even be terrible, but they like it because no one listens to it. So, when they hear some tracks on a Top 40 station, they assume it sucks, and they like to voice it. 
When I hear electronic music on the radio, I honestly could care less who's listening to it. In fact, I think it's great that the masses get a chance to. Most people are also like this. What really ticks people off is the fact that "lemmings" go around singing the song because they heard it on the radio.
Now I don't mind this, but those obscurists seem to quite a bit. Basically, if I hear my Daft Punk on Z100, I'm still going to listen to them, regardless if people mindlessly do so as well. 
So what do you guys think? Are you obscurists? Do lemmings bother you? Comment below, because it's now open to the public.
That is all,

Day Two [theoretically]

Well guys I'm quite bored right now, so let me briefly give a chat about this blog.
Keep in mind, this is my first blog and my first day (kinda second), so things are likely to change. 
First off, the contact slot. I check my email every 5 minutes so at anytime you want to ask me something, whether it's a request or just some questions about me, feel free to get me at
Secondly, my Artists of the Week. This is my top five, maybe less, artists I'm listening to this week. I will attempt to update these every Wednesday, and they will be original. If you see an artist on there you want to hear more of, just contact me and I'll try and write a small article on them with a track.
Next is my previously-mentioned requests block. If you happen to be trolling the interwebs and stumble across something amazing (electronic-related or not) feel free to send me some info on it, and I'll try to write something on it ASAP, with credit of course. 
Last is my Track-A-Day section. Although I have not added a section for it, I will do so when this blog starts getting some viewage. I promise to have a track uploaded EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I can't promise that it's going to be something I haven't posted before. Of course, I'm not gonna be a tool and just post the same 5 tracks over and over again because I've run out. I have tracks, the most frequently you'll hear them is a few months. Come back each day for the track, which will be availible for download. 
That's basically it for now. The sole purpose of this post is just to inform you of my contact status. I'll be back tomorrow (or rather, today) to write somethin else hopefully.
Oh by the way, my buddy James has joined the ilictronix crew and he'll be writing some articles soon. 
Before I forget, if you want to advertise anything on this blog just contact me and we'll set something up. 

Friday 8 August 2008


Well, I can finally consider myself a blogger. 
Anyway, to the point...
This is a blog dedicated to those who love electronic music. Whether it's jungle to synthpop, it'll be touched upon here from time to time. You are also welcomed here if you are not a dedicated listener, or just listening for the first time. I'll post some badass links to check out and even some songs, I'll cover that later, though. 
This is also my first blog, so pardon me if I, well, suck at it. I've visited other electronic music blogs before, but none really caught my attention, so hopefully most of you reading this will keep coming back.
Now about me, I'm your average high school kid who just happens to love house music. But don't worry, this isn't a house blog, but my love for it will be blatantly obvious. I listen to all types of electronic music, and I adore each individual one, except speedbass, it sucks balls. I love Daft Punk to death, but not in a pop way. I also listen to Justice and Chemical Brothers, but Thomas Bangalter is just jesus to me. 
About that track thing I said before, once this blog gets some hits (right now it's probably just me and my friend reading it), I'll be posting a new track each day. I have enough to go years, but I'll probably repeat some out of pure laziness. I will try to upload some obscure tracks, stuff you probably don't have in your collection.
Another note, this track will also contain some other subjects, but that'll be rare. I'll try and make this as electronic as possible.
Come back soon, hopefully my track-a-day system will be up and running. 
Jesus I wrote alot, come back each day for new posts.
Give me hits bitches,