Sunday, 3 May 2009

X Gon' Give It To Ya

Got milk?

So in recent weeks, I've been REALLY into Xinobi (as well as his Portugese partner in crime Moulinex), so you can imagine my excitement when he uploaded a new version of my favourite Xinobi track "Diamonds And Rings" to his MySpace yesterday. This version is a vast improvement on the original, with a proper intro and clearer sound. If you don't find yourself jumping around the room and screaming "You should DIAL MY NUMBER!" then something is wrong with you.

Xinobi - Diamonds And Rings [Right Click To Download]

And, because I like to have an even number of tracks in a post.

Xinobi - Day Off [Right Click To Download]

Keep it funky,



Anonymous said...

Been following your blog for a while now... would just like to say that your blog is hands down one of the best on the net. I come here every day and find at least one new song that is more than amazing. I find myself bypassing hypem and going straight to this blog to get my daily music fix..
you guys especially know how to pick golden french house tracks and find new artist that perfectly suit my tastes...

keep up the stuff. its epic

prez jordan said...

We try, thanks for the good word.

Keeps us alive and well.

Joe said...

Thanks man :)

Boba Fettuccini said...

Moulinex is a sausage making machine from the olden days of blue plastic.

Joe said...


Alex said...

Yeah, its a brand of german home appliances.

Joe said...

really? ha, thats brilliant!