Sunday, 31 January 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different™

While I love house as much as I love bacon (and I f**king LOVE bacon), there is one other genre that holds a special place in my heart. This, my friends, is drum 'n' bass. Specifically, the harmonies of UK DnB group London Elektricity.

With an innovative blend of classic DnB breaks as well as creative and multifaceted sampling, synths to cry over and euphoric melodies, London Elektricity could very easily be called one of the greatest DnB acts ever. Their combination of sampling with live instrumentation is flawless. And their 2003 effort Billion Dollar Gravy is no exception from this formula of sheer amplitude.

London Elektricity - Different Drum [right click to download]

"Different Drum" is a harmonious blend of dystopian synths and tear-inducing vocals. Listening to this makes me envision a society in which entertainment is controlled by the government, allowing only the most mediocre of radio station pop to be played. And somewhere, everywhere around this place there are people who liberate the masses from this blasphemy of music in guerrilla warfare, and march to the beat of a different drum...

...ok, sorry, reading too much into music again. Moving on:

London Elektricity - Syncopated City [right click to download]

"Syncopated City" is a bit less driving, but its glitchy avant-garde rhythm is one to be cherished. If the chirpy synths and go-gettum bass wasn't enough, it's the Todd Edwards-esque chops that drift in and out of the track that make it for me. I want this song played for me when I'm in a coma.

London Elektricity - The Great Drum + Bass Swindle (Logistics Remix) [right click to download]

And finally... The Great Drum and Bass Swindle. The title is a mystery to me. "Life Is Beautiful" would have sufficed, but the given title is a bit more dynamic (titles to expect on this album: "Cum Dancing", "Harlesden", and of course, "Billion Dollar Gravy"). This is one of the first tracks I came across by London Elektricity and it is by far my favorite. The original is pretty ok; this remix is jdsfkajsdfhljasdhfAMAZING. Don't believe me? You have no taste.

If my post seems a bit terse today, it's mainly because a) I'm better at describing house and b) London Elektricity's music pretty much speaks for itself.

What we gonna say,

Saturday, 30 January 2010

French House Awesomess: GK and Together

You heard me right. I'm posting just two tracks today but I am sure as hell making sure one of these will definitely surprise you to no end. Anyway on to the post. I'm sure you know Joe has indeed made a Galactik Knights Post the other day on the Etienne De Crecy mix. However, as I looked on that post a week ago, I heard about the House Duo's new Universe Mix, a giant set based on what truly influences them or what they really like about house music. Well I have to say: Its giant and very very epic. It is also a major file to download (124 MB) so be warned.

1. Bastian- Flight of the Starglider
2. Muttonheads- Lovers
3. Daft Punk- Voyager + Oliver Cheatham- Get Down Saturday Night
4. Benjamin Diamond- We Gonna Make It (Alan Braxe Mix)
5. The Eternals- Diary Report (GK Edit)
6. Aloud Ft. Raw Man- Los Angeles Resurrection
7. Lifelike- So Electric (GK Edit)
8. Sedat- Sequencer
9. Kylie Minogue- Can’t Get You Outta My Head
10. Daft Punk- Around The World + Le Knight Club- Santa Claus
11. Modjo- Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
12. Le Knight Club- Mirage
13. Stardust- Music Sounds Better With You
14. Mademoiselle- Do You Love Me
15. We In Music- Now That Love Has Gone
16. Stretch N’ Vern- I’m Alive
17. Sebastien Leger- Rock it and Play
18. Richard Grey- Phat Bass
19. Galactik Knights- Mosholu
20. Galactik Knights- Tonight
21. Ravex Ft. Lisa- House Nation
22. Etienne de Crecy- Am I Wrong
23. LMFAO- La La La
24. Miami Horror - Sometimes + Mike Posner- You Don’t Have to Leave
25. Duck Sauce- aNYway

Galactik Knights - Universe Mix [right click to download]

Next we have Together, or rather a remix of it. Some of you may have heard of it before on Armin Van Buurens ASOT Podcast. Most of you haven't though. Ever heard of Mat Zo? Well he did a brilliant remix of DJ Falcon and T-Bangs awesome house classic. The mix im going to show you is in its original bootlegging glory, no extra trance beats or increased bpm's. This is as real as it gets.

DJ Falcon and Thomas Bangalter - Together (Mat Zo Bootleg Mix) [right click to download]

Stay Frosty,

B-Xentric (Worship Remix) + new Riton

British electro's latest rising star B-Xentric just released this fantastic remix of his track "Miami" by Worship. It's an 80s chord monster, with an Axel Foley-esque synth lead and the occasional chopped up sample in the background, before freefalling into the most epic of breakdowns and then dropping back in with a crushing sawtooth bassline. Absolute magic.

B-Xentric - Miami (Worship Remix) [right click to download]

Man of the moment Riton (who you might know from his recent collaborations with Primary 1 and Seiji) has dropped this beauty of a free download, titled "Oh Super!". It's almost impossible to describe the track (and Riton's style altogether), but I'll give it my best shot. It's squlchy bass combined with jittery chops, complete with unnerving buildups that make you relieved when the track finally drops.

Riton - Oh Super! [right click to download]


Riton & Seiji present Computer Juice - Computer Juice (Tai & D.I.M Remix) [right click to download]

Keep it funky,

Friday, 29 January 2010

EP Review: Danger - 09/17 2007

If you are thinking: "Is this EP II that has been announced as "coming soon" on his Myspace for years?", then you are mistaken.
This is not EP II, but to be honest, who cares? It just means there's more Danger coming out eventually.

People started to know this was coming out quite late. When an artist is going to release a new single or album, they usually announce it some 2+ months before its out, and start promoting them on social networks and stuff.
I first heard of this some 2-3 weeks before it came out and it was by mere accident.

But anyway, off we go.

A1 4h30
A2 3h11
B1 3h16
B2 4h30 (Riot Kid remix)
B3 4h30 (Oliver $ remix)

To start we have 4h30.

Starting off with a very dark and moody intro, it goes to a very, very catch bassline and a beat.
For the first minute or so, it looks like its confined to a certain frequency, to a certain sound, but the drop at 1:06 starts to break that wall and at 1:22 that wall is completely destroyed, and letting the track evolve and be the monstrosity that it is.

After the second breakdown, it takes a bit of a clubbier route, but it is still an absolutely brilliant track to listen to.

Also, notice the use of a TR-808, mainly the rimshot and cowbell, a constant in this EP.


Next up, it's 3h11.

This is my least favourite, but that doesn't mean its bad, it just means that the other 2 are better.

This time after another classic-like intro, we kick things off mith more 808-ness which goes on to a cool beat.
My problem with this track is the synth used in the beggining of the track itself, which becomes the background synth afterwards. I don't like the sound of it.
Apart from that, its an ok track, with some cool 16-bit sounds put in and is a track you'd probably hear as a soundtrack for a late 80's action game.


The last of the originals is 3h16.

This one is an absolute banger. Just from the previews i heard on Youtube i thought it was great and now with the whole track on my hands, it is mind-blowing.

The intro isnt as long as the others, and when it ends, it turns into something else.

A killer beat altercates with a somewhat dubstep/fidget styled bassline, but taken to another level.

The breakdown is very calm and soothing, but it doesnt last long, and after some 20 seconds we are back to this insanity of a beat and bassy goodness.

I can imagine a video for this track. I imagine someone running away from something and jumping around trying to escape, and the calm bit being a moment where the fugitive finds a place to rest, only to be caught.


Now, the remixes. We start off with Riot Kid's remix of 4h30.

This is a good track, if you want to introduce Danger to your idiot friends who like David Guetta and Pitbull.
It has a somewhat Ibiza style beat, but never losing the originals dark feel.
I like it, and its good for those parties full of posers, morons and shit.


And now Oliver $' remix of 4h30.

Don't like it. It has no elements from the original and it goes nowhere, even though its 6:36 long.

I dont even like this as an original track. F.O.O.L had a much better take at this.


To sum it up, it really is an EP to listen in the city at night as the cover suggests, and it is a more grown up and mature work and really want to hear whatever he has instored for us next, be it an album or another EP.

Final score: 7/10 (would've been 8 or 8,5, if it wasnt for the Oliver $ remix)

Now to show you what i mean:

Danger - 3h16

Danger - 4h30 (Riot Kid Remix) [right click to download]


To protect and entertain,

Monday, 25 January 2010

DJ Zinc & Ms. Dynamite - 'Wile Out' official video

Well, I dunno about you, but I can't wait for this.

Out on 8th February.


Boy Better Know - Too Many Man (DJ Zinc Remix) [right click to download]

Keep it funky,

Look Who I Got To Talk To...

Sheesh, some people are so hard to get a hold of. I mean, really, who does this guy think he is? Oh, he's DJ Mehdi? Acceptable. Wait...DJ FUCKING MEHDI?!

Yep. And here's a 4.7MB image which is totally going to raise my hosting prices and clog up my bandwidth, but I don't care. It's a new image of a music god.

Look at him. Just... just look at him. (Click for full size)

First, let me say it is an honor to even be speaking to you right now.
I've been a fan of yours for years and your music - along with other
tracks from Ed Banger Records - truly got me listening to dance music
(other than Daft Punk) and consequently led to the start of my blog. So
thank you.
Well, pleasure is mine, thank you too.

Cuteness aside, let's start with some background info. Tell us about
yourself, including the origin of that name.
My name is Mehdi Faveris-Essadi. I'm a DJ and producer from Paris,
France. I've been working on various Hip-Hop and Electronic Music
projects since 1995. A while ago, when I was a fresh and new
beat-maker for french Rap bands, friend of mine wrote 'Produced by DJ
Mehdi' in the credits of a song I did, and it just sticked. I am also
one of the original artists from the Ed Banger Records label for which
I released one LP (Lucky Boy 2006), three EP's (I am Somebody 06,
Lucky Girl/Signatune 07 and Pocket Piano 08), and a remix compilation
called 'Red Black and Blue' (2009). I love art, food and sex.

What got you involved in that electro/dance music scene? Who are your
Meeting people got me into this. Glib'R from Versatile was the first
DJ to play some Chicago and Detroit classic tunes for me, around
1993/1994. He was running programs at this radio station named NOVA
here in Paris, and they were playing Hip-Hop, Electro and World Music
all the time, all mixed, which was quite unusual at the time.
Pioneering. Then I met the guys from La Funk Mob and Motorbass in
1996, on the production of MC Solaar's third album. Those guys opened
a whole new world for me with their instrumental EP's. Later, they
became very popular as CASSIUS. Last but not least, I met Busy P and
the Daft Punk crew in 97, right after the release of 'Homework'. P and
I became good friends, and when he left Daft to set up his management
company called HEADBANGERS in 2001, I immediately jumped-in. All these
people were, and still are, my main inspirations when it comes to
evolving and growing in the music field without losing my
particularities and background culture.

What was your first track? And under what name did you create that track?
I can't remember the first thing I ever composed. I used to experiment
a lot with my parents stereo equipment as a kid and I 've been
composing or sampling music since 1990 (I was 13 years old). The first
thing I 'recorded' was a rap demo with my cousins. I used to rap, too.
In 1994, my band IDEAL J participated in the soundtrack music to a
french movie called "RAI". The movie was a flop, but they still
released a CD of the music. That was the first music I ever got

As a solo artist, I used to print instrumental EP's on my own label
called ESPIONNAGE, in 1998, under the names CAMBRIDGE CIRCUS, ESPION
or ESPIONNAGE SOUND SYSTEM. That was before Ed Banger, but Busy P and
Feadz were already in the team.

If you could sum up your music in 4 words or less, what would you say?
If Kraftwerk were African.

How is life working with the Ed Rec crew? Is this the life you expected as
a child?
Life is good, thanks. It's all about making music and having fun.
Exactly what I hoped it to be as a teenager.

What are some other talents you have? And when/how did you discover these?
I'm an amazing jamaican Dancehall dancer, along with Gaspard from
Justice. We practice all the time. We won contests and stuff. I also
cook. If I could open a place where you could eat a Mehdi dish, and
dagger to the latest dub-plate, now that would be my ultimate goal.

What equipment do you use?
Bongos, mainly. And a cowbell, sometimes.

What is your favorite aspect of being a musician?
I really like that Platinum frequent flyer miles card that I got from
Air France. It gives me that 'upper-class' feeling that I always
strived for. I still get the 'arab-looking-suspicious' search at
security though, but I also kinda like it. I keep it real, if you may.

What is your favorite song right now?
Right now, 'Man Of The Year' by DRAKE.

From the fans...
Hey guys, to quote Mariah Carey: "I love my fans".

What is your next big project with Ed Banger?
Working on a new haircut right now. Trust me, it ain't easy.

Where do you think electro is headed?
To the East brother, to the East.

Favorite VST Plugin?
Spankwire, hands down. Note: That's porn. lol. --Prez

Thanks so much DJ Mehdi, I look forward to hearing back from you soon,
Thank you Prez, my pleasure---

Rock your blogging DJ's

I've never laughed so hard. Touche Mehdi... touche. Well, we couldn't milk any secrets out of him, but hey, I made en effort! It was an honor, it really was, to just talk to him. Makes me feel so accomplished. *tear*

Alright, now some party favors. Here's DJ Mehdi's spin on Busy P's To Protect and Entertain. It's good, it's some of the best Hip Hop I've ever heard, actually. I frequently blast this stuff (along with the rest of Pedrophilia - EP when I'm driving.

Busy P ft Murs - To Protect and Entertain (DJ Mehdi 99Rap Mix) [iTunes]

And... a nice mp3 players chock full of Mehdi's new "Red Black & Blue," courtesy of his manager.

Enjoy, I know I did.

PS - Can I let out a scream of excitement now? Yes? AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

VanGuard + new Galactik Knights

Lots of new French house to show you today. Yes, more French house. Y'all want electro? Get yourself to Louis Louis then and stop bothering me.

Galactik Knights have done a new bootleg of Etienne De Crécy's "Am I Wrong". This is some of the best work I've heard from the Knights in a while, taking Etienne's lounge-house original and turning it on it's head with a chopped up sample and some classic 909 hats.

Etienne De Crécy - Am I Wrong (Galactik Knights UFO Mix) [right click to download]

Jumping to the other side of the world completely, Wales' VanGuard are made up of 19 year old Tom Morgan and 18 year old James Thomas. They produce glitchy, but still very danceable, 80s tinged house tracks not unlike The Phantom's Revenge. They've been named as BBC Wales' ones to watch for 2010, and gained support from Radio 1's Jaymo & Andy George, Kissy Sell Out and Nick Grimshaw.

VanGuard - Femme Fatale [right click to download]

Tesla Boy - Runaway Man (VanGuard Remix) [right click to download]

And one more for the road...

VanGuard - Relax at Home Mix

Pelifics - Forever (Hemingway Remix)
Breakbot - Summer Party
Busy P - Chop Suey
Daft Punk - High Fidelity
Digitalism - Apollogize
Hot Chip - Colours (Fred Falke Remix)
Gold Panda - Back Home
Jean Jacques Smoothie - 2 People
Matt Turner - Never Say
Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Moullinex Remix)
Mylo - Rikki
Surkin - Next Of Kin (Todd Edwards Remix)

Keep it funky,

Saturday, 23 January 2010

NiteShades Picks of the week (Part III)

I am back today with another bunch of tracks i liked this week and now i want to pass the savings on to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! (lol i will give you my love if anyone can figure out where that came from). Anyways, enough with ze chit-chat, its time for some epic choons.

Here are my picks for this week:

A hot banging tune to just rock on to:

Jes - Imagination (Kaskade Remix) [right click to download]

An Epic Cover of an Epic Song:
Deadmau5 - Pjanoo (Eric Prydz Tribute Cover) [right click to download]

A little DnB (that i actually like) to spice things up

Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Sub Focus Remix) [right click to download]

And for your desert: a nice DJ Mehdi Remix of Sebastien Tellier (mmmm)

Sebastien Tellier - Oh Malheur chez O'Malley (DJ Mehdi Remix) [right click to download]

So Sit back, Turn on, Tune in, and Drop out.


Cryda Luv'

Cryda Luv' (aka DJ Puipui) has been one of the producers at the forefront of the French House 2.0 movement and deserves every bit of fame he gets. His tracks are reminiscent of Crydamoure (hmmmm... no surprise there) and injects a unique flavor of bitcrushed funk into every track he has, no matter the sample:

Cryda Luv - Beauty Joy And Dream [right click to download]

This one's source has been sampled a few times before, but Cryda Luv's interpretation is no less funky than any other. The beginning is a bit brash, but once the sample kicks in there's no stopping it. This track is a behemoth of sidechaining and filters and cannot be refuted. The bitcrushing on the high synths grates the eardrums just a bit, but doesn't reduce the awesomeness of the track any more.

Cryda Luv - Enjoy [right click to download]

This next track is one of my favorites, not just from Cryda Luv' but of the past six months or so in general. Using a sample from one of the greatest disco bands ever, Azoto (note to self: do an Azoto post in the future), "Enjoy" is a symphonic gateway into disco house heaven. The rhythmic synths and guitar send you out to a place you previously did not know existed. The vocals (insert lyrics here) enhance this euphoria even more. I can't even name a favorite part of this song; I can just listen to it on repeat forever. However...

Cryda Luv - Enjoy (Allen Walker Remix) [right click to download]

...Allen Walker's interpretation picks an 8-bar loop and sticks with it. I discovered his remix before the original, and although the original is by far my favorite, this track is still up there. The bitcrushing on this one is even more evident; I swear the synths are screaming to me, "WE'RE GROOVING!". And the bass just knocks you out. It doesn't get much groovier than this, folks.

Cryda Luv - My Venus [right click to download]

And then.... "My Venus". There are no words, ladies and gentlemen. Before you listen to this, reach for the tissue box--I guarantee tears of joy will flow.

Let's groove,

Honey, we have visitors...

Hey guys, Boba Fettuccini here, your highly-opinionated musical bastard as always. Today I am going to be outspoken about an artist who has irritated me and interested me since I first found him on Myspace.

This guy managed to make it on to everyone who's anyone's top friends list with crappy house songs that were obviously made with default loops in Make Music Studio 17 or whatever. Back in the beginning, I commissioned a remix from him, and it was a load of bunk. Who is this guy and why do people like his crap? Why did he get on to a GXC compilation when his perosnal logo was a ripoff of Daft Punk's logo? WHY

Well he's got an EP single out now... I downloaded it out of curiosity. Visitors. With over 1000 plays on the profile, I thought it might actually be good, but it wasn't. I won't post it here. EVER.

However, Rapid Sound managed to get remixes from some pretty awesome dudes: The Phantom's Revenge and Hibtin. And let me tell you, both of them took a totally MEH track and turned it into something worth listening to. And that's really saying something, because for the most part, TPR's glitching seems excessive and irritating.

Rapid Sound - Visitors (The Phantom's Revenge Remix) [right click to download]

Rapid Sound - Visitors (Hibtin Remix) [right click to download]

Rapid Sound, if you read this, I have nothing against you. Just your music.

Friday, 22 January 2010

PGR-009 Magna - 2

From the epic new artist Magna, Power Glove Records is pleased to present to you his second EP, 2! What about 1, you ask? I honestly don't know. =/

Magna comes from roots in disco house as well as heavy electro, and brings them together in this EP. Let the music speak for itself!

Magna - Dare You To [right click to download]

02 Magna - Subtract [right click to download]

03 Magna - Floating [right click to download]

04 Magna - Forever [right click to download]

05 Magna - Baby, Stay, Incomplete [right click to download]

06 Magna - Dare You To (Club Cavalry Remix) [right click to download]

Now, Subtract was an amazing bit of electro. What happens when it turns into an Evil Stereo track?

07 Magna - Subtract (Evil Stereo Remix) [right click to download]

Magna: Now THAT puts the 'ep' in epic.

Product Review: T'nB Music Trend Stars Earphones

First of all, no, these were not sent to me. I bought them with my own money.

Last Monday my old Ifrogz Crew earphones broke (well, the left one did), which meant i had to go out and buy a new pair of earphones.

The next day, armed with €18 (about $25 or £15), and after looking on some websites for in-ear earphones for my amount of money, i bought these.

The T'nB Music Trend Stars (or Esstar, for short) cost me €17 and sounded very promissing on paper. Here are the specs:

• Impedance: 32 Ohms.
• Frequency range: 18 - 21 000 Hz.
• Sensitivity: 106 dB SP.Lat 1KHz.
• Max. input power: 60 mW.
• Connector: gold 3.5 mm jack.
• Cable length: 120 cm

All of these specs were better than my old Ifrogz. So, obviously, i thought, "Oh great, these will rock!"

Got home, unboxed them and when i put them on, i noticed that the silicon buds didnt fit on my ear properly, even though they came with the small buds on.
So, i had to put the buds from the Ifrogz and after a small frequency test on Youtube, i fired up my MP4 to play some tunes.

The result: Massive dissapointment. Here is a list of all the wrong things with them:

- They stick out too much.
- When you put them on, or touch them when they are on the ears, your wax makes a very loud crackling noise, which i had never heard before.
- You try to adjust the left one, and it blocks your ear and becomes a earplug.
- They dont isolate sound. I could easily hear the cars passing by and people talking on the bus.
- And even though they say it has "XTREM BASS", you can't feel it.
- The mids are way too high, playing Louis La Roche's Malfunction was very irritating on my ears.
- The higher pitches standout way too much.
- When you adjust them, the sound changes. (sometimes its a bit more hollow, other times its not bad)
- The right one seems to work better than the left one.
- To get a proper stereo sound, i had to put the left earphone on my right ear and vice-versa.
- And as you can see by the pic, it has some gay looking stars in the side of them. (even though i was aware of this when i bought them, i thought i could just scrape them off. Turns out they are cut through the paint)

The only good thing about these earphones were the wires. Nice and thick meant good resistance, and they were painted with gloss paint, which makes them slide better on your clothes when you are wearing them under a shirt or a jacket. (like i do)

With all these negative aspects, i just had to return them and get my money back. I cant stand having bad earphones with me and now im saving for a pair of earphones from a brand i actually trust, because, apart from the shop where i bought them, these earphones were only available in Hungary and France.

In conclusion, do not buy these T'nB Esstar's. In fact, i wouldnt recommend you to buy anything at all from this brand.

Final result: 2/10

To compensate, a track from our old writer Kevin, that got lost in the reckoning:

ohGr - Water [right click to download]



Power Glove - January Updates

Hello EDM fans! Tomorrow marks the first release of the Power Glove Records 2010 catalog. There are many changes in store for you this year! To mark the passing of 2009, Silver Disco created a minimix of our greatest house tracks of 2009 - not our most popular, but the ones that reflect the ancient virtues of house music. Get your moves on.

Silver Disco - PGR 2009 Mix [right click to download]

Edit: Here's the tracklisting.

Evil Stereo - Let Me Hold You
Good Junk - Love That Feelin'
Club Cavalry - Work Your Body
Boba Fettuccini - Together Forever
Good Junk - Make Your Move
Club Cavalry - Make Love (Extended Mix)
Boba Fettuccini - A Woman To Love

Make sure to check back tomorrow for our newest release!

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Look, I'm sorry. I love funk. I can't get enough of it. Since the little arguments erupted in the ShoutBox, I've gotten dozens of emails from people who want more funk. So you know what? Common ground.

I'm going to give you some more popular tracks. Why? Mainstream tracks are crafted to cater to all needs. These tracks are super mastered, and taste good for everyone, I hope. But don't worry boys and girls, you may not have heard all of these. I would never lower myself to posting "pop."

I was driving to school the other day, when a song came on that reminded me of my younger years. This 1999 UK chart-topper is what some consider to be House's greatest creation. While I don't 100% agree, it's still a great track.

Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby [right click to download]

Alright, that's probably the most popular track of this post. So that's out of the way. Let's keep going. The next track is one that I honestly hadn't heard until about a year ago. Apparently it's more popular than I had originally thought. Starlight offers a french house sound from the late 90s, but was released in 2001, hitting a modest #2 on the UK singles charts. To my fellow Americans, you probably haven't heard this one. It's good. Real good. A much different taste for the French House lover in you.

Supermen Lovers - Starlight [right click to download]

Onto some good ol' Filter House from the scene that started it all. That's right, the NYC Gay Club/Fashion Scene. What a great track, that has the beautiful futuristic sound that molded the Nu-Disco of today. Bravo.

The Ones - Flawless [right click to download]

And as a bonus, because I love this song so much. It's pretty funky, in a new late 2000s sort of way. The sampling is dance-tacular, and the spun-up vocals makes you forget the original came from the same guys who once shouted "I said a-hip hop, the hibby to the hip hip hoppy you don't stop the rockin'." <3

Moulinex - Lover In Me [right click to download]

Enjoy, and get dancin'

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

High Future EP Is Out...

...but unfortunately, only on vinyl, so I don't have a copy of it just yet. Hopefully I'll be able to get it soon. In the meantime, MINIMIX!

Thony Ritz - High Future Minimix [right click to download]

Since that's a bit of a cop-out, I offer you the full version of one of the tracks on the EP, Overdrive. Enjoy.

Thony Ritz - Overdrive [right click to download]

The track is a bit too hard for my tastes, but... it's freaking Thony Ritz. There is no room for improvement; it's already at its awesome-est.
The rest of High Future will hopefully be posted soon. Until then,


Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Hey Everyone.

So, as Joe noted in this post, Richard D. James is a man with many, many

names. I hope I don't show myself up as a person who is particularly drawn

to artists with like, a 100 pseudonyms, but hey.

Aphex Twin.

Okay, if there is still a person on earth who listens to electronic music

and isn't - at least in passing - familiar with that name, I'd be pretty



Aha! A lesser known pseudonym! Now we're talking. Under this he

recorded a series of eleven (!) records titled 'Analord', averaging two to

four tracks a piece. They're pretty great. Warp eventually convinced him

to put together a 'best of' CD, entitled 'Chosen Lords'.

Some of these tracks were on the cd, and some were vinyl only. These are a few

of my favorites.

AFX - Crying in your Face [right click to download]

AFX - Batine Acid [right click to download]

AFX - Phonatacid [right click to download]

AFX - Stepping Filter 101 [right click to download]

AFX - AFX Acid [right click to download]

AFX - Cilonen [right click to download]

AFX - VBSRedlofB [right click to download]

AFX - Grumpy Acid [right click to download]


Sunday, 17 January 2010


Ok, this track doesn't come out officially for another half hour here stateside, but it's already been released in the UK so who cares. Enjoy.

TRACK REMOVED BY REQUEST. (He got picked up :D)

And a bonus, the Bobby Analog remix. We here at ilictronix *love* Bobby Analog and his take on this track is phenomenal. Have a listen:

Ghosts Of Venice - I Learned From The Best (Bobby Analog Remix) [right click to download]

Sunday On Shuffle returns regularly next Sunday.

Enjoy. :D

Saturday, 16 January 2010

All Up In Your Face

What's good? A lot of talk has been going around the blog that some of you don't exactly love this funk kick we've been on. That's cool with me.

Every month my taste in music changes dramatically. Unfortunately, for some of you, I was all over Funky French House for like three months. For those of you who enjoyed my posts, cool, for those who didn't, that's cool too. I'm happy to say that lately I've been digging the Ed Banger sound that got me (really) involved in dance music.

Don't necessarily consider this a "best of," but rather a "What is Prez Listening To?" post. It's good, it's catchy, and it's all up in your face.

Let's start with DSL. Like Mr Flash's (which you'll hear in a bit), this track also contains French lyrics (which can be considered a "warning" to some of you). The language is beautiful, and it sounds great when thrown onto a sweet Hip Hop beat. The chorus, which is in English, is beyond incredible and keeps me coming back. This one has over 150 plays in my iTunes, so yeah, it's good.

DSL - Find Me In The World [right click to download]

Onto Mr (is there a period?) Flash's Champions. To be honest, this EP was so underrated and I can't believe so many haven't heard it yet. TTC's rap style is a little...whiny, but I love it. And it goes without saying, Mr Flash's beats are phenom.

Mr Flash ft TTC - Champions [right click to download]

Onto Uffie, yes... Uffie. It surprises me how her most famous tracks are so shitty (in my opinion). Really? Pop the Glock? I don't see it. Dismissed happens to be my favorite by her, and it's also the first track I ever owned by her. Dismissed is a 4-minute rant on bloggers, probably Ed Bangus :P. It's a bit dirty, but hey, it's Hip Hop...ish.

Uffie - Dismissed [right click to download] (headphones suggested)

In the future, I'll do a more in-depth post on Busy P's Pedrophilia, but for now, here's my personal favorite from the EP (which changes like every other week). Murs does a great job with the lyrics, which of course, are suggestive. But all the credit belongs to Busy P, and the remix artists, for compiling this mind-blowingly good hip hop track.

Busy P ft Murs - To Protect and Entertain (Mr Oizo Remix) [right click to download] (headphones suggested)

And lastly, let's take a trip away from Ed Banger into the world of Para One. And boy, what a crazy world it is. He doesn't do much hip hop, but I fell in love with Musclor off of Epiphanie. It features TTC, the same as Mr Flash in case you forgot. This one is not your average hip hop. Most of you will not finish this song.

Para One ft TTC - Musclor [right click to download]

Enjoy, and no, this isn't funk.

Friday, 15 January 2010

More New The Phantom's Revenge

Just gotten my hands on a couple of nice boots from our fella The Phantom's Revenge. His Facebook page is a bizarre disco goldmine :D

First up, a new track "Sunset Waves". This is completely unlike anything he's put out before, swapping the usual banging Justice beats and Le Knight Club looping for a more stripped back, relaxed affair.

The Phantom's Revenge - Sunset Waves [right click to download]

The other track is a bootleg of Passion Pit that he made for a mixtape a while back. This is the remix in full, no crappy set rips here!

Passion Pit - Better Things (The Phantom Is Drunk Remix) [right click to download]

Keep it funky,

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Kickin' It Old School.... House, That Is

Time for some old-school house, y'all. No questions asked, all ripped from my personal collection at glorious 320 kbps. :D

Our theme today is chill-out tracks. Let's begin, shall we?
Most of you may know of Romanthony from his collaboration with Daft Punk ('Too Long', of course!). For those of you who don't know (and you should!) Romanthony is also a prolific house producer in his own right. A lot of his stuff is hard to find; I was lucky to score this for $5 in an East Village record shop. From 1998's "Romanthony EP", "Together" is a glorious laid-back anthem of house. It's simple and lovely, and Eve Angel's smooth vocals round out the track nicely. I want to drive around Hollywood at night with this track blasting from my Rolls Royce, you know?

Now that we've achieved mellow, let's keep it going...

Island Noyze Productions - Visions Of Paradise [right click to download]

Bob Sinclar may have copped the vocal for 1998's "Vision of Paradise", but the original by Island Noyze Productions is supreme in my mind. The hypnotic vocals combined with the tranquil bass and rhythm guitar bring you to an island kingdom where half-naked men in loincloths serve you grapes and fan you with palm leaves, all while dancing erotically in a circle to a conga beat.

...Oh, and the discreet-as-hell Bob James sample is pretty cool too.

By the way, I made a vinyl run on Saturday and found some good-ass shit. Like Armand Van Helden and Roy Davis Jr. and freaking Cassius - '99. Expect vinyl dumps soon.


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Happy birthday George.

Today marks an important date in the history of house music. Why? because today is the day George Duke was born. The man is 64 years old, and without him, Daft Punk would not be the same. Discovery may never have been recorded, leading to an early decline in artistic dance music.

So let's celebrate with some good George Duke tracks. It may not be electronic, but it's still darn good.

George Duke - Shine On [right click to download]

George Duke - I Love You More [right click to download]

George Duke - Dream On [right click to download]

Shine on.