Tuesday 30 September 2008

Those Japanese...

Sorry of my absence yesterday, my keyboard exploded on me, but now I have a new one!!

I recently got the Jet Set Radio soundtrack and I almost cried (not really) because it brought back so many memories of my childhood. This game I had for the Xbox (which is now gone), and it really showed me the world of electronic music. Most of the soundtrack was put together by Japanese Tech-Hop artist Hideki Naganuma, and he is the best of his kind. His music is very fresh and sounds very un-Japanese, because I hate Jpop lol.

Anyway today I'm showing one of my favorite tracks from the soundtrack. It's extremely funky and chock full of sampling. I'm not sure how to explain this song, you'll just have to listen for yourself. Don't be surprised if you see more Hideki Naganuma on this site, he is very good.

I hope you recognize this track from the amazing game!

Sunday 28 September 2008

Songs To Walk To (Part Five)

It's here! It's here! The finale of "Songs To Walk To." What does this mean? It means that this is the best song in my collection to walk to. It's rhythmic, it's smooth, it's beats.

I hope none of you are dissappointed by my decision. I thought this song was PERFECT to walk to, so enjoy. I have to admit, though. This song is the winner of the coveted "omfg ive heard this before stop playin pop music" award, so if you think that, good for you haha.

I hope you all enjoyed ilictronix's first theme and keep coming back for more, better, themes to come.

So (drumroll), here's the best track to walk to.

I know it's repetitive, but it allows to enjoy the experience over and over again. Do you disagree with my choice? Don't complain about, send me one you think is better! If I get enough, maybe I can have another theme dedicated to "better walking songs." But before you go and do that, actually try walking while playing one of these songs on your iPod. Trust me, you'll get walking.

Does You Like Paprkraft?

Well I do, I'm an origami nerd. After wandering around /po/ on 4chan (papercraft & origami), I came across a little portal cut-and-paste that I took liking to.

The diagram can be found on tubbypaws's blogspot (http://tubbypaws.blogspot.com/2007/10/this-is-my-little-paper-tribute-to.html)

First, I printed the given JPG on cardstock (I used beige because I didn't have any white)

Next, I pricisely cut out all edges, this took about a half hour.

Then, I took a Q-Tip and painted the flaps with glue lightly and held each bond together for a short while.

The process all-together took me about an hour, but I did a painstaking job. It ends up being about 2.5" wide and 2.5" deep and about 1.75" tall, so it's tiny. Be careful not to rip or overglue anything, the parts are quite small.

So, if you're a papercraft connoisseur, I recommend trying this Portal project.

portal_front.JPG portal_left.JPG portal_right.JPG portal_top.jpg


Saturday 27 September 2008

Songs To Walk To (Part Four)

Part Four is here!!!

This song to walk to also comes from Justice, I tried hard to find other artists, but Justice really owns this category. Don't message me saying you've heard this song before, I'm sure alot of you. My themes aren't necessarily to discover new music, but to discuss music.

Suprisingly, I've used this song in a project to get an epic walking sequence. Don't be surprised if it plays in your head as you walk.

Oh and a note, skip to around 0:40, the opening riff is....weird. Again, don't message me saying it's too popular, alot of my viewers are noobs and haven't heard this stuff before. But the song is Genesis and it the first track on Justice's first studio album Cross (†).

Check back tomorrow for the finale!
Jordan PS - I've been getting a substantial amount of unique viewers today, so props to you guys who have been advertising my blog :-).

A Quickie

I don't mean to get political, but I hate Sarah Palin.

I promise not to talk political again haha, that video is just so incredibly priceless.

Feel free to post your political viewpoint in the ShoutBox

Songs To Walk To (Part Three)

Gah I've been too busy, maybe I should hire another writer. I'm sure you guys don't mind that I skip days, though.

Anyway, today's song to walk to comes from my favorite French Electro-House-Christian-Club Band Justice. A month ago, I posted their remix of As Above, So Below. Well, I think this remix may combat that one. Not to mention it's fantastic to walk to. I have to admit, a few turns are a little "weird-stepped," but the song as a whole screams "badass."

So here it is, Justice's remix of ZZT's "Lower State of Conciousness." I apologize for the faulty track track name (simply ZZT Remix), but iTunes was weird in copying this track to my Desktop. Oh Well.

Enjoy (another song to walk to will be posted shortly)

Thursday 25 September 2008


Yes, that's right.

Check it out, just enter a name and a message and you're set! Feel free to say anything. Be as random as possible.

Provided by ShoutMix

Songs To Walk To (Part Two)

Sorry for the delay, I was really busy yesterday.

Today I was going over some of my articles and realized, I have never posted a SebastiAn track before. How the hell is this possible? He defines the type of electro I like to listen to. Blaring bass, noisy snares, and high-ass riffs.

Anyway, today is a song to walk to if you truly want to be badass. I'm talkin leather fast, gigantic belt buckle, tight pants, pink and black shoes...the works. Also, this song is AMAZING for running to make sure to slap it on your iPod if you haven't already.

So here it is, the greatest song Ed Rec Vol 1 has to offer, by an artist whose name iTunes simply cannot spell correctly. The capital A makes all the difference.

Why hasn't anyone voted on my poll lately?

Monday 22 September 2008

Songs To Walk To (Part One)

This is the first installment of a five-day "theme" entitled "Songs To Walk To." This is my first weekly theme and I'll probably be doing more of these as I go with the blog.

What the hell is this? You may be asking. Well, it's a five day series (five tracks) of songs that you can walk to. Obviously, you can walk to every song, but these are super good. While you're sitting here, listening, you may notice your legs moving, that's how rhythmic they are.

The first track is by Basement Jaxx. To be honest, I really don't like them, but this song is very very good. It was features in a Pringles Commercial a few years ago so you'll probably recognize it. I hope you enjoy this week's theme and keep coming back for more.

Don't forget to send me poll ideas!


Poll Ideas!!!

As you can see, I added a poll section. Well, now you can't see, because it's no longer there.

I need help coming up with some poll ideas. Please e-mail me some ideas at ilictronixstaff(at)gmail.com. Make em up and see what others think.

Also, I'll have some decent content tomorrow, I was busy this weekend.


Update Note: this email is no longer monitored, please do not send any emails to this address!

Sunday 21 September 2008

iPod Touchies and iPhoners

I'm a geek, there's no way around that. I have many gadgets, but my favorite is my dear iPod Touch. I love to fool around with it, code with it, and of course listen to music on it. Once you unlock the iPod Touch, you can really get its full potential.

So why am I mentioning this? Well for those of you out there with iPhones or iPod Touches, head over to http://www.iphonefire.net. There you can find everything you need to truly enjoy your iPod Touch or iPhone. Whether it's downloading firmwares, or checking out tutorials, you can find it there. Be sure to check out my banner on the right side as well :-).


Friday 19 September 2008

So I made a video...

It's somewhat of an advertisement for ilictronix. Tell me what you guys think. I know it's a little glitchy, but oh well :-(

Feel free to post this wherever possible!


Wednesday 17 September 2008

Electrooooo [again]

The reason I'm releasing this track today is because it's so damn amazing.

From the amazingness of Ed Banger Records, this track is one of the many fabulous electro tracks on Ed Rec Vol. 2. Mr Flash has 3 tracks on said EP, each amazing. Disco Dynamite, however, is my favorite. Eventually, you'll hear some others by him. I'm mainly releasing this track because I found out Boba had never heard his stuff, on thedaftclub.com. So today, I'm uploading Disco Dynamite.

This track pays tribute to super disco-house, but has the randomness noisiness that is electro. Why is this song so good? Unlike many other songs, you simple cannot predict the beat that's going to occur. As much as I try, the intro still tricks me and when the Disco Funk comes in, it hits me hard. So I hope you enjoy it, comment what you think.

See ya,


All this time I thought I posted this track, but apparently I didnt....

Anyway, it's another Electrorock track. I intended for this to be the first electrorock, but I posted the not-as-amazing track Hi & Hat by Bosco. Weird.

It's also appropriate towards my "Para One" craze I'm currently going through. This a track alot of you may not have heard, for it's fairly rare. It's a remix of Persona by Animal Machine. The guitar blows your mind along with some analog synth action provided by Para One. So anyway, here's the track, it's among my favorites.

FUN FACT: This is my 27th Track posted...just throwin that out there.

Also, be sure to tune in next week, I'm going to have a week-long theme that most of you will like, so be here.

Bye Bye,

My iPod is Full

So today I added some Para One remixes and successfully filled my 8GB iPod Touch :-(. Anyone else do such a thing? I know some of you have like terabytes of electronic music lol

I'll have an article tomorrow,


Monday 15 September 2008

Viewer Article Dos

Here's a spiffy new, not really, article by Boba!!!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to Ilictronix. This is Boba, blog reader and all-around electronic music fan (I wrote the Proxyon article, if anyone remembers that) and today I have another track from the dark, distant past, from a band that helped define dance music.

Now then, I should get this straight right now: The Brothers Johnson are not electronic music. But they ARE disco/funk, both genres are extremely important tot the development of modern dance music. Most of our Justice-esque basslines and Le Knight Club melodies are inspired by this sort of music (coincidentally, both Justice and Le Knight Club have sampled The Brothers Johnson)

The story of me coming across today;s song is very interesting, and very not-so-interesting at the same time. It begins with justice’s track Newjack, which features some very odd vocals. Well, one day on youtube, I discovered these vocals were sampled from a track called ‘Make Me Wanna Wiggle’ by some sort of disco group… it was a very neat song; by singing the same tune the guitar and/or bass (not sure which, really) are playing with a falsetto, they achieved an interesting sort of talkbox-ish sound, without any talkboxes involved (or so my research tells me). I fell in love.

Sometime later, I heard of a record store in the nearby city of Seattle called ‘Jive Time Records’. The photos of the store made it looks pretty small, but the promise of 99 cent bargain bins piqued my interest. On my next trip to the area, I begged my dad to let us take a side trip over and check it out. We did. Now, judging by the store size and the whole ‘bargain bin’ thing, I wasn’t expecting much… but I got quite a good haul. In the end, I got about $500 worth of vinyl for around $50. The bargain bins were great… not a lot of rare stuff, it was just all their common record overflow, but I got lots of good stuff like Depeche Mode, and The Brothers Johnson. So for about $4, I got four TBJ albums. The reeeally funny thing is, a record store in my own hometown I had been at just the night before wanted 10 bucks apiece for them. So I kinda won. Anyway, got home, listened to them… great, great stuff. The last track on their album BLAM!, pictured above, is called Streetwave, a 100% instrumental track that’s 10000% amazing. That is the track I selected to accompany the article, and to some of you French house fans, the melody should sound VERY familiar.

Now enough about my record shopping! Here is a little info about TBJ themselves. The Brothers Johnson is a duo made up of, you guessed it, two brothers whose last name is Johnson. George, guitar, and Louis, bass, were originally part of a band called Johnson Thee Plus One, which included their older brother Tommy, and their cousin Alex Weir. After making professional status, the two began playing for live acts by groups like the Supremes, before Quincy Jones hired them to tour in Japan, and produced their first album in 1976. Other albums followed in the next couple years, including BLAM! In 1978. In 1980, their hit album Light Up The Night climbed up to 5th on the top 200 charts; this album contained their notable song ‘Strawberry Letter 23’, the only song by TBJ that my dad recognizes. In 1982, the duo split up and went their separate ways; Louis went on to play bass in Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and George went solo. He recorded an entire album under the name ‘The Brother Johnson’, only one track from which was ever released. The duo reformed in 1984 for two more albums, both of which didn’t quite match up to anything they had done before. And with that, you get a basic idea of the group. So there you have it, an iconic and important band in the history of dance music. Please enjoy “Streetwave” by The Brothers Johnson.

Well he pretty much said it himself, today's track is "Streetwave" by The Brothers Johnson. If you don't recognize the sample, you are deaf.

So funkeh,

Keep in mind, I'm still open to 3rd party articles!!!! So send em my way!

Saturday 13 September 2008

Para One Ruins Every Song

That is a complete lie. He makes every song fantastic.

For instance, Prime Time Of Your Life is amazing, the Para One Remix is more amazing. And that's just one example. To give you proof on how amazing Para One is, and to share with you an amazing song, I'm going to upload another track today. The track is that of everyone's favorite Electro-wtf artists MSTRKRFT. This one's pretty intense and may bleed the ears of the week and/or pregnant, so take precautions.

Props to you if you can tell me what commercial this song is featured in.

I might save the viewer stuff for tomorrow :-/,

Old Logo Returns

Well, considering you all hated the new logo, I put the old one back.

I still want a new logo, though. Maybe a contest? O.o


Daft Punk + Fashion

Gah I haven't released any tracks in a week!!! To make it up to you guys, today's track is so good you will need a new pair of slacks after listening to it.

Last week I told you about Justice's mix for Dior's fashion show. Well today, I have Daft Punk's mix for Louis Vuitton's October 2007 show. I've known about this mix for a while, but only recently was I able to get an mp3 of it. Every second in all 16 minutes and 44 seconds of this track is phenomenal. It's any good riff from any Daft Punk song ever collaborated into one sexfest. I'm sure some of you know about this song, but as far as I know, it's quite rare. Feel free to download it, because this is one of the few spots on the entire interwebz where you can download it for free.

Sorry if it takes a while to load, the track is absolutely massive. As a warning, the actual guitars used in the song may make your mind blow with extremeness. I believe the guitar action is that of Ratatat, but I could be completely wrong.

Anyways, enjoy and share this link with all your electronic music buddies.

I shall return with some viewer content soon,

Apple's Up

I got apple up and running well! I feel it's a little too late for a track, however. I'll post some tomorrow.

In the meantime, munch on this.

I died while watching this, the Onion is amazing.


Apple = wtf

Well my hackintosh is acting up again. So I'll need to slap it around and hopefully I don't lose all my music or I'll cry into next July. It should be fixed by tomorrow, until then...no tracks :-(

Also, check out my new partner, TheCodeCube. Click on the funky TCC ad on the side ;-D


Friday 12 September 2008

My Viewers Pwn Your Viewers

Well I promised Boba I'd do this. So here it goes...

You guys may've seen a picture of Boba's EP Lime, and I have talked briefly about it. But today I'm going to write a review on the 4 tracks on his EP!

For you HTML junkies, I'm kidding. Not that I wouldn't wanna rip on Boba, but I can't. This EP is phenomenal. So here's my review, track by track.

Lime perfectly captures all that is good in filtered disco-y house. It has a repitive, catchy funk riff playing in the background, with the occasional turn that is even funkier. The song keeps it going smooth all the way through, with no down time. Unlike most house tracks, this one has the perfect balance of flare and repetitiveness. It's over 5 minutes long but you have to hit play again once it's over. 

Soul Bells Cover
This track is a modification on the Le Knight Club track we all adore, Soul Bells. The beat in this track sounds sharper and the brass even funkier. Boba's cover really brings out everything we love about Soul Bells and feeds them to you. The funk, the disco, the catchy turns, everything. This track is great.

Coffee And A Monte Christo
This was not my favorite track on the EP. It was a little too slow-moving for my taste, but it's still great. The noisy turns add a great effect. Also, the song incorporates some "micro" drum beats that sound great and add a nice crispness to the track.

Love Your Machine
This song really caught my attention in the intro. It's a constant build up and then begins the boom a funky pattern. I would compare the template to this track to that on Daft Punk's Phoenix. The song constantly changes and each part is truly fantastic. To be honest, 1:40 really got me going. The turn after a slow build up makes the pattern even more enjoyable. This was easily my favorite track on the EP.

All in all, some fantastic house was made on this EP. It sounds 100% legit and professional, and I hope you guys take a listen to it. The link to it can be found on the sidebar. 

I'll have a track or two tomorrow,

Thursday 11 September 2008

omgwtfbbq new logo!?!?!

Tell me what you think ;-D

If you like the older one better let me know, so I'll put it back.


As most of you should've seen, I have some icons on the sidebar under my Persona Space. Well, if you want to make your mark on ilictronix, now is the time.

Whether it's your band, site, blog, or whatever, you can feature it on ilictronix. It will be an image of your choice with a link back to the site. This site gets several hundred hits weekly so of course people are going to see it. Email me at ilictronixstaff(at)gmail.com and we'll get something set up.


Update Note: This email is no longer monitored, please do not send any emails to that address!

Wednesday 10 September 2008

My Experience with SPORE

Well, as you guys know, I like to torrent. Alot. So a few days ago, I torrented SPORE, becuase I don't want to pay for things lol.

Call me crazy, but I despise all RTS's and RPG's. They are terrible in my opinion. SPORE is a notable exception. Now, I would go on explaining the game, but all I'm going to say is that it's a game based on evolution. You started with a low-celled organism and make your way up. The cellular stage is very basic. I started off as a carnivore, so I would have to attack predators which was fun.

When you kill predators, you can eat them and sometimes, you inherit their traits. Such as poison, horns, etc. You then build offspring with these traits. I found the cell stage to be incredibly unique and a shitload of fun.

Finally, you get on land and sprout legs. Here, the character design becomes more in depth. Now, you can choose to make friends, or attack other species. I started out by making friends to collect DNA points to buy weapon stuff, then I attacked my heart out. This stage was a lot of fun but only after I evolved a better brain to be able to have a group travel with me. Then we would flock together and pwn everyone.

Now, you can evolve even further to the tribal stage. Here, you make friends with fellow tribes, or kill them. You also hunt and make offspring. I'm not crazy about the tribal stage, because it's very RTSy. You play a god figure and move the tribe about.

I haven't been playing much, but I can already tell you that SPORE is a fantastic game. I hope you all check it out.


And Also, I'll have a review on Boba's EP tomorrow. I was going to have it today but I got caught up in some stuff. Also, another third party article for tomorrow.

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Ze New Justice Trax!

If you are obsessed with Justice as I am, this will make you orgasm. JUSTICE HAS 5 NEW TRACKS ON THEIR MYSPACE!!!!!!!

I'm dead serious! One remix entitled "MGMT Remix" and 4 other songs encased in a series called "Planisphere." This news is quite exciting and I hope news about a new EP will come soon!

Hats off to Boba for the tip.

Find anything cool like Boba did? E-mail me and tell me about it.

*facepalm* I never said where the tracks could be found... http://www.myspace.com/etjusticepourtous

"And Justice For All" en français, très comique.

Some Viewer Content!

Well, let's consider this a track of the day.

Today's "track" features the greatest artist who has ever lived, Boba. He has written some articles, and others I have archived (one will be posted tomorrow). Anyway, he recently came out with an EP called "Lime" (sexy, isn't it?). I'm downloading now so before I post my favorite track and review the album tomorrow, why don't you guys take a listen.

Here are the tracks... http://www.archive.org/details/Boba_Fettuccini_-_Lime_EP


Monday 8 September 2008

Des Annoncees

Well some facts...

- I forgot all about that "contest" but I'm not going to pick a winner out of 3 people lol

- Track-a-day will no longer be "track-a-day" but rather "track-bi/tri-weekly"

- I will be starting "weekly themes" soon

- More changes to come


Sunday 7 September 2008


I'm surprised I haven't added polls yet. So starting now, I'll have a weekly poll. Well, not weekly, more like...whenever-the-hell-I-feel-like-changing-it-ly.

First change? O.o Also, some announcements tomorrow, they will concern you. So come back.

Das Jordan

I am back

Well guys, I just got back from PA. I can't seem to figure out why those first two tracks aren't working. Have I gone over my monthly alloted bandwith? We'll find out when I post a new track. Anyway, I've decided I might come out with an Ilictronix 2.0. Still revolving around electronic music, I'll have a different system of articles and everything. It'll be a new start. Alot of things won't change, but oh well. We'll see.

Instead of actually releasing a 2.0, I might just rearrange things as I go. You'll see some changes soon.


Friday 5 September 2008


Well my hit count has dropped dramatically, and I'm just about to give up. Anyway, today I'm going to post 3, countem 3, tracks. Why? Well, I've been really busy with school and stuff and haven't been able to write anything decent in a while. Plus, I'll be in PA until Sunday night, and won't be writing. Anyway I've decided to post some "hardcore" today. I like a little of this genre, but not too much. But anyway, here are 3 IDM tracks, courtesy of Venetian Snares.

Hope you enjoy the tracks, now please - I beg of you - get me hits! I've stooped down to about 20 unique daily and if it goes below ten, I'm gonna stop writing and everything. You as dedicated viewers need to get the word out. Go post it, put it in your AIM profile. ANYTHING! Just keep my hit count above 10 uniques. I beg!

Have fun,

PS - Sorry if the first two tracks don't work. They don't seem to be functioning well for everyone.

Thursday 4 September 2008

Want super duper updates?

Alot of you are subscribed to the blog, but do you want to take it a step further? Well starting today I'm taking requests for people to be notified whenever anyone posts a comment. If you check your e-mail every five minutes like me, this is good for you. To sign up, just email me at ilictronixstaff(at)gmail.com saying you'd like to register for this service.

Again, you will be notified whenever ANY comment is posted. I know that that is an option for the "subscription" links below. But if you're like me and don't use RSS, this is good for you.


Upadte Note: this email is no longer monitored and the service no longer offered, please do not send emails to that address! -CVF


No time for explanation, I'm in a hurry at the moment.

Today's track comes from Ed Banger's girl-gone-bad, Uffie. And today's genre is electro. It's kinda like hip hop + some synths and a drum machine. The Ed Banger label's full of it.


Wednesday 3 September 2008

Slowly Drooping

Well, we had a recent, pleasant spike in viewers, but with each coming day that number keeps declining. I'm down to about 35 unique hits daily, and I need more!!!!

Cmon viewers, help me get some more hits!!!

Dubya Tee Eff

I'm going to conduct an experiment with today's track. I want you guys to listen to the entire track and below, try and analyze it the best you can. Whoever can offer the best explanation of this song wins, I'll be holding this contest until Thursday's track. I want you guys to start commenting, and their might be a prize in it for you, so give it a shot. Write anything you can, the genre, the meaning, ANYTHING.

Why am I doing this? This track comes from the madness that is Mr. Oizo. And I want to see who's a real expert and can analyze the track. So try your best.

Q. But Jordan, this track is popular!!!!
A. Yes I know, but not everyone knows about it, so shut up fatty.

Try your best,

Tuesday 2 September 2008

Google Chrome

Well it was announced just yesterday that Google would be releasing a new open-source web viewer called Chrome. I've been waiting patiently today, waiting for the release to be final. And finally, Chrome is here!

How can I describe Chrome...It's sharp, it's fast, and has everything built in. No plugins needed, or so I've seen, and it handles great. Not to mention, it looks good. As of now, it's only available on XP and Vista, so looks like I'll be using Safari on my mac for a while, until it comes out.

Download: Google Chrome

Be back later tonight,

Wanna Laugh?

I was trailing aroung the internet once again, and decided to check out one of my favorite sites, The Onion.

The Onion is a parodical news center that releases hysterical articles and videos. Today I watched one dealing with Hurricane Emergencies. So here it is, be prepared to laugh. It is so damn funny.


That Blinky Thing

Alot of you have been wondering, why does that blinking comment gif sync perfectly with the music?! So let me tell you the history of that special blinking gif.

When the site first started, I wanted people to comment, and no one would. So to assist, I made a giant blinking COMMENT sign and when you click on it, it will redirect you to the comments page of the most recent article.

As for the syncing aspect, most of the music I post is house, French House. French House usually has a tempo of around 120-128 BPM, because this is the rate at which the normal human steps, or dances. The gif, however, blinks at 120 BPM. So for some songs it's right on, while for others, it's slightly off.

Hope that answers your questions,

A Track!

Sorry I'm late, I was out all day.

Anyway, today's track is being posted quite frankly because I'm obsessed with it. It comes from one of my favorite labels, Crydamoure, the label of Guy Man from Daft Punk. This track is good house-ness, especially being produced by Guy Man.

So I hope you like the track and be sure to get a hold of Waves II by Crydamoure, that album is the shit