Sunday 26 October 2008

I'm Open Folks

I have received a few e-mails regarding my logo, and it has come to my attention that maybe I should hold a contest of sorts. So here's the dealio...

1. Think of a cool logo design for ilictronix
2. Design it if you have any graphic design experience
3. Send it to me

Now, if I feel I have multiple logos coming in, I might hold a poll for which logo is the best. As for the specs of the logo. I would prefer if it were as close as possible to 660px wide by 150px tall.

If I don't get a lot of entries, I may just make the decision myself, rather than hold a vote. Also, if you don't have any graphic design experience, simply think of a concept and maybe do a little rough sketch of it to send to me.

I hope you guys enter, you will see your artwork on both my site and my ads amongst the interwebs,

Friday 10 October 2008

Ewwww Trance

I can't lie, I hate trance. However, while listening to a TF2 video, I heard one "trance-ish" song that really caught my attention.

From the mastermind of DJ Lhasa, this song represents true italo-trance. While DJ Lhasa himself is a techno artist, Teknopatia has a true trance feel to it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the correct term for said genre is tech-trance or trance-tech. The catchy riff and the powerful drum beats make it techno, but for some reason the instruments and filters make it trancey to me. But in the world of electronic, you can practically make up genre titles and it will be accepted, the barriers are so gapped.

So anyway, have fun listening to the only track remotely close to trance I'll ever post haha. This one is uber-ravable, so play it for your friends for an ad-lib basement rave. Sorry I haven't been writing in a while, I've been sick lately, so I've been sitting in bed. I'll have some viewer content tomorrow.

Have fun children,

Tuesday 7 October 2008

Are you a SuperDafty?

Ok maybe that isn't a word, but it should be. To me, a SuperDafty meets the following critera...

- Has gone gay for Thomas Bangalter
- Has attempted to make a helmet
- Has over 100 songs by Daft Punk in their iTunes
- Has had sex to Something About Us
- Has listened to Discovery so many times in a row that their ears are now permanently damaged

Okay so I exaggerated. Anyway, I wasn't a huge Daft Punk until the beginning of 2008 (GASP). I've known about them for years and years, but I haven't been an UBER-fan, still a big fan though. Well, it has come to my attention that most of my viewers are light fans of Daft Punk. Not the Champy or Boba superfans, but the light fans who are familiar with most tracks. So, today is for them (sorry to dissappoint my 1337 viewers). So, I'm going to post two Daft Punk tracks that those light fans may've never heard, actually probably never heard. Again, sorry to dissappoint my extreme viewers, but today is for the noobs.

The first track was the only "new" track released on Daft Punk's Compilation Album "Musique Vol. 1 1993-2005." It's a very catchy song that was not published on a true, studio album, which is why most noobs haven't heard it.

The next track comes from Daft Punk's first album, The New Wave. Released in 1994, this vinyl contained 4 tracks. 3 Variations of "The New Wave" (which later became Alive) and Assault. The first time I heard Assault last year, I thought it was one of those fake Daft Punk songs released on Limewire from underground DJs in a weak attempt to get listeners. I was wrong.


Sunday 5 October 2008

Jet Set Funky

Sorry for the epic delay, today and yesterday were so hectic. Today all I can do for you guys is offer a track :-(.

Today's track also comes from the Jet Set Radio soundtrack is also by Hideki Naganuma. I know I'm repitive, but he is so good. This one is extremely funky and sounds quite Japanese. I hope you guys like it, voice your opinion in comments or the ShoutBox.

Tomorrow I'll have another EP review (that might be tonight if I find the time). Also, some Boba articles coming soon. I can't have him wait any longer I feel terrible.


Thursday 2 October 2008

GarageBand Madness

Well I recently found out I could use my synth with a MIDI cable (which I had) to jam around with GarageBand.

I used one given instrument and my synth as a controller. I DID NOT touch this track up one bit. It's basically a recording of me screwing around lol. You'll see some cooler tracks by me in the future, now that I have the power of GarageBand. So take a listen now while you're at it.

Jordan Scales - Floating Above [right click to download]

Some parts are a little offbeat, basically because I missed keys lol. I'm very used to my piano.

Enjoy the chaos


Boba just posted a link in the shoutbox about Rick Astley, the frotch behind Rick Roll. Be sure to cast your vote for him under "Best Act Ever." God will thank you.