Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Groovy Funky Bombs

Hey again guys.

November seems to be an incredible month for electro ! I've heard so much good songs lately.

I hope you remember Jean Tonique, 'cause he just dropped this song, and damn I like it. Disco house at its finest, one of the revelations of 2010 with Madeon and Mr Moustache in my opinion.

Jean Tonique - Lookin' For A Love [click to download]

More disco house ? Here is some Leonardus awesomeness. You have got to love the oldschool feeling of this song.

Leonardus - The Beat Goes On [click to download]

Oh and guess what, Carte Blanche is back. Mehdi and Riton really do amazing things together, I dare you not to bang your head while listening to this, the synth and the bass are just crazy good.

Carte Blanche - Politrix As Usual [click to download]

Kitsuné Maison Compilation 10 : The Fireworks Issue came out this month too. The tracklist is impressive, as always. I loved more than 20 tracks out of 25, get this compilation, seriously.

1. Cascadeur - Walker (Early mix)
2. Guards - Don't Wake The Dead
3. Is Tropical - South Pacific
4. Yelle - La Musique
5. Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (Mustang remix) [click to download]

6. BeatauCue - Disque Oh! [click to download]

7. Strange Talk - Climbing Walls
8. Pumks Jump Up - Blockhead (edit)
9. The Aikiu - The Red Kiss
10. Flight Facilities - Crave You (feat. Giselle) (Radio edit)
11. Jolie Cherie - Insomnie
12. Wild At Heart - Get Related
13. Clock Opera - Once And For All
14. Icona Pop - Manners (extended)
15. Young Empires - Glory Of The Night
16. Housse De Racket - Chateau
17. Teeth - See Spaces
18. The Heartbreaks - Liars, My Dear
19. Waylayers - Fires
20. Digitalism - Blitz
21. Black Strobe - Me And Madonna (The Twelves remix) [click to download]

22. Justus Kohncke & Alexis Taylor - Sorry
23. Psychobuildings - Terror Management
24. Palmbomen - Moon Children
25. May-68 - Prisoner (Cécile remix) (Jerry Bouthier edit) [click to download]

Enjoy !


Monday, 29 November 2010

Weird Food Labyrinth

Hey guys ! Simian Mobile Disco, Kraddy, Massive Attack remixes and Destronics, sounds yummy ? Yeah, it is !

So, Simian Mobile Disco released a new album last week, totally forgot about it until yesterday, when a friend played I Believe.

This album is way more techno influenced than others, with long tracks. What can I say about it ? It's pretty... strange, because it does not really sound like the SMD I know (and like), but that does not mean that the album is bad, it's just different.

Oh, and for those wondering what the hell does the song titles mean, each song is named after a strange food they ate while touring.

Simian Mobile Disco - Skin Cracker [click to download]

Simian Mobile Disco - Ortolan [click to download]

Kraddy, ex member of The Glitch Mob, released his new EP : Labyrinth

For those who don't know who The Glitch Mob are, here is one of their best remixes.

Nalepa - Monday (The Glitch Mob remix) [click to download]

About the EP, it's 9 tracks long, 5 original tracks, and 4 remixes (made by Kraddy). Pretty generous I'd say ! Every track is really good, but I'm a fan of his style, so I'm easily pleased by anything that has this little Glitch Mob sound I guess. I'll let you be the judge.

Kraddy - No Comply [click to download]

Tell me, the synth at 0.45 in No Comply reminds you of some horror movie soundtrack, right ? If you know the title, post it in the comments, it's killing me! (Or maybe it doesn't and I have ear problems)

Kraddy - Into The Labyrinth [click to download]

Now, two Massive Attacks remixes.

Clark's work on this remix is as good as always, the ambiance of the song is incredible, I can't describe it, just listen to it, and you'll understand what I mean.

Massive Attack - Redlight (Clark remix) [click to download]

Goldsworthy is Tim Goldsworthy I assume, he worked with Massive Attack on Heligoland. This remix very different from the original, and what he did with it is near perfection, by far one of my favourite songs of the month.

Massive Attack - Atlas Air (Glodsworthy remix) [click to download]

And last but not least, our featured artist of the month Destronics just released a music video for Feel In Color !

Enjoy !


Saturday, 27 November 2010

We Are Not In Love

If you even attempt to keep up on the blogging world at all, you've inevitably heard of Crystal Castles. Moreover, you've probably heard their recent collaboration with vocalist Robert Smith. In case you HAVEN'T, here it is.

Crystal Castles Ft. Robert Smith - Not In Love [click to download]

Now clearly, this is a pretty epic track. It has a great 'I Listen To Obscure Indie Stuff' feel to it, while still maintaining some appeal for the non-indie kids who just like good music.

Now, compare this version to the version Crystal Castles (or rather, Ethan Kath... he did the whole track himself. No Alice.) put on their Crystal Castles (II) album earlier this year.

Crystal Castles - Not In Love [click to download]

I honestly think the album should've waited until they had the Robert Smith vocals, but I suppose dividing the hype between multiple releases is better for them.

What a lot of people don't know about Not In Love is that it's a cover of an old 1983 rock track by a group called Platinum Blonde. They were a Canadian band, so understandably, they never made it that big. For some reason, the rest of the world seems to think Canada is a stupid place full of stupid people and stupid music. Now if they're BRITISH, or AUSTRALIAN... OH MY GOD SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. Just something I noticed.

Seeing as there aren't many copies of the 1983 original available to the blog-reading community, I thought it might be cool to give you guys a taste of what was being emulated here.

Platinum Blonde - Not In Love [click to download]

Good old 80's rock. The hair, the sleeveless shirts... truly an era that could stand to return. An era when rock music had some testosterone in it. An era before gurlymen took over popular music (Hey Soul Sister, anyone?).


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunset Drive

So, after a painfully slow backup process, computer format and downloading and transferring all my backed up music, i believe im ready to post again.

Russ Chimes has been a recent favourite of mine, his debut EP is brilliant and so are his remixes.

A couple of days ago, he released a new mixtape, called "Expressway Pt.2". This is a follower to Pt.1, released back in April.

Both of these are absolutely fantastic to listen to and i can't wait for him to release an album, or another EP.

Expressway Mix Pt.1 by Russ Chimes

Russ Chimes - Expressway Mix Pt.2 [click to download]

1. Russ Chimes – Horizon (Intro)
2. Booka Shade – Regenerate (Russ Chimes Remix)
3. Kelis – Scream (Russ Chimes Remix)
4. Boys Noize – Yeah
5. Aniki – Feel Good
6. Phonat – Intimate Confessions
7. Bag Raiders - Way Back Home (1928 Remix) [click to download]

8. Moullinex - Superman (Lorenz Rhode Remix) [click to download]

9. Evil Nine – Ultimo
10. K.L.A.M – Funky 4 (Hot City Remix)
11. Cassius – I <3 U So (Russ Chimes Re-Shuffle)
12. Russ Chimes – Targa (Russ Chimes Remix)
13. Ellie Goulding – Salt Skin (Alex Metric remix)
14. Dirty Laundry - Hate Me (Arno Cost Remix - Russ Chimes Rework) [click to download]

15. Para One – Toadstool (Jesse Rose Made To Play Dub)
16. Michael Bolton & Lady Gaga – Murder My Heart (Strip Steve Remix)
17. Beatacue – Bus
18. Foamo – Generate Some Heat
19. Sebastian Krieg – Brooklyn (Russ Chimes ReEdit)


Winter hater,

Friday, 19 November 2010

Let's Get Loungy

I've had a ton of work to do this week, which meant a lot of time in my room. And so, once again through the magic of shuffle, I will spill some lovely tracks for all y'all out there. To make up for my abscence, ofc :).

Despite the title, I wouldn't really call some of these Lounge tracks. More Bedroom Tracks really. Regardless, here's the first track: Honeydew from the Tea loving Mr. Scruff. The intro on this one is just brilliant, and it only gets better from there.

Mr. Scruff - Honeydew [click to download]

A recent addition to my collection, Massive Attack's Protection could fill every slot on this post with it's chill downtempo vibes. But it came down to this song or Better Things. I think it better suits the atmosphere of these fall months, and it's a cracking song to boot.

Massive Attack - Weather Storm [click to download]

I was originally going to save this one for about december time, but I felt it fit much better among these tracks than the ones I had planned. featuring heavy beats and haunting vocals it all flows very smoothly. this'll be sure to keep you warm on these cold nights.

Martina Topley-Bird - Sandpaper Kisses [click to download]

Squarepusher's always had a soft side, often doing chilled tracks on his albums. This is probably my favourite chilled number by him, taking influence from Jazz instead of Jungle and Breakbeat, it creates a great atmosphere and is perfect as something to listen to while you study. Or while you do nothing at all for that matter.

Squarepusher - My Sound [click to download]

Topping things off today is the master of chill himself, N.O.W. The introduction to In A Space Outta Sound is a slow jorney filled with samples, vinyl crackles and analouge hisses. It's everything you want from N.O.W and more, staying consistently fresh for the entire 7 minutes.

Nightmares On Wax - Passion [click to download]

Once again, sorry for the lack of content by me recently. I seem to have a few weeks of nothing and then I get tons of work dumped on me. Anyone out there in a simillar situation, I hope these tunes help you like they did me. As always, stay safe and enjoy :).

All Work & No Play,
-Claude Van Foxbat

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Catchy post title

Hello guys !

Let's cut the talking part, cause I don't have much to say anyway !

First, Beat Torrent, you might remember the Girl From New Orleans remix I posted a few months ago, their album Reworks is out and it's really good, go get it!

Birdy Nam Nam - Abbesses (Beat Torrent Remix) [click to download]

Breakbot gives us a good old groovy remix of Aeroplane.

Aeroplane - Without Lies (Breakbot Remix) [click to download]

An amazing remix of Zombie Nation, by Mehdi, that can't be bad, right ?

Zombie Nation - Overshoot (DJ Mehdi Remix) [click to download]

My favorite song from Digitalism new EP Blitz

Digitalism - Stratosphere [click to download]

Tecla De Oro, a producer from Chile sent me this song last week, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Tecla De Oro - Carnivalito [click to download]

And because all those track are pretty much new, here is a track from Drexciya, this song is legendary, I'm not affraid to use the word.

Drexciya - Digital Tsunami [click to download]

Let me know what you think about those songs, and sorry for the lack of inspiration, got a lot to doo :(


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

[IFA] November - Destronics

Hi everyone, here comes our featured artist of november : Destronics !

So, who are Destronics, what do they do, how do they sound? That's what we asked them.

Destronics - My Life Is A Jukebox [click to download]

For those who don’t know you yet, tell us a little about yourself.

David : We are a french pop rock/electro duet , and we make a lot of jokes.

Quentin : David is right. We are two young guys (18 and 20 years old) that spend their time making music, and in a good atmosphere!

How did you meet? and how did you decide to form Destronics?

David : We used to bathe together since we’re 3 - we've always been family friends ... However Quentin created Destronics by himself 3 years ago, and I joined him after that, replacing his best friend. At first it was very Justice-sounding, but our music quicly became more instrumental, more air pop! The synth/guitar mix was very important in that evolution.

How would you describe your music?

Quentin : I would say that it is epic-sounding. We travel a lot while listening to our songs. Not geographicly speaking, more... into the galaxy. It’s very danceable too. We try not to think about what music we are gonna do, we compose with our intuition and improvisation.

David : Even if the exercise that consists of describing our music is delicate, because we are not really objective, we try to mainly make air electronic music but that stays punchy. In fact, we do something called E.B.M (Electronic Body Music). : Head in the stars, and feet on the dancefloor!

What are your primary influences?

David : I’m very influenced by contemporary jazz - artists like Bugge Wesseltoft and our national heroes that are AIR, Phoenix, Daft Punk…
Quentin : I am very influenced by the Versailles' scene (AIR, Phoenix and Daft Punk are from a city called Versailles). But I mainly like rock, because I learned to play the guitar while trying to imitate the guitar heroes Joe Satriani, Slash (Guns’n Roses), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd).

What album (or EP/song), are listening to non stop right now?

David : My iTunes plays Wild Beasts (Two Dancers) and a lot of Four Tet/Caribou.

Quentin : For me, The Irrepressibles’ album plays on repeat, a real obsession since I saw them opening for the XX in Lyon.

Your album Digital Naives just came out, what are your projects?

Quentin : We want to operate up the sound that characterize us and getting known as much as possible by the public. That’s why touring outside of France would be great, all this while studying, and that’s not easy.

What happens during your live sets? What equipment do you use?

David : Our lives are as instrumental as possible, even if using a laptop is essential. Our third member (Flo) is in charge of the laptop, he manage the effects, plays the beats. Quentin sings and plays the guitar, and I play synth while singing back vocals with Flo.
Quentin : Yes, we want to highlight our influences as much as possible. David can improvise some very jazzy/funky solos like I can play a very rock n roll guitar riff or solo. Let’s say that people get what they paid for. They got a very different vision of the album. A live has to be a value added, it’s very important for us.

How do you compose a song? How long does it take?

Quentin : We like to improvise together and when we find a melody that we really like, we record it. After that, there is a lot of mixing work. It took us 1 month to produce our album, which in itself is not huge . Fortunately it did not last more, I needed to tan a bit. I was really pale, staying in the studio all this time. (laugh)

What is your "guilty pleasure" of the moment?

David : Humm I have to say that I really enjoy walking naked in my apartment, even if mom asked me not to.

Quentin : I confess that I enjoy watching David walking around naked in his apartment, even if my girlfriend forbit me to do it. (laugh) Seriously, since I’m in London, I’m getting used to the english customs that include drinking a lot of (very good) beers, and that not good at all !

A last thing for our readers?

David : French Kiss.

Quentin : Woah, that’s classy. David is a real gentleman, despite his nudist habits. We thank Ilictronix as well as its readers for their goodness. See you very soon in the US!

Destronics - Elise Island

Destronics - Free Hands

Destronics - Feel In Color

Destronics - Feel In Color (SUPER PIXEL! remix) [click to download]

You can find Destronics on :

Official website


Friday, 5 November 2010

Getting Ready For Another Festival Review

At first glance this post might look completely random, but I assure you it isn’t. The tracks I am about to post were all played by me at my very first DJ session! And they are insanely addictive and good too off course.

Janelle Monae – Tightrope (TEAM BANZAI Remix) [click to download]

Let’s start off by throwing in some Team Banzai (still going on as our artists of the month). The original already caught my interest, but the extra funk my recently befriended producing duo brings, makes it perfect in my opinion. Bass guitar FTW on this one. On another note, Banzai sent me their entire song collection not so long ago. So I’ll make sure to keep you posted on whichever good stuff I can dig up out of the lot.

Mr. Moustache – Big Tasty (Magna's Gonna Bring You Down Remix) [click to download]

Next one is a remix of Mr. Moustache’s Big Tasty we posted a little while ago. Oh and yeah it’s from our little boy Magna… This isn’t Magna’s latest version of the remix, because I simply like this temporary version way better (sorry Maggie :p).

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Shook Remix) [click to download]

And I’ll throw in this simple but amazing remix of Lisztominia by Shook. I know you’re thinking I’m crazy posting yet another remix of this song, but give it a listen and yell at me in the comments if you didn’t like it.

Riva Starr feat. Rettore – Splendido (Vocal Mix) [click to download]

And the last track is a Riva Starr one, Balkan Disco that’ll make you move those rumps for sure.

And that seamlessly brings me to the next thing I need you readers to help me with, because Riva Starr is one of the many artists I will be seeing at I love Techno next weekend. I want to ask your opinion on what acts to look out for. I will then go and dance my ass off to said DJ’s and write an accurate and detailed review post with lots of tracks. Your say in this is important to me because without you guys I would never have discovered Yuksek last year.

Line up can be found over here

Monday, 1 November 2010

Talk Robot To Me

I've said before a few times that I have a weakness for vocoders and effects like them, and I always have, I don't know why but something about that sound just makes everything AWESOME. (well, except speedbass maybe) and today, I'm going to dig through my collection to find my favourite examples of various vocal effects in use from the the early stuff to fairly recent tunes.

We've come a long way, baby

Up first is MSTRKRFT, who used it a whole bunch on their first album, The Looks. it was tough to decide on which track to pick, but I think I made the best choice in the end, it's just so infectiously smooth!

MSTRKRFT - Easy Love [click to download]

Teenage Bad Girl are another electro act who used vocoders alot on their album, there are many tracks I could've picked but many only feature vocals for s minute or two, or even unvocoded ones, I think I got the right balance with this one.

Teenage Bad Girl - Fuckin' Frog [click to download]

And yes, even more from Squarepusher! Even before D'demonstrator he dabbled in vocoding and this track is the perfect example of it, Jazzy riffs mixed with fast amen break-esque beats, I can't get enough of it.

Squarepusher - A Real Woman [click to download]

Royksopp don't use it at all in their studio work but their live shows are a different thing entirely. This is taken from a concert they did in full kraftwerk gear, (ie: red shirts, black ties etc.) it's probably my favourite version of Remind Me out there taking the best remix and adding that extra live atmosphere to it.

Röyksopp - Remind Me (Live) [click to download]

What's a vocoder post without one of the grandmasters of electronic music, Giorgio Moroder? He probably used a Korg like that to record this number which is one of my guilty pleasures, stay tuned for the awesome breakdown around 3:20 :).

Giorgio Moroder - Baby Blue [click to download]

and of course, everyone's favourite that needs no introduction...

Daft Punk - Digital Love [click to download]

It's NOT auto-tuning,
-Claude Van Foxbat