Sunday 27 September 2009

Album Review: Flashmob by Vitalic

After the minimix posted earlier this week, the newest album by Vitalic finally hits the stores today. So why don't we give you an 'in the racks now review' for a change :p

Vitalic (Pascal Arbez) was born in Dijon, France. He mostly plays live DJ-sets and is renowned for them. His first alter ego's names: Dima, Hustler Pornstar and Vital Ferox and the fact that he made up being born in Ukraine prove his sense of humor. But the story began when in 2001 The Hacker gave Pascal the advice to send his material to DJ Hell's Gigolo records and the Poney EP was born. One of the best selling records on the label thanks to La Rock 01. The techno world got a new star to look out for and Vitalic started his own label: 'Citizen Records'.

After a 4 year long silence, and gaining some fame by 2 Many DJ's showing some love to La Rock 01, he finally released his first album: OK Cowboy. For every fan off the techno genre this album could be called one of a kind, an outright 'Classic' from the start. Something LEGENDARY...

This album will be getting some love, but I want you to listen to just one of the songs first:

Vitalic - The Past

It sounds very Kraftwerky, with the slow beatrate and the robovocals, but halway through the tempo suddenly climbs and it starts sounding like a Homeworkesque Daft Punk song. I know, some daring statements, but for me this song shows what Vitalic had in store for us... It's his inspiration to Flashmob, his teaser. I hope you'll understand me after this review.

When I started listening to the songs, they all had me saying: "damn, these need to be in my post", but then I realised it would make computers lag like crazy and you kids wouldn't buy one of the best albums of 2009. So I'm going to do my first track by track review, because he earned it.

Note: Album art rocks.

See The Sea (Red):
The opening song starts of trancy, with the oh so signature bass of Vitalic, then some distorted guitars kick in, and the melody keeps going on and on and on when he adds synths, another drum kick... It keeps a nice balance between the loud and more relaxed bits and it almost seems like the guitars are some kind of vocal to the song. Quota: 9/10

Vitalic - See The Sea (Red)

Poison Lips:
Second song reminds me of My Friend Dario from OK Cowboy, but the vocals got improved: No rockchick mumbling about a car, but a sensual diva seducing you with her sugary sweet poison lips... The only problem is: it is pure awesomeness, but I feel there's not enough variation. Quota: 10/10

Vitalic - Poison Lips

Flashmob: As the titlesong, this baby packs some punch. Building up to an explosion from the start, the vocals warning you for the upcoming danger. It just keeps growing up and building off over and over, but leaves me with no explosion at all. I'm a little disappointed by this one. Quota: 8/10

One Above One:
The vocal on this one is some more of the Poison Lipps sweetness, the song itself complements the vocals so well (I feel like this song was made solely to accentuate these killervocals, not vice versa, It's strange...). Quota: 10/10

Vitalic - One Above One

An ethnic sounding mix between african drums and oriental snares, this song brings some tranquility in between the songs. Quota: 7/10

Terminateur Benelux:
One of the better songs, reminding me of Proxy's Raven with the bassline and Lipps Inc's Funkytown with the drumming. But Vitalic added some flair to it... Quota: 9/10

Vitalic - Terminateur Benelux

Second Lives: Sounds too poppy for my taste... don't like it. Quota: 7/10

Allan Dellon:
Damn this song is hawt!!! Starting all 80's synth love, then flowing into a funky medley going to a mellow choo-choo-train of subtlety. This is one of those songs that sound like Daft Punk and Kraftwerk made a baby :p. The fact that the title of the song refers to the person that gave me my french name seriously did not influense me handing out points... Quota: over 9000/10

Vitalic - Allen Dellon

See The Sea (Blue):
Sounds pretty much like the red version, only more blueish. Think of it ass if you're listening to it through a bowl filled with water. Both versions have their charm. Quota:9/10

Chicken Lady:
This song is what should be played at parties from this album. One of the songs that pack some serious punch... Quota: 9/10

Your Disco Song:
This song is the 8-bit/game inspired song of the bunch. A game about disco would have this playing as a soundtrack while you bust your moves on screen. Quota: 9/10

Station Mir 2009:
A spacy, trancy song that never seems to lift off... Quota: 6/10

Chez Septime:
outro noise, no further comments. Quota: NA

Hope you got what I was saying in the beginning... Summary: Not an instant classic like OK Cowboy, but none the less an album filled with subtle music that'll grow on you: 8,5/10

ps: It's my birthday, cough cough

Enjoy, Mr. Brown.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Vitalic Preview

Hi there,

found some nifty minimix from Vitalic's new album Flashmob (will appear in about a week), featuring some of the new songs:

Enjoy, Mr. Brown

Thursday 17 September 2009

So... a Tron soundtrack leak?

An anonymous shoutbox user posted a link to a supposed Tron Legacy track called 'Fragile'. Evidently, track 7.

Now keep in mind boys and girls THIS COULD BE A FAKE. It sounds rather generic, but it also has very similar sound to the earlier Legacy theme mp3 that's been floating around. If that was also a fake, well then, these are fakes. If not, Daft Punk is producing some pretty generic sounding, but cool, soft 80's style electro.

Update: It did turn out to be a fake. Player in this post has been replaced with the original artist:


Thursday 3 September 2009

Flying Lotus

I'm trying to get a relatively early night tonight, so just one quick post before I go to bed.

Think about what it would sound like if Burial, Aphex Twin and Dr Dre all sat down and had a jam session around a campfire. If you can imagine that, well then welcome to the peculiar world of Flying Lotus. This Californian dips toes in hip-hop, dubstep and IDM to create short but sweet experimental electronic rhythms. His debut album "Los Angeles" came out back in June 2008, and I plan to grab a copy as soon as my local record store stocks it. But until then, enjoy these three tunes :)

Keep it funky, Joe