Sunday 19 January 2020

Not Quite Spring Cleaning

I've been doing some drive cleaning as it has been long overdue. And some of the things you find are incredible, it's like doing an archaeological dig on your own memories. Poetic-ism aside, one thing I did find was a half-finished mixtape dealio that I took the liberty of finishing and putting up on mixcloud. An interesting insight into the kind of stuff I was listening to ~6 or so years ago. It takes an ambient turn in the latter half, the more things change the more they stay the same it would seem! Tracklist after the player:

Aphex Twin - Yellow Calx
Modeselektor - Don't Panic
Autechre - Nine
Plaid - Ralome
Global Goon - Long Whiney
Squarepusher - Goodnight Jade

Sunday 12 January 2020

Service Resumes

Hello! It is 2020 now, I left it a little longer than I would have liked to do a post but I took some time out to de-clutter. In the meantime I archived some more things on my mixcloud; they are all a little old and I think I've posted them before but still. I thought I'd lead with my incredibly niche mix that's all made up of songs that are in some way related to the super surreal 1998 anime series Serial Experiments Lain, there are some official tracks in there but the series has got quite the creative fandom too. The tracks span a whole host of genres, we kick off with some hip-hop infused vibes before quickly turn to the suitably tech-fuelled sounds of the series. I've included a tracklist on Mixcloud but on the off chance it doesn't display, I'll put it under the player too.

Musashino Clan - Re:Duvet
Axian - Fallin'
Akira Takemoto - 13th Floor Elevator -Smile Back-
Akira Takemoto - MJ-XX
Chikada "J.J" Wasei - INFANiTy World
Bôa - Duvet (ScummV Remix) (Nude Version) / Bôa - Duvet (ScummV Remix, JJ's Another Edit)
Akira Takemoto - Prototype K
Akira Takemoto - Hitoribocchi A
Echochamber - Reality Unfolding