Saturday, 28 February 2009


That is all.
Prez Jordan

PS: Thanks to Brian for the domain

Yay french!!

So a bunch of French people flocked to my blog!

Thanks to The Hype Machine and my viewers. Another writer will be posting soon, in case you're all sick of me.
Prez Jordan

It's Up!

Greetings from our new host!

I have posted a track to reflect on my voyage this week with FileDen. Feel free to listen all you'd like! We are no longer limited by a retarded 5GB bandwidth and our tracks won't be deleted! You'll also notice the track will download much more quickly than before, and buffer less as well. So here it is, Stress.

Justice - Stress [right click to download]

NOTE: If you plan on downloading tracks from now on, you will need to add .mp3 to the end of the filename when you save.

Thank you
Prez Jordan

Fuck Free Hosting

So I have some fantastic news....

Well FileDen is cracking down on all of us and closing our accounts for posting our tracks, so sorry a majority of the tracks have been down.

Fortunately, my good friend at is allowing me to use some of his server space temporarily. We are still looking to expand, so please donate!

As for articles, allow a day or two of a break just so I can inform the writers of this change and we can get everything set up.

Prez Jordan

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Okay No!

So the shittiest band ever won my school's battle of the bands, I'm too pissed to post.

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Prez Jordan

Misco Doskow

Hi there, my computer problems are almost solved, so I'll be posting again.

And what do I have in store for our fans today? Some good old Belgian electronic music, better known as Telex.

Telex was founded in 1978 by Marc Moulin, Dan Lacksman and Michel Moerswith with the intention of "Making something really European, different from rock, without guitar". Telex sounds a lot like Kraftwerk, with their music entirely built from electronic instuments, but Telex favour irrilevent humour, which makes the songs much more interesting.

First song is from their opening album, it's a synthesized cover version of Twist à St. Tropez by Les Chats Sauvages. The song sounds like a tshootshootrain from a cartoon, and the vocals don't really help either. It's just plain fun put in a song.

Telex - Twist à St. Tropez [right click to download]

On to the next song: In 1980 Telex's manager decided to sent them to the Eurovision Song Contest. They were sent and what folowed was a bleepy song with deliberately banal lyrics about the contest itself. The audience seemed unsure how to react and some polite applause barely covered up the silence. It was something nobody has ever heard before at that time, that's for sure.
The nature of their impression on the audience became clear when vote-counting began: when Greece awarded Belgium 3 points, the announcer thought she had misheard and tried to award the points to The Netherlands. Moulin's reaction to the results was: "We had hoped to finish last, but Portugal decided otherwise. We got ten points from them and finished on the 19th spot". It was a sad day for Belgium, being 19 out of 20, but thank god for Potugal :p

Telex - Eurovision [right click to download]

I want to finish this post with another song, called Moskow Disco. One of the greatest electronic songs ever (and one of the first) made. Just listen, you'll see.

Telex - Moscow Disco [right click to download]

Respect Telex for their pioneership and enjoy, Mr Brown

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Prez Jordan's Review of Invaders Must Die Part I

Well this is kind of an ilictronix first, but don't be surprised to see some more of these in the future. I'm going to do an in-depth review of an album, and possibly post some second opinions. Unfortunately, I will not be able to post the entire album, which will go against copyright laws. So let's get started.

Invaders Must Die is the fifth studio album from our favorite brits, The Prodigy. The album was released in Germany on February 20th, hit the rest of Europe by the 23rd, and is coming to the United States on March 4th. The Japanese edition also contains two bonus tracks, totalling 13 tracks. I will give a brief review on each track, then some final thoughts. Let's do this sh*t.

Invaders Must Die - This track was released digitally in summer 2008 and boy was I happy. It starts fairly modest, then explodes in your face like something out of Boys Noize. This is certainly a track worthy of blasting. To top it all off, the album version is extended and has an even bigger buildup. It also closes with a nice arcade-feeling riff. Sorry to disappoint, but this happens to be my favorite tracks on the entire album. Downside? This track doesn't really seem like a Prodigy track, to be honest.

Omen - This track was also released digitally before the album, on February 16th. It has a shrieking, metallic lead similar to Invaders Must Die and sounds truly hardcore. The epic shout-vocals make this track more and more intense. Omen will take you on a roller-coaster ride, starting soft, then becoming strong before going soft again, and so on. At about 2 minutes in, the song decides to break apart and a sweet xylophone-ish riff plays. Overall, this song is hardcore and something to blast from your window. Downside? This track also doesn't seem like The Prodigy's other stuff. Although it's not a bad thing, it just seems out of place. It can also get a bit repetitive, but who am I, a French House fan, to talk

Thunder - When I started this track, I immediately gave a WTF look at my computer monitor. After listen to two hardcore rock songs, a reggae sound begins to play from my speakers. Fortunately, this song sounds like it was made by The Prodigy. The breakdown halfway through the song gives a breath of fresh air and afterwards plays an amazing lead riff. Two thumbs up to this song.

Colours - In the first 10 seconds, you can tell this is a Prodigy track. Listening another 20 seconds, it sounds like a British pop-rock song, which shocked me. This track is pretty good, but I didn't really hear anything original from it. I thought the vocals were a little lack luster, and the lead synth seemed far too generic for me.

Take Me To The Hospital - This song sounds like it was from Prodigy's first album. The various vocals in this track are phenomenal, and the constant riff adds to the excitement. I found myself singing this song in my head all day. The chipmunk voice is so addicting and the electric organ just blends so well, even though it may at first seem out of place. Overall, amazing song- a close second.

Warriors Dance - To be honest, it was near impossible to make it through this entire song. The unoriginal bassline almost sounded like someone passing gas and the lead playing over it was pretty annoying. At around halfway, some girl sounding like Pat Benatar jumps in and pretty much ended it for me. After that, nothing really changes. A disappointment to me :-(.

So far:
3.5 / 5

Pros - Nice hardcore sound. Pretty good leads, for the most part. Song structure is pretty solid. Vocals are excellent, with a few exceptions.
Cons - Can get repetitive. Doesn't sound much like The Prodigy. A few songs were simply atrocious.
My Favorites - Invaders Must Die, Take Me To The Hospital, Omen (in order)
Buy Or Pass? - I would say go with iTunes and purchase my three favorites. Wait for Part II for a final verdict before buying.

Prez Jordan

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Well two of our writers are missing in action, and one is having computer problems, so I apologize for the slow time.

I'll have the review tomorrow.

Another note: we're going to be opening some spots for team ilictronix, so send me an email if you're interested.
Prez Jordan

Monday, 23 February 2009


New Prodigy Album, "Invaders Must Die," is officially out in Europe and is coming to the Americas on March 3rd.

Full review tomorrow. Until then, FIND A WAY TO LISTEN TO IT!
Prez Jordan

The Pros Have Asked!

So today, Alex posted some tracks from an artist whose manager contacted each of us to spread the word of his newest artist. Well now, I have yet another artist to share.

So what's the deal? Last night we registered the blog to The Hype Machine, a service which displays mp3s posted on music blogs for a large community to view, rate, and follow. Since signing up, our hits have skyrocketed. To our new viewers, hello!

Anyway the artist I have to share with you today is a NYC-based DJ by the name of Astro Raw. Hes music is a combination of remix, big beat, guitar, and even some chipmunk voice. After listening to each of the 4 tracks I am going to post below, I must say that I am impressed. You can check out more Astro Raw here and here.

Astro Raw - LoHi [right click to download]

Biggie Smalls - Dead Wrong raWmix [right click to download]

Astro Raw - I'm The One With A Smile [right click to download]

Astro Raw - Army Of Darkness [right click to download]

Here's a video of Astro Raw performing LoHi live

Want your music publicized here? Contact me for more info.

Prez Jordan


If you haven't noticed, I've been fooling around with the blog's CSS layout code. I think it looks a better wider, and gives us more space to work with.

It also helps to fit the new adsense banner.
Prez Jordan

Don Diablo

Oh yes, people are actually starting to want us to post their tracks.

These next 2 were sent to me by the manager of Don Diablo, a dutch electro-house producer
whos making his way up the blogosphere faster than a blink of an eye.

Signed to Muzikology, an also dutch label, this guy is releasing tracks like theres no tomorrow. And boy, what he send me is ab-so-lu-tely awesome.

The 1st track is called "Work Work Work", a track still to come, but with a lot of exposure on blogs and websites everywhere.

Mixing a nice dirty synth, a subwoofer blasting bassline and some low pitched vocals, its a great track for parties and club.

And here it is: (exceptionally, the tracks will be on Mediafire, since they were sent to me on it and since im not at my regular computer and dont have the codes for the flash player)

Don Diablo - Work Work Work

The 2nd track is a remix of Plump DJ's new single "Beat Myself Up", released on Finger Lickin'.
A nice funky remix, with a powerful bassline and one hell of a buildup for the 2nd part of the track, makes this track a great continuation to "Work Work Work".

Here it is:

Plump DJ's - Beat Myself Up (Don Diablo ReDub)

Check out his Myspace:


Saying that promotion is good,

Sunday, 22 February 2009

What a Slow Day...

I've been busy building a website for a school competition, and I guess my writers are pretty busy themselves.

Sorry for the boring day :-/ but hey, it's the Sabbath

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Mellow Bliss

Punk-rock bands, you just found yourselves a good name idea.

Once you finished rolling your eyes, im posting a track thats not made for the dancefloor, but its made by dancefloor destroyers.

Cazals, the indie/rock/electronic band from London,

are signed to one of the hip labels of the moment, Kitsuné, and have a freshly released album. (so fresh its still to come in America. Wait till the 1st week of next month)

One of their singles is called "To Cut a Long Story Short". And it was remixed by Steetlife DJ's, label-mates autoKratz, and Ed Banger star Vicarious Bliss.

Appearing on Kitsuné's "Maison Compilation 5", Vicarious Bliss' remix is different from the usual Ed Banger bangers.

Conviniently called "Mellotron Mix", it is a very simple mix, featuring an organ-like sound as the main instrument, violins, and other blowing instruments, making this short 2:42 minute remix a chill song that keeps you awake.

And here it is:
Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Vicarious Bliss Mellotron Mix) [right click to download]


Telling you to mellow down,

Crydamoure Madness

Crydamoure has been a love of mine for quite a bit now. I love it to bits, and when I found out that's all they did and wasn't planning to do more I was devastated (well, not EXTREMLEY devastated, buy you hopefully know what I mean XD) 

So one time, in Summer I downloaded Evil Stereo's The Cobalt EP, and it was AMAZING! A couple of days ago Evil Stereo posted a Crydamoure Megamix on Youtube, I listened to it and it was just as amazing as his other work! I just had to download it and blast it constantly. What I also loved is that he just didn't stick to Crydamoure, he also used Make Love, Prime Time Of Your Life, Cindy So Loud and Spinal Beats. The highlights of it all was the PTOYL into Wrath Of Zeus, epicness right there :)

Evil Stereo - Crydamoure Megamix [right click to download]

Have fun raving,
Gymtonic :)

Friday, 20 February 2009

Sacré Coeur!

What gives french people!?!?! I post your house music and this is what I get!?

Above is a European map where the pins represent recent views. Have fun identifying yourself while I am angry that no french people visit ilictronix. If you know anyone french, tell them to visit the site. I'm appauled!

Currently blasting Human After All
Prez Jordan

Wind it Up

From England, its The Prodigy with the song Wind it Up from the Experience album (1992). The Prodigy has made a quite a handful of great Big Beat songs and is coming out with their fifth album this year: Invaders Must Die. The Album is to be released in Europe on February 23, 2009, and in the USA on March 3, 2009 and two singles from the album have been released (Omen and Invaders Must Die). However, I thought I'd give you something a little more oldschool from the Prodigy. I've also included the "Rewound" mix of Wind it Up (yes, pun obviously intended)...


The Prodigy - Wind it Up [right click to download]

The Prodigy - Wind it Up (Rewound) [right click to download]

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Woah nelly

Well Blogger's acting up today.

Publishing posts isn't working half the time, and some of my blog elements won't load. So we'll probably skip the articles for today.

Check back tomorrow for some good stuff.
Prez Jordan

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Lambs Anger Part III

Hi there, to accommodate Jack Sparrow and to finish my tribute to Mr. Oizo, here's the last part of the trilogy.

The last three tracks are some gems, for starters I‘ll post Steroids. Uffie adds her punky touch to this song with her vocals, but if you ignore these vocals you'll find Oizo's greatest talent, making damn good tunes.

Mr. Oizo Featuring Uffie - Steroids [right click to download]

Next is one of the two song from the album I got to experience at a party. I was one of the few people who already heard it beforehand and the others were easily discovered: they all went just as wild as I did to these awkward beats. The vocal explain perfectly what happened, We're animals. I present to you, Positif (check the EP).

Mr. Oizo - Positif [right click to download]

The last song is the highlight of the album, Bruce Willis Is Dead. I first heard it in Sebastian’s set at I Love Techno last year and immediately fell in love. It’s based on the rave classic James Brown is dead by LA Style (a track worthy of posting hint hint, being one of the few really good rave classics). Bruce Willis Is Dead starts with a bold statement, and what follows is one hell of a bass line. Fun trivia: they played this song in a club in Vegas when Bruce Willis was present.

Mr. Oizo - Bruce Willis Is Dead [right click to download]

So now I think it's time for a little summary of Lambs Anger: if you like it, buy it. If you don't, buy it next year when you finally realized how good Mr. Oizo is.

Enjoy, Mr. Brown

I'm Sick of Searching

I really am. I've looked everywhere on the Internet, but have found nothing anywhere. Only on Youtube. So i decided to take matters to my own hands and rip the song out of Youtube. Sorry it has to be this way, but i guarantee you this is the ONLY place you will find this track right now.

This track is by The Phantom's Revenge (which has alreay had his nice share of articles here),
but this track is one of the most unknown tracks by him. (so unknown its no where on the Internet).

Called "Just Like Old Times", its different from the regular choppy, high pitched treble, disco house sampling tracks.
This one's a bit more chill. Loaded with bass, it starts off with a sample from Daft Punk's "On/Off" and goes into a country sample. 5 seconds in, off the country and into the actual track.
With a girly voice repeating pretty much the same for 6 minutes, this track isnt very bouncy, it actually nearly ends halfway, but comes back with pretty much the same as before. And it works.

Well, as i said, its a Youtube rip, in 256kbps, volume isnt the best, but hey, like i said, this is the only place on the internet where you can get this.

So heres this ilictronix "exclusive":
The Phantom's Revenge - Just Like Old Times [right click to download]


Saying that Youtube rocks,

PS: The streaming makes the track sound like it was recorded from a cellphone, but dont worry, downloads and plays fine on your media player.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Todd Edwards Deux

Since I was in Todd Edwards mode, I felt like I should share this track sent to me personally by Todd Edwards's own promoter via email.

I wish I could tell you a lot about this mix, but I honestly don't know much. From his promoter, I can tell you that it is a mix Todd Edwards produced specifically for Scion, the badass car company. Listening to this monstrous 37-minute-long track, you may recognize some of the beats from previous Scion commercials, I know I did.

So again, sorry I can't give you much information on the track, except for the fact that it's very...very long. So just sit back, chill out, minimize your window, and give this a good hard listen. It's 37 minutes of pure vocal mixing pwnage, beginning with the DVNO remix I posted yesterday, which might be the only portion you'll recognize. Also the Face to Face Unreleased Remix is located about 13 minutes in, so if someone wants to do a good rip of the track for me, I would not deny it ;).

So without further adieu, enjoy.

Todd Edwards - Scion Radio 17 Mix [right click to download]

Prez Jordan

Lambs Anger Part II

Hi there, I promised I would post some more Mr. Oizo tracks from his latest album Lambs Anger et voila, here I am doing just that.

Today I've got some funky tunes for you guys.

The first one being Gay Dentists, I posted this one first because it's the perfect transition between the raw electronic sounds you heard last time and the sweet tunes you will hear next. It's got some nice samples and the breakdown at the and is pretty disco.

Mr. Oizo - Gay Dentists [right click to download]

Next up is Two takes it, a song with some guest vocals by Carmen Castro. It starts of really cheesy, but then the naughty lyrics drop in... It's just a nice tune overall.

Mr. Oizo Featuring Carmen Castro - Two Takes It [right click to download]

And off course I saved the best for last, Cut Dick, my personal favourite from the album. The rhythm, the beat, the drums, the guitar and especially the thrumpet that kicks in, I love everything about it. Just listen to it and be amazed.

Mr. Oizo - Cut Dick [right click to download]

Enjoy and stay tuned for the last part of this Lambs Anger trilogy, Mr. Brown

Monday, 16 February 2009

These Tracks are Simply Divine

Ello ol' chaps. Sorry for the late article, but I hope we get two in today regardless.

Today's tracks are courtesy of Todd Edwards. You may know of him for his work in Face to Face if you're a Daftaholic. Both tracks today are remixes of DVNO, and both from Todd Edwards.

Anyway, I am posting this first track because it's an extremely rare remix that our good friend Boba was able to acquire for me. It just may be the rarest gem you'll have in your library if you decide to download this. Also, ilictronix might be the only place on the internet where you can download this.

It starts out with an almost-microhouse-sounding collection of mini vocal samples recording by Todd Edwards himself. Taking these whole notes and arranging them to sound cool, with a lead synth playing over it. This then leads to an offbeat edit of DVNO itself, almost sounding as if Justice had rerecorded the track.

Justice - DVNO (Todd Edwards Remix) [right click to download]

The second track comes from The Sunshine Brothers, a group which Todd Edwards worked in/with to produce this remix. It has a more solid drum structure and is not as vocal-oriented as the original remix I posted. It does sound amazing with the addition of Auto-Tune, and the synth is pretty killer as well.

At about a minute in, the song sounds like it has Parkinson's and gets even better with erratic pausing. All in all, it's a chill-out song and is far more mesmerizing than the first remix posted. Maybe that's why they call themselves the Sunshine Brothers.

Justice - DVNO (Sunshine Brothers Mix) [right click to download]

Enjoy these rare gems, I'm pretty certain you don't already own them :-P

Donate to feed the children,
Prez Jordan

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Clip Kiss

Seriously, who doesn't like The Chemical Brothers? Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons put out a ton of good stuff and today I've got a song from their Do It Again EP - its called Clip Kiss. Enjoy.

- Kevin

Chemical Brothers - Clip Kiss [right click to download]

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hate, Hate, Hate

Well, happy Valentine's Day everybody. Hoping you get X's and O's from your sweetheart and all, but...

Wouldn't you rather have a little raw hatred today instead?
Well, that's my job. Just think of this track as your little wake-up call from all the hearts and chocolates, 'K?

I'm going to provide a little prelude to some work you'll be seeing from me in the near future, as a bit of jarring prep for my plans on this blog. It's a tearing, growling piece of synth noise that will drive you, perhaps, to go out and pillage the nearest Hallmark store. Happy Valentine's Day indeed.

Ready to moan?
Underworld - Moaner [right click to download]

...Oh, hell. I just can't do it. So, here's a slightly-chewed bubblegum comedown for Valentine's Day, courtesy of Justice:

Justice - Valentine [right click to download]

Reminding you that Love walks with a boyfriend,
Champi :)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, love, love

Being it's valentine's day, I've been doing some searching on my pc for some lovetunes...

(Sorry fans, but I wanted to beat prez Jordan in his cheesyness)

and since Something About Us was already posted, I'll have to go with some "as romantic as I can get songs".

The first one is by Armand Van Helden, a pretty big man. But let's keep the info and talk for some other time...
It's very mainstream and all, but the vocals (by Nicole Roux) and the happy sound make me feel like I'm on a holiday (a romantic holiday that is, and nothing beats that).

Armand Van Helden Feat. Nicole Roux - Je T'aime [right click to download]

Next one you just got to hear on a day like this, otherwise I'll never be able to post it.

Bougie Soliterre - Besides You (Tiefschwarz Mix) [right click to download]

Enjoy!!! Mr. Brown

This Blog Needs More Punk

Daft Punk, mind.

But all of you have heard back and forth the originals (or at least the hits), so im not posting any of them.
Im posting 2 remixes. Both non-official, but damn good.

First one is a remix of 2001's sampling/sampled big hit, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (HBFS for short), made by very unknown russian bloke called BuzZTech.

I found this one while lurking around Youtube yesterday and ran into this. Just by hearing the 1st minute i liked it a lot, so i decided to get it.
With a beggining that kinda sounds like a crappy remix done on VirtualDJ, this one gets better and better. A high pitched synth begins, and then the party starts. With a sound that kinda looks like it was Crookers who did it, the "brrrr" synth sound is one of my favourites, so i like this remix a lot and it deserves to be posted here.

Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (BuzZTech 2009 Remix) [right click to download]

The second one is one of the most ambient sounding DP remixes i have ever heard. And its not a track that you'd expect that could sound ambient.
Made by TDC member, rising producer and good friend Dark DJ,

this is a remix of opening track on DP's debut album, called Daftendirekt.
Daftendirekt remixes are already hard to find on their own, but to find such a remix of it is like finding a needle on a haystack.
Its a simple remix, with a lot of bass and using chopped up beats from the original, makes this one a nice chill song:
Daft Punk - Daftendirekt (Dark DJ Remix) [right click to download]

And because its Valentine's Day, i think i should give you something for the lovers that are reding this. (heck, Jordan made a special logo and everything, so why not?)

Daft Punk's love song: Something About Us.
Daft Punk - Something About Us [right click to download]


Happy Valentine's Day (or Singles Awareness Day),

Friday, 13 February 2009

Living Lowlife in High Life?

Yes, it is possible :)

Attack Yourself! (or some of you from TheDaftClub may know him as B.E.A.S.M.) posted an awesome edit of Daft Punk - High Life a couple of days ago. He does a great job of chopping the song up to make a delicious intro which leads into the wonderful song of High Life with a b-e-a-uuuuttttiiiiiffffuuuullll extra beat to add that little more something.

AY! Has his first EP out: 'Casino Royale With Cheese' (what an epic name XD) which has some really good sampling skills, my fave is Pop Ya Roxx. I totally agree with his statement that every kid these days dress up in skinny jeans and worship the latest indie moptops and they should be up and dancing to some awesome artists who deserve to be more popular than some of the trash which is pumped out. So come on, join us, I promise it'll be good :)

Oooh... Just realised it's Friday 13th! Lets hope no bad luck happens with my post!

Have fun raving,
Gymtonic :)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Chains are Coming....

Better run, before they chop off your legs.

After you facepalmed at that attempt at a joke, lets make a ilictronix record: 5 songs in one day!

Thats right, im posting 2 for you.
Both are remixes by spanish man Sidechains (aka Alex Ferrer):

Both come from his remix compilation, which was digitally released not long ago.

The first one is a remix of 1997 club anthem, Ultra Naté's "Free", also included in countrymate's Buffetlibre DJ's project BL Rewind 2.
A smooth and calm remix, with a simple beat, but a nice use of the synth and the vocals make this one a track when you are in those relax moments, even though its not that chill. Theres just one thing:
The end. A very distorted and slowed down "free" vocal, lasts for the last 30 seconds of the track and gets very annoying. I bet you will change the song when you listen. But thats the only problem with it.

The second one is a remix of Farley Jackmster Funk's "Love Can't Turn Around", a underground song by an underground Chicago House artist.
With a brilliant synth and bass line, and great placing of the vocals, this track aint a banger, but goddamn is good.

And without further ado...
Ultra Naté - Free (Sidechains Remix) [right click to download]

Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love Can't Turn Around (Sidechains Remix) [right click to download]


Underground is always the better way,

Lambs Anger Part I

So the new album from Mr. Oizo went public some time ago and after some ecxessive analysing I came to a conclusion: This album is probably one of the best you will hear this year. It's so good, I now own both the album in CD and vinyl (just for the kick).
So I just got to review it, but one post isn't enough, I feel like a have to post almost every track and I will. So everyone at ilictronix can enjoy this killeralbum.

To start of, Who is this monsieur Oizo? He is a french producer named Quentin Dupieux, who became famous producing some commercials for Levi's in 1999 with the song Flat Beat. This song became widly popular and Mr. Oizo got associated with his doll flat Eric (the yellow headbanging furry thingy).

His two first albums: Analog worms attack (1999) and moustache (half a scissor) (2005) however superinnovative, weren't very accessible for the big public (there were too many experimental/out of beat songs on it).
But now along with Ed banger record, Mr. Oizo made an album that's pretty much filled with "accesible" songs. And I present to thee, Lambs anger.

The first thing you notice is the magnificent album cover. It's based upon one of Salvador Dali's (spanish surrealist) more grotesque works called Un Chien Andalou, where a man cuts a womans eye in half with a razor (don't google it if you have a weak stomach).
The Mr Oizo parodie can be watched here:

Now, on to the songs:

The album starts of strong with the song Hun. (we recently posted a remix of this song, just check the tags or use the search to find it). I think it has this phantom-justice feel to it, nice pumping beats, epic bass. So the album starts of strong, then Mr. Oizo gives a humble speech about what will follow: "Bonjour, this is me again, Mr. Oizo, you are about to hear a collection of some recorded stuff, some are good, (some are bad), some are just okay, **** **".

Mr. Oizo - Hun [right click to download]

Next is Pourriture 2, (Pourriture 7 follows, but they are very similar, so I'll only post nr.2, just contact me if you want it). Another heavy track, with some pounding beats.

Mr. Oizo - Pourriture 2 [right click to download]

The last song, I'll post today is Z (again followed by W later one, very similar song). This one might be a little experimental, but hey it's Mr. Oizo's style and I love it. Give it some time, you'll notice how talented he is.
It's another song with a heavy feel to it, but don't worry, next time It's be a collection of the funkiest beats possible.

Mr. Oizo - Z [right click to download]

Enjoy, Mr. Brown

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

"Instinct is the memory of generations.."


My first track is "Franky Says" by Overseer (Rob Overseer). There's a bunch of times in the song when you'll hear voices blabbing about something or other, most of it is unintelligible. However, I found the first words interesting: "Instinct is the memory of generations and begins where life itself starts." I decided to google the quote and found only one relevant source: Pg. 152 of The Prophet Outcast by Isaac Deutscher. Its a book about Trotsky and apparently his daughter Zina said those words in a letter to him...and now you get to listen to those words with a thumping bass line - wonderful. Anyway, I needed to fill this space with something so I figured I'd give you some irrelevant information.

Overseer - Franky Says [right click to download]

The second song is "Stompbox" from the album Wreckage. Instead of me jaw wagging about it, how about you just listen to it...then comment! Remember: you don't even have to register to comment, you can comment do it!

Overseer - Stompbox [right click to download]

- Kevin

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

No Cash To Burn

Hello all, that was an extremely creative title. You'll all see why in a second!!

First, I want to thank our friend Tyler for donating to the site, marking the first donation ilictronix has received. I hope you guys carry the torch along for him. After doing the math, I need about 10 bucks to sign up for the domain and hosting, and about 6-7 bucks a month to keep it running. So please, support this blog! We put hours of work into this site to make it great for you.

The second thing I want to share with you is a song by The Phantom's Revenge. Thank "funk ad" for the suggestion if you're happy with this track. The Phantom's Revenge is a phenomenal French House Artist and is easily one of the best samplers I've ever heard, which is good since he makes French House music.

We first met The Phantom's Revenge when I posted his remix of "Miss Your Tape" by Pierce. A rare gem, the track is phenomenal. For the newer viewers who have no idea what I'm talking about, use the search bar in the top left to find the article. Anyway, The Phantom's Revenge is extremely talented and be sure to hear more from him in the near future.

The Phantom's Revenge - Burn Da Red Dog [right click to download]

By the way, the title is formed from the lyric "Energy to Burn" and the fact that we need donations! Har Har!

Prez Jordan

Lucky Star

Dont have much time, have some tests coming up and need to study.

All i can say is that the next track is called Lucky Star, by Superfunk.
Featured on one of the best french-house compilations, My House In Montmartre, this track is a subwoofer killer, along with some pleasant vocals.

Superfunk - Lucky Star [right click to download]


The one with no luck,

Monday, 9 February 2009

Hey Boys (and girls)

Hi there,

Because it's been awfully quiet on ilictronix today (probably due to the bandwith problems) I'll post another killer remix by the Flying Dewaele Brothers aka 2 Many DJ's aka Soulwax from Ghent.

This time, they're remixing Hey Boy Hey Girl by the Chemical Brothers. The song becomes ten times more intense with a killer intro and the rest of the song only proves what an improvement this remix is to the original.

The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax "2 Many DJ's" Remix) [right click to download]

Enjoy, Mr. Brown

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Woot Woot

Daft Punk won their first Grammy tonight!!!!!!!

They actually won two:
Best Dance Recording (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger from Alive 2007)
Best Dance Album (Alive 2007)

A well deserved victory defeating that little whore Lady GaGa among other pop artists. Stats below...

Best Dance Recording

* "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" – Daft Punk
* "Ready for the Floor" – Hot Chip
* "Just Dance" – Lady GaGa featuring Colby O'Donis
* "Give It 2 Me" – Madonna
* "Disturbia" – Rihanna
* "Black and Gold" – Sam Sparro

Best Electronic/Dance Album

* New York City – Brazilian Girls
* Alive 2007 – Daft Punk
* Bring Ya to the Brink – Cyndi Lauper
* X – Kylie Minogue
* Last Night – Moby
* Robyn – Robyn

Congratulations've done well.
Prez Jordan

Back On Air

So let me tell you the whole story...

We upload our tracks to a free serivce known as FileDen. They give us 1GB of space and 5GB of bandwidth monthly. What's bandwidth? It's basically all the traffic that goes through their servers, aka the amount of stuff the viewers download.

In only 20 days, we hit the 5GB bandwidth, this is why the tracks were not playing. Fortunately, we were able to set up a new account and recover, but I think the same thing is going to happen again. In 10 days, the old tracks will start playing again.

The only solution would be our own hosting. Where we would not fill our bandwidth or our storage. However, this costs some money, so I'm turning to you guys so crap like this doesn't happen again.

On the right side you will see a Donate button. Now, via PayPal, you can support ilictronix. Even a simple dollar will help us out tremendously. So please guys, help us out. Without our own server space, we will not be able to show you new music and we would be doomed. So us out.

Anyway, just letting you know we're back on the air...for now.
Prez Jordan


Hey everyone, if you haven't noticed, we've run out of bandwidth for our music. This problem will be fixed as soon as possible, but until then, you can go outside or something. :)

- Kevin

Saturday, 7 February 2009


So one of our readers, Alive, shouted a link to a mashup he did. It's between The Beastie Boys and Justice, entitled....Waters of Intergalactic.

All I'm asking of you guys is to comment, it's what he wants.

Alive - Waters of Intergalactic [right click to download]

Prez Jordan

National Goodness

Tell me 3 portuguese dance artists that were/are part of the big dance scene.
You must be thinking: Rui da Silva? No. Made a one-hit wonder and then vanished.
DJ Vibe? God no. That guy is more overrated than petrol. And from what i've heard of what he has been up to lately, im more and more certain of what i just said.
Buraka Som Sistema? Not very known out there, but they are getting huge attention here, and thats annoying me, because they aint that bad.

Whats left? No one i can think of. All the known portuguese artists are either from Rock, Pop, Fado or from love songs that are cheesier than Doritos.

But im posting a track from a man thats still quite underground in the international dance scene and he's basically buried alive here. Probably 1 out of 50 or 100 people have heard of his music, but his name is well known around the world.
That name is Moulinex.

Yes, the man with the name of a household appliance is here!

Born in Viseu, center of Portugal, now resides in Munich, Germany, and is a part of a label that has a lot to give and that will get known soon: D.I.S.C.O.Texas. (as well portuguese)
A label with only 3 singles released, one by Xinobi (again, portuguese), one by Moulinex and one by The Phantom's Revenge, but they have more in the hoven and are almost ready to be digested by our ears.

The track im posting is called Leisure Suit, not included in his single, but it should be, or at least get released soon.

A track that starts with an arrival to a party and we start to hear the song and then... bang, it starts.
A healthy mix of sped up French House and Electro makes this track a banger and will make you want to get more Moulinex.

So, here it is, in 320kbps, so you can fully enjoy it:
Moulinex - Leisure Suit [right click to download]



Nacionalist and proud of it:

Friday, 6 February 2009

Machine Says Yes

Hey everyone, its Kevin coming to you with a track (and a remix) by FC Kahuna. FC Kahuna consists of Jon Nowell and Daniel Ormondroyd. The track, "Machine Says Yes," is from the album by the same name which was released back in 2002. The singer is Hafdís Huld of Iceland whom some of the European viewers of this blog may remember from this Mercedes Benz commercial:

I think she sounds better in Machine Says Yes haha. Well, how about you decide for yourself and comment. Also, which do you like better - the original Machine Says Yes or the Tiga Remix?

FC Kahuna - Machine Says Yes [right click to download]

FC Kahuna - Machine Says Yes (Tiga Remix) [right click to download]

- Kevin

P.S. No, I am not trying to endorse Mercedes Benz...

Harder Better Faster... Remixes?

Oritey Chuck's XD Here is my HBFS Remix re-post :)
When I first got into Daft Punk, Harder Better Faster Stronger became one of my favourite DP songs. I started to look for remixes, I found the HBFS Single (with the excellent Breakers Break remix), Robot After All, ReDiscovery and the rare DJ Sneak remix (thanks to Alex for sending it to me :) ).

The first song of the four songs I'm going to give is the Breakers Break remix from the HBFS single, my fave HBFS remix of all time, it's so simple: just the edited vocals and the simple beat gradually adding with the main vocals and a baseline it makes me want to bob my head :)

Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Breakers Break Remix) [right click to download]

Remix Number Two: The Dirty Disco Youth Remix. Taken from the excellent Discovery remix album ReDiscovery (link above), this takes the song and adds a whole new melody too it. Dirty Disco Youth, you rawk.

Here is a rare track (thank you quite the very much Alex for sending it too me :} ), DJ Sneak adds his touch to his remix of HBFS, clocking in at around 8 minutes he cuts up one of the main riffs of the original and then switches to the vocals and mashing them together. Not the best of remixes but still deserves to be here :)

Although this last remix isn't the sort of style music I listen to, it still deserves a good listen. This completely changes the feel of this song and turns it from a song in where you want to bust out your giant pink electric guitar and rock out into a rave into a song where... well... listen for your self :)

All artwork (should!!) be included :)
And let's hope this post works :}

Have fun raving,
Gymtonic :)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

OMG There's a riot in Belgium...

Hi there,

The next songs were a special thing saved for those moments the blog needed an awesomeness boost. I'm sorry to inform you these moments are not going to come anytime soon, so you'll never be hearing them. Just kidding, I just couldn't wait posting them. (Damn you ilictronix, why can't you suck some more :p)

Well these diamonds are the works of an Australian Dj duo Benny Single and Joel Dickson, whose shared love for Waffles and dark chocolate gave them the name "Riot in Belgium".

Their much acclaimed first EP The Acid never lies had the effect of a dirty bomb. Their beats blast in your ears and contaminate your body from top to bottom until you lose control and scream like crazy.

Riot In Belgium - The Acid Never Lies [right click to download]

Their second installment on Headman’s Relish Recordings, La musique is Riot in Belgium’s finest moment to date.

It seduces you with its beats, its roaring bass lines and the sensual whispers of the singer and her so fake so good french accent. Its cosmic disco synth stabs take you on the dancefloor, get your body shaking like you want more until the fever breaks… hard. Get ready to experience an electric frenzy that your ears will never forget.

Riot In Belgium - La Musique [right click to download]

Even Adam Sky remixed the sounds of La Musique and he decided to give it his special touch. This is the kind of remix I like, one that changes the song drastically, giving it this totally new feel rather than feeling recycled.
It's a little unconventional, and it's certainly not as good as the original but it's really worth the listen.

Riot In Belgium - La Musique (Adam Sky Remix) [right click to download]

So I beter stop writing, before something bad happens to me and I can't stop humming those godly songs. Damn, it's too late, I'm affraid they got me... I promise I will post some of Riot's own remixes later on, but now I have to go find some medication before I turn completely wild.

Enjoy, Mr. Brown

I Can't Believe It's Not Electro!

Time for a change. I've been posting you some of the best electro tracks out there right now, but its time to go to another style all of the writers here love and im sure you will too after listening to this next track. And that is the all-mighty French House.

This track was made by a french (well, if its "French House", its got to have some french people making it) artist Lifelike:

Bit creepy this pic, actually. Kinda looks like Frankenstein.

Anyway, the im posting his 2nd single, called "The Soul Of My Love". I think its very underrated, but its just one fantastic track. No matter what mood you're in, this track will make you move at least a bone to the beat. I also recommend it for listening in the beach or at the poolside.

Have to give credits to TDC member and upcoming French House artist Evil Stereo, for making me find this track.

And here it is:
Lifelike - The Soul Of My Love [right click to download]

And since im feeling generous, im posting an Evil Stereo track, called Everything, which samples the same track as Lifelike's track. (i dont know whats the original song, can anyone tell me?)

Evil Stereo - Everything [right click to download]

Choose the best and enjoy!

Saying that change is always good,

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Two More Years...

Well, I hope to exceed that with ilictronix...

So most of you may know, I've been looking for some MSTRKRFT remixes, well I finally uncovered the 3/4 of the ones I wanted...this is why the side bar over yonder >> has changed.

To the point, today's track is a remix of Two More Years by Bloc Party.

You may know of Bloc Party for their song "Helicopter." This was both a US hit a few years back and was also featured in Guitar Hero 3. They are a British poppish alternative-ish band, like all British rock groups.

Bloc Party - Two More Years (MSTRKRFT Remix) [right click to download]

I chose this remix because it has incredible turns and does a great job of syncing with the vocals. Just listen and I'll shut up.

Prez Jordan