Wednesday 30 April 2014

Filling In The Blank

Having not posted for quite some time, I think it's about time we had us a nice relaxing post to help get back into the swing of things.

First up is a promo email that I just love. Thank you nimino, you've made my day. The airiness of it, the bubbly nature that sweeps with each wave, even the blending of the original cover through to his own remix is just superb.

Next is a smooth Squarepusher tune. The snare throws the settling mood off, but attracts the ear towards everything else that is happening where the snare is expected. The pad gets a little repetitive, but other than that, a fine jam, from the finest berries. Downtempo berries

Next is downtempo/triphop favourite Emancipator; remixed by one third of the Glitch Mob, Ooah.

Emancipator, Glitch Mob, Ooah. Those three in one track. You know it's going to be good. Unlike Love Death Immortality, this track isn't set too fast, and doesn't rush through the sonic specialties.

That's all for now folks

G R A D E S - Freedom

Like most of you my musical tastes change with the seasons. The darkest days of winter are consumed by drone and ambient, while the summer is filled with electro trap bangers. What does spring sound like? It sounds like this: 


Bright colors, subtle filters, a beautiful vocal sample all make this track an instant spring classic for me. It's from South London producer, G R A D E S and he should be on everyone's radar after this.

 G R A D E S (Dan Traynor) has a debut coming out this spring/summer so be on the lookout. If it's anything like this single it should rival Disclosure's debut.   

His Beatport page is here:


Tuesday 29 April 2014

Ain't No Sunshine

Spring might have sprung here in England but my playlists have been much on the moody side recently. Making the rounds at the moment is old school dubstep mainstay Distance. I've neglected to mention him in the past, he still does good stuff old school style, but don't grab much vinyl these days.

Good news for you lot is he has a couple albums out, if you're digging this style of Dub here check out Repercussions on Planet Mu, or if you're feeling up for it track down the vinyl these two are on, Distance was even kind enough to put the Cat number on these players to help you track 'em down if need be.

And that'll be all for today, would have been longer but the man didn't have any more bits that appeared on the album as well on his soundcloud. Regardless I do recommend you check him out, even if it may be a little hard at first to google 'Distance' and get what you're looking for!

-Claude Van Foxbat

Monday 28 April 2014


It's been too long since I've been that excited about an artist releasing something...

Danger released his EP July 2013, alongside a music video for 1:30.

I'm not going to talk about the full EP here because I'm waiting for my vinyl and don't want to spoil myself the experience, but here is the 1:30 music video.

I've got no words, just pure joy...

Be back in a few days to review the full EP.


Sunday 27 April 2014

Up 'n Down

I'm all about atmospheres in tunes, and I was taken on a right journey by my partner in rhyme the shuffle button today, two opposing sounds put up against each other about 4 times in a row. Details after the art!

Pro176 - Astro Anatomy 01

It all kicked off with a bit from Goldie's sophomore LP Saturnz Return, heading off the second disc is Temper Temper. Almost the complete opposite of anything on Timeless, Goldie takes this opportunity to vent his grievances. It's already a bit of a shock after the relatively sedate first CD of the album, even more so when you see what came up after it.

Straight from that we're plunged into the deep house vibes of A:xus once more. Probably the best mix of the entire remix project, that lil' organ running throughout gives me major nostalgic vibes for the garage and house that I used to jam to as a little Foxbat. I really need to dig up more stuff like this for my collection, I really dig it.

Unlike Golide, this next one eases you into the abrasion. I'd long forgotten about my stash of Mondkopf (thanks to fellow writer Here) and it's a shame I did, I'm really digging his electro meets Clark style distortion thing he's got going on here.

The contrast isn't as great on this last one ether thanks to the piano outro of Mondkopf. At least, before that beat comes in it is. Another outing from Ellen Allien and Apparat's only collab that has some real gold on it. I hope they do another soon, because hearing the clash and melding of their two styles is very nice indeed though its not as pronounced on this track as much.

So there you have it, your adventure through music for the day, wish I coulda found a track with a less abrupt end to see you out but that's just how it goes. Enjoy!

-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday 24 April 2014


I've got a fair stack of tunes hanging around that people have just given out. Seems to be a growing trend these days and its always nice to get some free tunes from your favourite artist, or stumbing across a new one you wouldn't have heard before. Here are some of my choice picks.

Vincent Mahé - The Living Room (from Neighbours), (2014)

I misplaced my original download of Stenchman's first free release and only picked it up again not too long ago. Despite being released in 2010, the dubstep on it is Stench's own unique brand rather than your typical brostep. I urge you to check him out, he's one of my favourite producers especially with his new Housey stuff under his new Philestine moniker.

Stenchman - Overtaker

Moving onto animator David Firth's musical stuff again. I've always thought he is was too nice with his releases, all 9 of his previous albums were available for free (and still are by the way), and even though he's charging for this latest one it's still only a fiver. Here's a tune from my favourite of is albums Noon to give you an idea of what he does.

He also does some other musical stuff, here's side project I'm The Manager that while not strictly electronic is still lovely. I picked the EP this is from up after he used it in a retrospective of his animations, you can grab the tunes over on the page.

And finally, ambient freebie given out by Röyksopp in the run up to Senior. I initially passed up on it because the first few entries were just instrumentals from Junior, but then I was pleasantly surprised by this track here, gives me the same warm fuzzies that Sparks does. Don't think it's available on their site anymore, so enjoy!

-Claude Van Foxbat

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Nite Reviews: SOHN - Tremors [LP]

     Yo guys, it's Nite here! Today I bring you, as promised, an album review!  Today's review comes from an English electronic producer  and songwriter based in Vienna, named SOHN. SOHN, aka Christopher Taylor, has worked under this pseudonym since 2012, and has worked with other artists such as Lana Del Ray and BANKS. Anywho, he just recently put out an album on the 7th of April named Tremors. Due to a friend's request, I decided to give it a look over and review it both track by track and as a whole. Shall we begin?

1. Artifice

Upon hearing this track, I  was immediately surprised and taken in by the sounds of the track. The drum beats, synths, and Taylor's Falsetto voice give the electropop-esque track quite a unique flavor that reminds me of something from  Active Child, sans the etherial-ness and the ungodly high voice.  Overall, definitely not a bad start-off for the album.  8/10.

2. Bloodflows

Bloodflows starts off slow and melodic, albeit a bit repetitive-sounding for my tastes. As it progresses, it builds up in energy, culminating in an interesting peak where everything just seems to go manic. Despite my reservations with the intro, this was undoubtedly one of my favorite tracks off the album. 9/10.

3.  Fool

If  Artifice is considered to be the upbeat, poppy track of the album, Fool seems to be almost the exact opposite. It's slow, dark, and lacks any real beat to carry it through. Don't let that decieve you into thinking it's bad, however. I find the darker touch to be quite enticing, especially with SOHN's vocals carrying on the track. 9/10.

4. Lessons
 Lessons seems to be good and solid, much like the previous three. SOHN's vocals really do shine in this track, and the tune ends with some really awesome lyrics and vocal distortions that keep me addicted to the track. 8.5/10

5. Lights

Lights is airy and definitely intriguing for sure.  The vocals are solid, and the bubbly beats are very easy on the ears for sure. The main issue here, however, is that it tends to be rather bland. It doesn't really gain my attention until around the halfway point, which I find irritating. 7/10.

6.  Paralysed

As the track states, this track is paralyzed with a bland piano piece and uninspiring vocals. All in all, it's rather meh. 5/10.

7. Ransom Notes

Not going to lie, I absolutely adore this track. Again, definitely one of the shining tracks of the album, with its hypnotic beats and dark synthetic noise.  I highly recommend listening to this track.

8.  Tempest
While not necessarily as upbeat as Artifice, Tempest carries a lot of vigor in its presentation. It's bold, yet seemingly laidback at the same time. All in all, another shining tune off the album. Too bad it's so tantalizingly short. 9.5/10

9. The Wheel 

I like the concept of the track, as it does have potential. That being said, it feels too over the place for me to truly enjoy.  The sounds are random and feel disjointing. I just can't get into this one.

10. Tremors

Historically speaking, I do not usually enjoy album titled tracks,as they tend to be underwhelming. There are a few exceptions though (i.e. DJ Koze's Amygdala, Daft Punk's Human After All), and I can safely say that Tremors is now one of those exceptions. It's solid all the way through to the end, which, in my opinion, says quite a bit. 8.5/10.

11. Veto
Just as it is important to have a good opening track for an album, so too is it to have a good closing one so that the album doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth. My feelings towards Veto are mixed. Yes, it is a decent song to end the album with, but at the same time, it would better be placed as a center track instead. Still, it doesn't spoil the mood of the album, so I guess I can let it slide. 7.5/10

Overall, the album is pretty solid. SOHN seems to provide us with an album worth listening to. The tracks are well produced, and SOHN's voice is excellent in almost every track. Of course there are some minor bugs in the album that definitely need kinking out. For one thing, the album lacks major variety, as almost every track sounds similar to one another if you listen to it long enough (with the exception of the opening track). Secondly, the album lacks a synergistic feel to it, meaning that the parts outweigh the whole. Aside from that, and the occassional 'meh' track, Tremors is definitely an album to check out, as the pros definitely outweigh the cons here.

Overall Album Rating:  8/10


Monday 21 April 2014

On Fire Again

I got looking for Squarepushers soundcloud a while back to see if he had a stream of his newest EP, and sadly there wasn't. Strangely there were two official Squarepusher accounts though, so he must've forgotten he had one, or mucked up like me and had to make a new email address. It was there I found this very, very interesting mix. I couldn't pass this up after reading the description and tracklist, this is seriously like most of my favourite 'Pusher tracks in one giant mix and it's bloody brilliant. Tracklist after I quote 'Pusher's reasoning for it.
"The second of a series of what I call 'horizontal slices.' The idea is that there are several long running 'themes' in my work -in other words, groups of pieces across time that partake of some kind of stylistic commonality. So whilst any given group will draw from nearly twenty years of releases, it will have an aesthetic unity that individual albums have often shunned. Of course, it's up to the listener to make sense (or otherwise) of what that aesthetic may be!" - Tom Jenkinson, March 2013
Rotate Electrolyte (Hello Everything, 2006)
Planetarium (Hello Everything, 2006)
Ultravisitor (Ultravisitor, 2004)
Welcome To Europe (Hello Everything, 2006)
I Wish You Could Talk (Go Plastic, 2001)
PSultan (Squarepusher Remix) (Chaos A.D. Remixes EP, 1998)
Port Rhombus (Port Rhombus EP, 1996)
Tetra-Sync (Ultravisitor, 2004)
Tommib (Go Plastic, 2001)
Theme From Ernest Borgnine (Feed Me Weird Things, 1996)

Saturday 19 April 2014

Weekend Tracks

I apologize for the bland title, i couldn't do any better.

i really couldn't

Anyways, these are a small selection of the songs that get sent to us that i liked, i hope you'll enjoy them too.

The melody in the beginning of this loftmind song is amazing, and the drop is spectacular as well.

I disliked the original version of this song, thankfully NPOWA made it into something groovy.

Another remix, this time from MYNGA very smooth track and a nice take on the original.

This song is great, Bebe Panthere  you are great, i will give you all my money                   psyche

 - Earl

Friday 18 April 2014

Louis La Roche is my hero

YES, you're seeing the 5 guys from One Direction, your eyes are not deceiving you.

I don't think I have ever been so anxious before clicking on a soundcloud link before, today Louis La Roche posted this remix and... Oh well it's impressive.

I can't say I heard the original track (nor do I really want to), so a comparsion is impossible to make but this is clearly everything you like in LLR, plus some catchy chorus.

But that's not the only remix LLR posted recently, he remixed a Birdee song too, sadly it lacks of something to be as great as the One Direction remix.

Anyhoo, lately I can't stop listening to japanese electro, especially PARKGOLF. Here are the reasons, right there.


Thursday 17 April 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

This is the story of how the Revolution took the approach of Youth in Revolte against a corrupt system. They did it for the kids. They did it for her good. They did it for you and me. In the end, only one will prevail. This is the story of Heart vs. The Machine.

Heartsrevolution caught my attention several years ago when I was in high school, desperately searching for more electronic and indie music to fuel my newfound insatiable appetite for out-of-the-box musicians. From childhood, I had lived in a cultural void empty of anything but The Beatles, so when I stumbled upon the Kitsune Maison Complilation series, my world turned upside down. Then not too long afterwards, I found an iHeartComix (their label at the time) smpler CD at a thrift store and once again, there was this Heartsrevolution. Who is this girl yelling at me to choose my own adventure? Where can I hear more? It's been something like five years now, but now I've got my more, and I'm quite pleased. After a training meeting at work this morning, I came home to find a bright pink package in my mailbox. Seeing as that Ride or Die, the new LP from Heartsrevolution, dropped yesterday, I knew exactly what it was.

The buttons came separately, but they were just too cool to not show.

Truly, though, I could not have been more surprised by an album preorder incentive package. I've ordered CDs and LPs in advance many times in the past, but never before have they included a coloring book, package of crayons, Pixy Stix, random Japanese candies or a card advertising their plans for a 2014 tour disguised as a Little Golden Book. In case you're not too familiar with Heartsrevolution, the band is a duo made up of 'Lo' Safai, and Ben Pollock, formed when Lo approached Ben to create a musical soundtrack for her Heartsrevolution ice cream truck. Childlike innocence, bright colors and cheerful imagery disguise a rather dark, serious and high-concept collection of songs pushing for a cultural revolution. The aforementioned Golden Book reads,

"Hello, let's be friends! This is the Heartschallenger Pop He(Art) Truck, founded by the band Heartsrevolution. It is a beacon of magic and wonder on a mission to create and revive amazement for the young and young of heart. The truck is covered in half of a million, magical Swarovski crystals passed down from the King of Pop [...]. In addition to selling band merch we also have a variety of our favorite popsicles, candy and toys." 
'A beacon of magic and wonder on a mission to create and revive amazement for the young' ... just yesterday, I was reading an article on Salon about how postmodernism and irony are effectively robbing culture of having any real worth. As a friend summed it up, no one is genuinely excited or amazed by anything anymore. That's really something to think about. Are we truly amazed or excited by anything, or do we just open ourselves to culture in a sort of snarky, sure-whatever sort of way? I can honestly say I'm only interested in the new Star Wars trilogy on the grounds that it will probably be terrible and a good laugh. The only comic books I read regularly are those with self-referential humor that deconstruct their genres. This album may be one of the only things (aside from Random Access Memories) in the last 12 months I've been genuinely excited about. Maybe the revolution has a chance of destroying the machine. Maybe we can learn how to be as excited and amazed by incredible, beautiful, fun things as we were when we were just kids.

Oh yeah, and they literally mean Michael Jackson. His tour was cancelled when he died, so they bought all the glitter and fake gemstones that he'd ordered for the stage decorations at a discount and used them to decorate their ice cream truck tour bus. That they actually use to sell ice cream. And stuffed animals. I know I mentioned that in the block quote, but I need to re-emphasize just how cool that is.

But you came here for music, not my ramblings, so let's get down to it. Here's some selections from the album, including a few new takes of tracks they've released before. Oh and there's a pink crayon in the jewel case. Just pointing that out.

I strongly advocate picking this album up, boys and girls. Crank up the volume, dance around in your socks a little while you get ready for work/school/make dinner, hug a stuffed animal, ignore the tabloids, fuck the hype, ride or die, etc. You can stream it on Spotify and Soundcloud, and purchase it on iTunes, and from the Heartsrevolution shop. I guess there's a Kitsune edition and LP coming soon too.
Have a day full of wonder and amazement. We out...

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Let's solve a mystery!

Take a listen to this track real quick and let's talk....

It debuted during James Blake's residency program on radio one this month (if you haven't had a chance to listen to all of those you are missing out btw). So anyways James Blake id'ed it as a track from Simon Tallywhacker. The man is non existent other than this song titled "Bloke". 

So some theory's are going around that it's really a new Jamie xx track which would make sense because he has a new single coming out soon "Girl/Sleep sound". We have already heard Sleep Sound but not Girl yet. Bloke is the opposite of girl and it does have the time stretched vocals that we expect from him. 

Another theory is that it's Chance the Rappers new alias, and he turned into a super producer under the watchful eye of his new roommate, James Blake. This one is unlikely but fun to think about.

It could also be a new name Blake is producing under or hey maybe Simon Tallywhacker is a real guy who is bound to become one of the years hottest producers.

My personal opinion that's guaranteed to be wrong? It's Jai Paul. 

Until we know for sure I'll be listening to this one on repeat. What do all of you think? Let me know! 

Monday 14 April 2014


Dug out some albums from days gone by, and you can pretty much track my reaction to them through my posts on here, so where are they now? still in rotation ocassionally actually, here's a quick sample.

Andreas Nilsson - Landskaps

Ladytron's debut exists in a weird place. It gets lumped in with electroclash a lot, while it is from that era and it shares the same old school synthpop revival sound, it's really hard for me to put it with tracks like Miss Kittin & The Hacker's Frank Sinatra or Peaches' Lovertits cosnsidering how light hearted it sounds in comparison. Still check it out for a fairly unique vibe.

I got talking to Adam about Bibio yesterday, funnily enough when I went to Bleep to get me that new Squarepusher EP I found the lovely folks there had given me some free Bibio downloads for my birthday about 3 years ago: A demo version of Take Off Your Shirt and the original version of Excuses from the single. I remember falling in love with the video and it's hazy vibes back when it came out, and the tune's still as class as it was then.

And finally Pretty Lights. Guys been on the up & up lately, but I burned myself out on his albums long ago. Taking Up Your Precious Time is still as good as ever, but the follow up Filling Up The City Skies was a little too ambitious in all honesty. It's a 2CD release and the first half is definitely much stronger than the second, granted there are some good tracks on there, but the hip hop vibes are just much better executed. Case in point:

-Claude Van Foxbat

Friday 11 April 2014

Nights Off

Hello again. It's been a fair bit of time since I just put up the usual 3-4 songs I was diggin at current, so here you go again. As always tracks after the art!

Edward Hopper - Summer Evening

Starting off with Flying Lotus, I've just put all his stuff back in rotation again because every few months I will have grown tired of hearing them which is always my cue to pick up more of his stuff. Anyways, I'd forgotten how solid the Pattern + Grid World starts off, it really shows off what FlyLo does best even a good four years later.

I was kinda stuck for what to put with it because I usually pick something similar sounding. So I ended up copping out a little bit and putting in another track from Los Angeles that's pretty much in the same vein as Clay. I fall in love with the beat on this one every time it comes up.

Moving away from the electronics now as I go a bit indie again. I've mentioned animator extraordinaire David Firth's musical side projects before, but not mentioned the Grape Diggers too much. Doesn't fit the blog sure, but I've had this on repeat a whole lot recently, if you dig it you can get their albums for free here.

On that note a little something from Stenchman. Here's one he released for free a while back that always surprises me and wouldn't sound too out of place on some indie game soundtrack. It's a pretty big break away from his usual Dubstep modus operandi, but it's nice to see him branching out and doing it well.

Stenchman - Indie Pendant

-Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Music For Robots (EP Review)

I've been waiting to put this one out for a long time ever since the promo video dropped, after some issues with actually getting my hands on it, here we are. Squarepusher's new project centers around a team of Japanese robots dubbed the Z-Machines: MACH, the 78 fingered, 12 picked Robot guitarist tested up to 1000 BPM, ASHURA, 22 armed drummer that reminds me a ton of Chris Cunningham's Monkey Drummer and COSMO on Keyborads.

Click for big (1000x1000)

So what exactly do you get when you hand that power over to someone like Tom Jenkinson? Some really interesting results actually, to quote the man himself:
"In this project the main question I’ve tried to answer is ‘can these robots play music that is emotionally engaging?"
And with that, the tracks. It starts particularly mild with some jazzy tinkering that wouldn't sound too out of place on Just A Souvenir or other previous 'Pusher joints. It fits the aim set out in his quote sure, but a common complaint is that there's no reason he couldn't have just done this the conventional way. Which while I can see, won't be valid for much longer.

The second track is the one used in the promo and the one I fell in love with almost instantly, like I did with Plug Me In. Honestly it sums up the entire project nicely: its music with feeling made by robots that also pushes the limits of the technology à la Aphex Twin's Drukqs. Gorgeous in parts, frantic in others, a definite highlight.

Straight after we're back into more experimental territory with another jazzy number. Again it's not particularly complex but as it goes on you can hear SP begin to push things a little more. It's great to hear the evolution in it that isn't simply shredding away at the guitar or simulating some snare rushes on the drums, but its probably not for everyone.

That soon takes a turn though, as much as I loathed the comments on the youtube promo being all "OMG DRAGONFORCE" I fully expected 'Pusher to go mental with that guitar, albeit in his own way. And I wasn't dissapointed. Dissolver reminds me a ton of tunes like The Glass Road and Rotate Electrolyte; this is Squarepusher doing what he does best. The breaks are there, and the tricks he pulls with the guitar are stunning, fast forward to 4:30 for a crash course.

I was again pleasantly surprised at the final track. After all this is ends with a fairly sedate tune that again reminds me of the awesome opener to Shobaleader One, Plug Me In. I've always said 'Pusher has a penchant for making more downtempo stuff, and this is just another string to that bow, a fine and fitting end to the EP.

Has the man achieved his mission statement? from where I'm sitting its a yes, but already I've seen the debate run rampant about whether its 'real' music or not and honestly I don't even care. Over the last 20 years Squarepusher has made downright gorgeous songs like Tommib, out of this world abrasive ones like Steinbolt, he's even made a full on Jazz record. Style is never consistent with Squarepusher, but he manages to keep the same standard of quality throughout and that is praise enough.

Get a copy of Music For Robots from:

-Claude Van Foxbat

Sunday 6 April 2014

Fwd:Re:Call To Mind

Something I've been meaning to mention on here for a while. Remember Commix's debut album I'm a big fan of? It had a remix alum put out too, the brilliantly punny Re:Call To Mind but unlike most remix albums in my colletion, not only is it surprisingly hard to get hold of, but also has a string of fairly 'eh' mixes that I wouldn't have expected given the artists on it. So instead have a rundown of my favourites courtesy of their soundcloud (in 3 minute clips)!

It opens really strong with Instra:mental giving the well titled Japanese Electronics their own spin that's a lot more laidback than the original, and in all honsty probably has a lot more going on variety wise to boot.

Next a similarly smooth reworking of Spectacle, one of the few house infused tunes from the original. The bits of the original track are a bit easier to spot on this one, which would be a let down if it weren't for that lovely & smooth jazzy piano dancing over the top of it.

It does hit some rocky patches though. If I'm 100% honest Burial is hit & miss at the best of times and this really shouldn't even be labeled a remix at all, bits of the original are there sure, but they're more like samples that an actual reworking. Still, the tune itself is pretty good; well executed and a pretty nice vibe so I suppose I can let it slide.

Same story with this one pretty much, I'm not a fan of the title either. But like the Burial mix I dig it a whole lot, minimal's not my gig for the most part but this gets it right for me, gives me a little bit of a Golden Boy & Miss Kittin vibe that I love. Definitely check out the full version.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday 2 April 2014

The Godfather of House (RIP)

Hey guys, Nite here. Once again, I had intended to write an album review, but alas, something more pressing came up. As many of you know, House music is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. That being said, such a thing could not have been possible without the talented and brilliant mind of one Frankie Knuckles.  Of course, most of us House lovers know this already, so what is the point that I'm trying to make then?

Frankie Knuckles, the Legendary Godfather of House Music, has passed away.

Death is obviously never a good thing, but to lose such an influential figure in the House scene is just mind-blowing. Knuckles helped provide a wonderful atmosphere for many people in Chicago, especially for those who were being oppressed and dejected for having AIDS or for being part of the LGBT community. Frankie took the concepts of love and harmony, found in disco and funk music, and used it as a framework for creating one of the most quintessential sub-genres for Dance music.

In honor of his tremendous achievements as a musician and a DJ, I dedicate this post to him and his work. Here are some of the best tracks and remixes he's made over the course of his 30+ years of producing and DJ'ing. Hopefully you'll find them as amazing as a I did and still do.

 Last, but most certainly not least, comes from a group named Vintage Lounge Orchestra. The group recently just released a new EP titled 'Dreams', in which they remake a classic Fleetwood Mac track and turn the already amazing track into something just as awesome. Well, guess who took a part in remixing the remade track?  Yep you guessed it, the Godfather himself. Give it a listen, I promise you'll love it.

Here's to you Frankie. We'll always love you and your music, even if you're not with us.