Saturday 24 March 2012

Le Magicien in Pig City

Hi there

Let's start with a song I heard on the radio a few days ago, and it blew my mind, I had no idea who either the artist or the remixer were, but I knew one thing, I was going to like them.

The Magician is back with something awesome, a remix of Sebastien Tellier's new track Cochon Ville!

Stephen stays true to himself and throws 80's synths and nice kicks all over Tellier's voice.

And because there's never enough of Stephen's sweet synths, here is another remix he made during March.


Thursday 22 March 2012

Soulwax and Ages

Hi there

I know a lot of people here like Soulwax, so you probably know about their new remix for Arcade Fire - Sprawl II.

It has that great Soulwax distorted sound and it also reminds me a bit of The Knife somehow, mainly the girl's voice, but the whole atmosphere of the track itself has that vibe. Even though I enjoy the original version, this remix is more to my taste.

But that's not all, today I bought this great EP from Ages. Between ambient and hip hop beats, he makes us travel into amazing places.

My picks? Rest (part 1), A Coney Island (of the mind) and Moonmask!

His EP is available on bandcamp for a few bucks.

The player no longer works as of 2020 - Ages has nuked their bandcamp and the link to their website that's now listed on their bandcamp page is dead too. The dead space below is where the player would have been


Sunday 18 March 2012

The Night Out (Madeon remix)

Hi there,

Quick post while waiting for this little gem to be officially released, Madeon's remix of Martin Solveig - The Night Out


Friday 16 March 2012

Bonus Round

It's been a hectic few weeks but hey, I just remembered I write things for the internet about music or something, I should probably get back on that. You know what annoys me a teeny tiny bit? when you sink some money into a new release from your favourite artist and then 3 months later they re-release the same thing with about 3 or so extra tracks pinned onto the end, or even worse, re-issue their first album with a track from their mediocre second effort slapped on the end for no reason at all! (looking at you there, Pendulum). Now, while it is a pretty annoying tactic to squeeze more dollars out of you, I've managed to dodge it a few times and pick up some sweet bonus tunes.

First up is everybody's favourite Norwegians, Röyksopp. I picked up their second album, The Understanding way, way after release, but to my surprise my local record joint still had shelves of a special edition for cheaper than the vanilla album. I promptly snapped it up and was treated to a few pretty amazing tracks, check 'em.

Stickin' in Northen Europe we take a trip to Sweden. Yep, it's Knife time once again. Turns out that like Röyksopp's deal, there are tons of special editions of their third outing Silent Shout floating around. For the price of a normal album I got Silent Shout, A live audio recording of their show AND the live DVD too! but enough about bargains there are some pretty sweet tunes in here too, some that I prefer more to the normal album ones.

Moving west towards my neck of the woods, Simian Mobile Disco's second album Temporary Pleasure had a nifty special edition that looks pretty cool, but good luck getting that round tin to stand up and fit in with the rest of your collection (trust me). Anyways all the bonuses are basically precursors to the more techno styled stuff they'd explore on their third album, Delicacies. Here are my favourites.

And finally: Goldie. Every single pressing of Timeless I've ever seen had a different tracklist: some have 6, some have 8, some have the same tracks but under different names and so on. I lucked out when I scooped the Limited Edition pressing which is about 2 hours long and a whopping 12 tracks. With a lil' help from Moving Shadow founder Rob Playford, Goldie knocks out some proper top notch old school Drum & Bass, be sure to check it out.

And once again I leave you all to your own devices, I'll try not to be as long next time but for now enjoy the musics and take care. I'll see ya when I come back around.

The Price Is Right,
- Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Life Above The Stars

Hey again Pyramid released a new EP called Life Above The Stars, he's still got his very recognizable style, can't wait to see how this guy sounds live, there's a lot of potential in his tracks to become amazing live edits. Neutral is especially good. Here is the EP, you can grab it for 4€ on his Bandcamp, give the guy some love.


Saturday 10 March 2012

Time To SebastiAn Things Up

Oh hi there

SebastiAn is back with this incredible remix of The Shoes, it has that lovely sebastiAn feeling, you will probably also recognize something from Justice - Audio Video Disco, I'm pretty sure they used the same sample.

Enough words, just click the play button.

Enjoy -Here

Tuesday 6 March 2012

When You're Dancing

Hey there

Gigamesh released the music video of When You're Dancing, so here it is.

And because it's hard to get enough Gigamesh, here is his remix for Grouplove - Tongue Tied. It's as good as usual, that man really knows how to make people dance.


Sunday 4 March 2012

Sunday Morning

Alright, not the morning anymore, but still!

THE track I can't stop listening to right now, it's from Nhan Solo and uses the lyrics of Sunday Morning, very well done.

Xinobi's brand new remix for Jus' Bros. Still groovy as hell, strong bassline, good vocals, nothing to add.

A band I love, Bag Raiders, got remixed by Cassian... steel drums and a charming flute, that's all it takes I guess!

Let's keep this "exotic" sunday going, with Solo and his lovely drumlines!

Enjoy! -Here

Thursday 1 March 2012

Leap Day Is Over

Hey there. What a better way to start the month than with some good vocals ? First, this amazing remix of Beyoncé by Monsieur Adi, I have no idea how the original track sounds, and after hearing this, I doubt I want to because it won't be as good as this. Don't forget to vote for him if you enjoy his remix, it's for the official remix competition. I'm not going to act like I don't like Lana Del Rey, because I do, and that remix is awesome, Moonlight Matters made another dancefloor gem out of a rather calm original song, nice job. Diplo, who's releasing a lot of tracks lately, that man never stops, made a remix for Katy B - Witches Brew. If you're not familiar with Katy B, she recently won NME's Dancefloor Anthem award (which is honestly a weird choice because that song is by far not her best work) and her album On A Mission is a must have, some songs will just stay in your head forever, well produced catchy electro tunes.

Now a track from Vanbot, aka Ester Ideskog, released a new track, nothing ground breaking but still a very decent synth/vocals song, just go lie in the grass, put on your headphones and enjoy.

Bonus: a relaxing mix by Tycho & Heathered Pealrs. Tracklist : Caribou - Sinuses Com Truise - Karova Broker/Dealer - On A Claire Day Cloudland Canyon - Krautwerk Tame Impala - Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind? Bibio - Saint Christopher Black Moth Super Rainbow - From The See Odd Nosdam - Up In Flames Bonobo - Recurring J Dilla - One 18 Carat Affair - Phil Spector Daydream Broadcast & The Focus Group - One Million Years Ago Ulrich Schnauss - Stars Beck - Hotwax Enjoy! -Here