Wednesday 31 July 2013

AT / AA 54

Miwa Ogasawara - Living (Oga 349)

Remember when I talked about Röyksopp's dual Junior/Senior albums? that post caused me to dig out the latter and it's been almost like a first listen again, the middle of the track list is almost perfection. We haven't heard from them since bar the Late Night Tales Depeche Mode covers and a single EP, but I'm looking forward to whatever they have planned for us.

Tuesday 30 July 2013

AT / AA 53

David Hockney - The Road To York Through Sledmere (1997)

The KLF's 190 album Chill Out is a bit of a wildcard, its a 44 minute concept album based around a US road trip. While mostly ambient it does have a few standout moments, Madrugada Eterna that I put on my Guest compilation being one, the other being this sort of reworking of their previous release Last Train To Trancentral. Among the sublime strings from the original is the same sampling that peppers the entirety of Chill Out which I think makes the tune even better, shame about the abrupt end mind.

Monday 29 July 2013

AT / AA 52

Gary Andrew Clarke - Untitled 2

Now for a little something that needs no introduction. This tune plays a pivotal part in the history of dance music, and even after almost thirty years it's still fresh and a perfect example of early techno. If you've never heard this one before, you're in for a treat.

Sunday 28 July 2013

AT / AA 51

Gregory Crewdson - Untitled (Brief Encounter) (2006)

Another bit from The Knife's one and only live release, this alternate version of The Captain packs a hell of a punch thanks to the acoustics of the hall the concert was held in which amplifies the bassy stabs in the second half beautifully.

Saturday 27 July 2013

AT / AA 50

Edgar Degas - L'Absinthe (1876)

A more conventional one from Oneohtrix Point Never this time, while the majority of his work is droney dreamy ambient soundscapes, the title track from his second major album Returnal plays out much differently from anything else on the album. The end result is something that sounds akin to The Knife or Fever Ray, especially when the pitch shifted and distorted vocals come into the mix, when it first came out I was stunned, I still am to an extent up until then I had only heard the EP version of this song (which sounds more like something off his most recent album Replica). I only wish we could have heard more of that lovely Juno 60 work towards the end before it fades out.

Friday 26 July 2013

AT / AA 49

Kazimir Malevich - Two Figures In A Landscape

Another from BoC's Peel Session this time, last time it was an alternative version of Olson, this time it's the same but for Aquarius. Unlike the Olson rework though, the changes in this one are subtler: the first and most obvious is that longer intro, a stranger one I've noticed is that the drums seem a lot higher in the mix and crisper as well in Version 3 compared to the album version. Either version is a standout example of the magic Boards Of Canada do, put this one on and have a good time.

Thursday 25 July 2013

AT / AA 48

Edward Hopper - Automat

I'd like to thank the last couple of posts for reminding me that I need to pick up more from my fellow countryman and tea aficionado Mr. Scruff. His brand of jazz infused hip hop with a twinge of breaks is second to none, and with album titles like Trouser Jazz I can't pass him up any longer.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

AT / AA 47

Giacomo Balla - Abstract Speed + Sound (1913–1914)

Digging through my old uploads I found that while I've covered a lot of Massive Attack's third album 100th Window, and talked a bit about how it gets a bit of bad press as a follow up because of the popularity of Mezzanine. This press kept me from checking out 100th Window. Yeah the sounds are colder and sparser than before as the band was going through a rough patch, losing Andy 'Mushroom' Vowles just after the release of Mezzanine and with Grant 'Daddy G' Marshall refusing to take part in the creation of a new record, it was pretty much a solo effort by Robert Del Naja. Still quality though.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

AT / AA 46

Caspar David Friedrich - Wanderer Above The Sea Of Fog (1818)

The experimental continues with this installment from The Flashbulb, his releases have long proved difficult to get hold of, both by legitimate and illegitimate means. But when you do finally manage to get your hands on it, it's a pretty wild ride, check out this piece from his near flawless album Soundtrack To A Vacant Life, it has much more in common with the melodic stylings of μ-Ziq circa Lunatic Harness than the harsh industrial nature of later Autechre, or the utterly broken sounds put out by Venetian Snares. Perfect if you're looking for something a bit softer.

Monday 22 July 2013

AT / AA 45

Roy Lichtenstein - Whaam! (1963)

Completing the opening trio of tracks from Röyksopp's sophomore LP The Understanding, it shows off a little bit of the new sound they were experimenting with four years after the massive success of Melody A.M. There is a little bit of a pop edge to this tune for sure; released alongside the cult classic What Else Is There? as a single you get both sides of Röyksopp: The ambient and the upbeat, as seen most recently on their twin Junior/Senior albums.

Sunday 21 July 2013

AT / AA 44

Andreas Nilsson - Photo from Butterfly Kiss

Looking though my tunes today, I'm feeling something a bit deep. So I look through my list and find a few favourites of the past and present, the usual suspects are there: The Knife, Fever Ray, Röyksopp, Trentemøller. But what really itches my scratch at the minute is Apparat. From the haunting intensity of Rusty Nails with Moderat to the entire Walls LP, a lot of his work is chock full of atmosphere. Birds is probably a shining example of this, the glitchy intro gives way to something beautiful.

Saturday 20 July 2013

AT / AA 43

Syd Mead - Yesterday's Tomorrow

I posted the remix to this one a long time ago, good news is the original is every bit as good as that mix. Taken from the follow up to Felix's cult 2001 release Kittenz & Thee Glitz its a standout. The album may not have the almost perfect quadruplet of opening tracks that Kittenz had, but there's good stuff in there.

Friday 19 July 2013

AT / AA 42

Jim Rosenquist -Myth & Technology C - "The" (1982)

It's awfully toasty on an evening over here at the moment but it does have it's upsides. A while back I watched an interview type deal with the FlyLo, and he says that he never really 'got' Burial until he was on tour over here in the UK and gave it a listen. Likewise this new night time heat has given me a new appreciation for the sound of his second LP Los Angeles . If only it had been out when I was in L.A as a little Foxbat on a day trip from Nevada then I'd have mirrored his story.

Thursday 18 July 2013

What I'm Feelin'

After teasing us for nigh on two years the wax man has given us the very first look into what he's been tinkering with all this time. Taken from upcoming LP with the typically NOW title Feelin' Good it looks promising for sure, the little teasers he's posted before have been pretty good for 3 second samples, and this had me grinning form the moment I pressed play, an excellent return from my hometown hero, catch it on his soundcloud below.

Wednesday 17 July 2013

AT / AA 41

Zhe 155 - Zhe Woz Ere

a garage styled bootleg of everyone's favourite classic house track Show Me Love from Skream here. True to the bootleg nature of it, he gave it out for free some years back but it's still as potent as ever, the pitch shifting giving the track a whole new feel to work with. The pitch shifting's also why the Skream man lovingly refers to this one as being by 'Robert' S which will no doubt drive some blokes over at discogs mad. Still cracking tune anyway. Not available to stream anywhere as of 2020, sorry folks.

Robin S - Show Me Love (Skream Bootleg)

Tuesday 16 July 2013

AT / AA 40

David Shrigley - Piece from Thoughts

More Indie things this time once again from Sweden. The Knife's first outing is playful and loaded with synths until track 9 where things take a somber turn with an anthem styled tune about leaving. It doesn't escape being twee as I mentioned before, but I think the bittersweet undertone outweighs that.

Monday 15 July 2013

AT / AA 39

Tony Oursler - Piece from The Influence Machine (2000)

I do love a little bit of indie sounding things every now and then, but I usually don't seek it out cos there's a lot of twee uninspired stuff floating around. Anyways I dug out my copy of Lykke Li's debut Youth Novels again and it's still as sweet as ever, maybe more so due to the memories.

Sunday 14 July 2013

AT / AA 38

Jim Rosenquist - Pink Condition

Here's a tune with some history. Released in 1997 on a dutch label called Viewlexx it went on to be massively popular in the dance world. These days it's seen as the progenitor of electroclash come the early 2000s, there is probably some truth to that, it does sound a lot like the kinda stuff International Deejay Gigolo Records were putting out, especially that intro which is a little bit like The Hacker or Mount Sims would do. Whether it did or didn't kick off the short lived electrolash movement is anyone's guess, it's still a cracking tune though.

Saturday 13 July 2013

AT / AA 37

Goldie - Sonic Terrorist

A rare bit from Goldie there, revisiting his older wildstyle sprayings, and what best to accompany it than a tune of that era? Hailing from way back in 1993 we have Omni Trio once again. Despite being nearly 20 years old, it still sounds surprisingly modern probably less so in comparison to the new school liquid funk but still, the combo of breaks and bass is pretty much timeless.

Friday 12 July 2013

AT / AA 36

Jasper Johns - #6 (After Untitled 1975) 1976

The first post of this had e commenting on Simian's second LP Temporary Pleasure and saying I wasn't going to post some of the more popular tracks just because. Well now I'm going back on my work but I'm going to rationalise it by saying that this is a stonking good tune indeed.

Thursday 11 July 2013

AT / AA 35

K-Guy - No Blood On Your Hands

Speaking of going back, this tune's a big one from back in the glory days of dubstep in it's adolescence, back when you couldn't go wrong with a bit of Tempa. This one got a lot of popularity through its inclusion on Caspa & Rusko's 37th addition to the Fabriclive compilations, but it's best enjoyed in full.

Wednesday 10 July 2013

AT / AA 34

Patrick Nagel - Shannon 1989

This one takes me back a little bit, back when I was first getting into Ladytron this was a pretty frequent player alongside its album mate Destroy Everything You Touch. It seems a lot of people have found this tune through some kind of botched porno clip, which is a shame cos it has a nice atmosphere to it but hey any publicity right?

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Guest Night Tales Vol. 4

Long time pal of mine and former partner in film going by his online moniker Thousandcats offered up his contribution tome a few days ago, there's some real class tunes in there by some artists I'd never have come across in my travels, we might not always see eye to eye when it comes to music, but we've been finding some common ground lately. His selections, like all of them so far proves to be a mixed bag but is very much aware of it when it comes to pacing, carefully crafted with peaks and breaks throughout before taking a left at the last hurdle with the excellent Avril 14th from Drukqs and a little bit of the Little River Band. MAY 2015 UPDAE: Grooveshark no longer exists, find the salvaged tracklist and Spotify version below:

"Reconsider (Jamie XX remix)" - "The xx"
"Dusk to Dawn" - "Emancipator",
"The Mother We Share " - "CHVRCHES",
"Cry Wolf" - "Mt. Wolf",
"Dat Jazz" - "Nicholas Cheung",
"River (Ft. Shura)" - "Hiatus",
"Nagasaki" - "Daniel Ryan",
"Midnight Sun" - "Seismix & Cahb",
"By Your Side " - "Zeds Dead",
"Stay Forever" - "Catching Flies",
"Tongue (feat. Holly Walker)" - "Maribou State"

Sunday 7 July 2013

Guest Night Tales Vol. 3

These seem to get more eclectic as we go on, Jamie's addition to the series kicks off with the sublime opener to Burial's Untrue before going the complete opposite with a contribution from the Jackson Sisters before returning to it's chill slant. It's a short one at only 8 tracks, but the ground covered in them is phenomenal, leading nicely to the explosion in sound that is White Chords. Do him a favour and check out his Artist Page too while you're at it. MAY 2015 UPDATE: Grooveshark no longer exists, find the salvaged tracklist and Spotify version below

"Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" - "The Field"
"I Believe in Miracles" - "Jackson Sisters"
"Empire" - "Housse de Racket"
"And It Rained All Night" - "Thom Yorke"
"Love on a Real Train" - "Tangerine Dream"
"Silver Cruiser" - "Röyksopp"
"White Chords" - "These New Puritans"
"Archangel" - "Burial"

Friday 5 July 2013

Guest Night Tales Vol. 2

My first true Guest offering is an eclectic mix of Hip Hop, Dubstep and Reggae. I love seeing different people's approaches to the same theme and this certainly delivers in comparison to my compilation for sure. Might not be everyone's cup of tea sure, but this format just lets you skip through to the next one if you so feel like it, but do check it out, there are some quality tunes here. June 2020 EDIT: Grooveshark now no longer exists, scroll down to find the salvaged tracklist & Spotify version for this compilation

"Retaliation" - "Jedi Mind Tricks"
"Easy Jam" - "Kevin MacLeod"
"Animal Planet" - "GZA/Genius / The Genius"
"Like Today" - "Atmosphere"
"Wrong Side of da Tracks" - "Artifacts"
"Lie Detector Test" - "Sage Francis"
"Coastin'" - "Zion I"
"Curly Locks" - "Junior Byles"
"Brown Paper Bag" - "Roni Size"
"All Alone" - "Gorillaz"
"Spliff Dub" - "Zomby"
"Two Track Dub" - "Mikey Dread"
"Worst Comes To Worst" - "Dialated Peoples"
"Shaolin" - "Bar 9"
"White Light" - "Gorillaz"

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Guest Night Tales Vol. 1

I was planning it to be longer, but it was getting quite lengthy so I might have cut it a little short. Regardless, I wanted to capture the progression I usually have when late night listening, and I think I mapped it out quite well, though I would have liked to put a couple more songs in there. Check out the stream and tracklist below and stay tuned for more to come! June 2020 EDIT: Grooveshark is dead, enjoy a resrrected version on spotify:

The Knife - This Is Now (Hannah Med H Soundtrack, 2003)
Röyksopp - Boys (The Understanding, 2005)
Björk - All Is Full Of Love (Plaid Mix) (All Is Full Of Love EP, 1999)
Massive Attack Vs. Mad Professor - Radiation Ruling The Nation (No Protection, 1995)
The KLF - Madrugada Eterna (Chill Out, 1990)
Plaid - Ralome (Rest Proof Clockwork, 1999)
Seefeel - Charlotte's Mouth (Avant Garde Mix) (Quique Redux Edition, 2007)

Tuesday 2 July 2013

AT / AA 33

Claude Van Foxbat - Piracy Harms Consumers As Well As Legitimate Developers (2013)

It finally happened, I've pretty much run out of art to post, instead enjoy this shameless plug of my own work with some quality analogue work from AFX. On the last three vinyls of the Analord series (9 - 11) AFX cheekily started to name his tunes after viruses, trojans and various other computer nasties to mess with the pirates out there. The tunes pretty tidy too, have a gander.

Monday 1 July 2013

AT / AA 32

Devajyoti Ray - Late Hours

Good times with this little shelf wobbler here from everyone's favouitre tea drinking trip hop vendor Mr. Scruff. Check out his overlooked debut initially self titled, but cleverly re-issued a few years ago as Mrs. Cruff with some nifty bonus tracks, including this alternate take/remix type deal of Night Time.