Friday 31 December 2010

Muffin Mix: Auld Lang Syne

Intro - Auld Lang Syne
Skrillex - Rock N Roll (Will Get You To The Mountain)
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Patrick Alavi ReRox) (Boba Edit)
Magna - Step Outside
Revolte - Weak Generation
Journey - Separate Ways (Boba Edit)
Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn Remix)
Muse - Knights Of Cydonia (Feed Me Remix) and Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger

MSTRKRFT - Fist Of God
Revolte - Ironical Sexism (Sundance Remix)
Daft Punk - Superheroes
Paul - B2Luv
Daft Punk - One More Time
The Paradise - In Love With You
Good Junk - Magic Music Magic
The Denim Project - Freedom To Move (Galleon Remix)

Here's to 2011. May it hold wonders for all of us :)

Thursday 23 December 2010

One Oh One, One Oh Two, One Oh Trix

In what will be probably my last post of this year, I bring you a recent artist in my collection, Brooklyn based ambient musician, Daniel Lopatin AKA Oneohtrix Point Never. Working almost exclusivley with vintage analogue synths, OPN's music has same nostalgic qualities as heard in Boards Of Canada's tracks. If I could describe it to you, I'd say it's like the score to an old futuristic sci-fi flick. First up, some tracks from 2009's Rifts, A compilation of his previous 3 albums. These became kind of rare due to limited print and being on casette. So along with being easier to find, many of the tracks are extended or alternate mixes. and so, let's begin.

One thing I love about OPN, as well as the vintage sounds, is how he builds tracks. often starting with a simple arpeggio and layering sounds over it, until each elements blends seamlessly, or conflicting in such a way the sounds blur together into one.

And to top it off: a Mix by OPN, bundled with my copy of Rifts by the nice folk over at titled Objects In Mirrors. I'd love to include a tracklist but I couldn't find one anywhere. The intro's a bit out of the blue, as are a lot of the selections if I'm honest, but stick through it, because there are some excellent choices scattered throoughout - the first coming in in around 3:50 in.

2010, We'll Go There Again,
-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday 9 December 2010

Drugs, Prostitution & Ke$ha feeling fly like it's Quidditch

I'll just leave this here...

Memorable quotes: - Aww yeah, Hufflepuff know what's up.
- All the House Elves clownin'.
- Death Eaters trying harm us. Well they better come quick with the flip of a stick or i'll drop em' with my Expelliarmus.
- Put ya, put ya wands up.
- ???

Drugs + Prostitution = Ke$ha

Memorable quotes:
- TurboSlut
- It started with smoking weed..
- I'm scouting out all the drug stores.
- If I keep this up i'm sure to be molested.
- Sooooooo.... You guna make something up for me and i'll suck your dick right quick?
- ???

The End.

Tuesday 7 December 2010

It's Cold Outside

I love winter, and odds are it's snowing where you are. Or at least cold. So I'd like to share with you a portion of my chilled winter playlist, as I do with every other season come to think of it!

Planning this post two artists came up a ton in my noted tracks, Let's start with the first: Röyksopp, with one of my favourite songs, Sparks is that special kind of song that hits every right note for me, and it really comes into its own around winter time. No doubt influenced a bit by that super cosy music video it has as well.

And now a slice from Senior, and even though it was released in the spring it was still quite cold in the good old UK. And I think they intended it to be a cold weather track, or at the very least an early morning one, judging by the sounds. And I can tell you from experience it goes very well with both those scenarios.

The second artists to come up alot were Boards Of Canada, famed for their nostalgia tinted melodies they seemed an obvious choice (and if I'm honest I could do an entire post between them and Röyksopp) but in the end it came down to two. Number one, Olson, is a short but very, very sweet piece that leaves you wanting more. Absolutely fantastic, 'nuff said.

Number two: Melissa Juice, another fairly short piece but with a lot more going on, starting with those simple keys and just layering on more substance as time goes on, all topped off with that layer of analogue fuzz.

I've posted this one before, but it holds a special place in my heart during winter. One night earlier this year, me and a friend were sat talking gazing out of the window, My iPod on shuffle in the background. There was a gap in the conversation. The track changed. For a moment everything was in sync, and it was like heaven. I only wish you have a similar experience with this one, Enjoy.

And to finish it off, another tune I didn't associate with snow until last year thanks to shuffle. this track plus empty streets and snowstorms make for a powerful combination, especially with the slow intro.

And that does it for another one of my seasonal Pick 'N Mixes, providing you with new music every step of the year!

Cold As Ice,
-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday 2 December 2010

Get Yo Groooooove On

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been around recently. No I didn’t drop off the face of the internet, I was in fact busy being a slave to exams. Although fear no more as exams are over and I have acquired my freedom. Enough apologies, more music. I have compiled a cluster of songs following a theme of groovy/housey bass, which I assure you will get your groove on.

First up, a remix of my favourite artist of all time; Miike Snow. Much to my surprise, after multiple eargasms due to having this song on repeat for a solid week, Google informed me that eRNEST & AMz are in fact producers of the hiphop genre. I dare you to tell me that their not house producers after indulging your sensations in this track.

On the remix CD of Miami Horror’s new album I found this musical gem. Although the original song in question is from their Bravado EP (the likes of which I posted before my vast absence) it doesn’t make it any less spectacular. Dear Treasure Fingers *Whispers in a low arousing tone* I love youuuuu.

Next up is an original from an Aussie duo who gained mainstream (yes mainstream *shudders*) success throughout the world in 2008. Defiantly my favourite song from them, this song never gets old. Its just so sexy. I believe this song was original written with intentions to sell it to a female artist, however upon completion they decided to produce it themselves. May I say I am ever so glad they did.

I hope this subdues your appetite and thirst.