Saturday 13 February 2010

Product Review (with some tracks)

I bought some new equipment last weekend and it deserves a little review, so let’s get started.

Since I bought some headphones a couple of years ago, because ear buds were giving me a headache, I never went back. Although they take up lots of place, I usually just hang them around my neck without much trouble. The sound quality on them is multiple times better. The only problem was that I always bought some plastic shit with not such great sound quality for a very reasonable price. They broke often, but they were just as easily replaced with a new pair. But this all changed when I bought these beauties:

The Pioneer HDJ-1000 Stereo headphones
They look awesome with a clean color scheme. Some might call them futuristic, I would describe them as looking professional. I’m thinking about painting some of the metallic parts black though, better fits my style.

Looking at the specs you can immediately guess how great they are:
  • It has 3500 mW of maximum input, making distortion practically non-existent.
  • It weighs about one pound, so no trouble wearing them for long periods of time.
  • Frequency ranges from 5 to 30000 Hz (human hearing goes from 20 to 20000 Hz), making it the perfect headphones for your dog to use.
  • The output sound is somewhere around 107 dB/mW ( below the dangerous values).
  • Cable length is 1,2 m – 4 ft long folded and 3m - 10 ft unfolded.
The shape and joints allow you to fold the headphones for space-saving and to turn them in each direction for single ear sound monitoring. It is easily adjustable to fit my head size and doesn’t seem to break easily (trust me, I tried). The fact that the connection cable is one sided also help the ease of putting them on.

Another cool feature is the mono-stereo switch on the side, which allows you to instantly change from single ear monitoring to stereo listening enjoyment.

Above all is the sound quality. The 50 millimeter dome encompasses your ear completely, providing great sound insulation (I didn’t even hear my parents calling for me while wearing them) and great clarity.

The only downside about these gems is off course the price, retailing at €200 or $270. I managed to get mine with a €50 discount ($70 for all you Americans).

I know I’m going to enjoy these for a long time…

And for your enjoyment, here are some mp3’s (because let’s face it, what’s a post without songs) to enjoy on your very own headsets.

This first one is a pretty recent housetune. It gets my groove on from the start, but wait till the magic happens at about 1:30 and the 50’s theme unveils itself. And say hello to some great vocal sampling.

Next one is to check if all your bass are belong to us. Who else but Rusko could do us the honor. I know most of our readers don’t appreciate Dubstep, but I know some of you do.

But what if you like neither house or Dubstep? Hmmm, better provide you an alternative. Maybe some kick-ass electro will do the trick for you guys.

On to a question for all of you: would you be willing to pay big bucks for high quality equipment?

Enjoy, Mr. Brown.