Tuesday 19 January 2010


Hey Everyone.

So, as Joe noted in this post, Richard D. James is a man with many, many

names. I hope I don't show myself up as a person who is particularly drawn

to artists with like, a 100 pseudonyms, but hey.

Aphex Twin.

Okay, if there is still a person on earth who listens to electronic music

and isn't - at least in passing - familiar with that name, I'd be pretty



Aha! A lesser known pseudonym! Now we're talking. Under this he

recorded a series of eleven (!) records titled 'Analord', averaging two to

four tracks a piece. They're pretty great. Warp eventually convinced him

to put together a 'best of' CD, entitled 'Chosen Lords'.

Some of these tracks were on the cd, and some were vinyl only. These are a few

of my favorites.



Jordan S said...

great job :)

Jordan S said...

text changed to make it a little more readable... sorry I'm bugging you a lot lately :P

Phil said...

That was a surprisingly large amount of work all told, but I think it was worth it, haha.

Also, I put it in 'Times' on purpose! It gives it weird 'fireside' vibe that I quite enjoy. I have to agree though, it was a little hard on the eyes.

Jordan S said...

yea, we just got a lot of complaints :( i personally liked it.

great job, I'm glad you tried to fix it instead of just saying blah whatever

Phil said...

Hah, I don't think I'm in the position to just go 'Blah whatever'


Jordan S said...

that's the spirit

Colour said...


"Okay, if there is still a person on earth who listens to electronic music and isn't, at least in passing, familiar with that name, I'd be pretty surprised."

Um, I've never heard of Aphex Twin before? Am I the exception that proves the rule?

Unknown said...

Well...it's IDM, not house. So he's famous but not on radios/clubs

Phil said...

I only meant that Aphex Twin has a surprisingly large amount of penetration into all kinds of things - ads, movies, mtv - especially considering 'well known' tracks like Windowlicker and On, which (at least in my experience) do indeed get club play.

And I say surprisingly because, let's face it, for every track people might be even vaguely familiar with, he has like 30 acid techno, ambient, whatever tracks with Cornish names - that are sure as hell not being played on the radio.

I guess I meant that even if you haven't heard of him, you're very likely to have *heard him*, y'know?