Sunday 26 July 2009


Hai guize! In this post am doing something a little different (but a good different xD), it's a guest post by one of my good friends from twitter who goes by the name P0150N0U5 F15)-( who introduced me to the very epic song poppiholla. Over to you pfish :)

Hey ilictronix users! This is P0150N0U5 F15)-( here, with a guest review ;-)

The song which I’m reviewing for you guys today is Poppiholla, a recent remix by Chicane, of the 2005 Icelandic song Hoppípolla, by Sigur Rós. One of the things that made the original song so brilliant was the hugely uplifting piano tune. It was on par with other songs like U2’s City of blinding lights for pure euphoria. Now, whist the song may have been excellent, its ‘scene’ wasn’t, meaning that it only reached the mid-20s at its chart peak in the UK - a re-release in 2006 following popularity in the BBC Planet Earth series. This remix changes all this though, providing the excellent piano tune, into a more exciting, ‘bassy’ package.

There are 2 main versions, the radio edit, and the club mix. The radio edit is great, as it just goes strait into the music – whereas you have to listen to 2 minutes of nothing to get past the intro in the club mix. Whist Hoppípolla had a good tune, it was devoid of a good beat, and this remix provides this, along with bass to back it up. It is the kind of song that makes you want more however, and that makes me turn back towards the club mix when I do want to listen to it for a while. And when I say a while, I mean a while - 8:50 of pure musical sex!

It seems iTunes is full of reviews that push this down for ruining the beauty of the original. I can’t disagree more! I still love the original, with its quirky, ironic music video, but I love how this one presents itself to a wider (and probably more cool) audience.

It is rather unusual in its lack of lyrics, but it goes with my firm belief that great music can be enjoyed in any language, whether you are able to interpret it or not. Although that may have done me more harm than good, seeing as I now love Rändajad, the 2009 Estonian entry to Eurovision. >_<

One thing I would say though… at times the tune seems to be a bit off, although whether that is just my headphones, me or the recording I don’t know.

And on a final note, I never listen to this kind of music! I can only guess that it is the excellent piano notes that makes me love it :D

Thanks for your time, P0150N0U5 F15)-( (twitter) ;-)

The original Hoppíhola, by Sigur Rós:

And the quirky yet wonderful music vid for Poppiholla:

And a little something from gymtonic:

Quoting a yt vid comment, 'thanks for making our summer chicane' and bidding you farewell:
P0150N0U5 F15)-( & gymtonic :)

Saturday 18 July 2009

Vertigo 006 - Born In Heaven / The Prophet

Good golly gosh do I have some good french house for you today!

You've heard some Vertigo here only a few days ago, but already I am back with a legit BANG! VRT 006 is quite possibly the best French House album I own (don't shoot me) from quite possibly the best French House album I know (don't shoot me).

I've been waiting a while to post this, because I feel you will all fall in love with it, assuming you haven't heard these tracks yet. Unlike VRT 004, which I need to post soon, the sixth release by Vertigo is hard from start to finish. Once I post Volume 4, you'll understand why I am saying this. Moving on...

The Prophet uses some hard drums that make it seem like eery single hihat hit is backed by a bass drum. I mean these drums literally explode in your ears, but isn't that what we all love? Now I have to admit, when I want to mellow out, this is not a song I choose to listen to. When I'm craving some electro, however, this suits just fine. It's heavy, it's quick, and its legit.

Born In heaven literally speaks for itself. This song is so catchy it just hurts that I will never be able to make music like this. From start to finish, you will be hooked to this song. Not once do I ever get annoyed or bored while listening to this - it's as if I were born in heaven (oh snap!). The lead is squeaky, the drums are quick and to-the-point, and the song constantly changes as to not put you to sleep. Good golly gosh is this track good.

With Love,
Prez Jordan