Monday, 11 January 2010

Poka Poka Poka!

NOTE!! : Please leave comments, I'm sure Poka would love to know what you guys think of his music.

I've done some pretty cool things since launching the blog, but this probably takes the cake. I GOT TO INTERVIEW POKA!

For those of you unfamiliar with this ol' chap, Poka is a Greek Nu-Disco artist churning out tracks which some consider to be the only reason French House is still around (no that's not contradictory, I mean the "French" style). Anyway, I've been a huge fan of his ever since hearing his Galaxie Comete Records tracks last year. He's funky, samples like none other, and never seems to fail me. Let's get started...

So Poka, tell us a bit about your background...

What were you doing before you started making music? And how did this
talent come out?

I started playing the guitar at 9 years old I think that was my first contact with music. Then somewhere around 12 years old, I got my first computer and around 14 I got this deejay program that you could make music with loops. So it was then that I started experimenting with computer music, I bought some magazines that had fruity loops 3 as a demo and since then I’ve been making almost every kind of music you can imagine on a daily basis! I guess it was and still is, a need for expression.

Where did the name Poka come from? Have you gone by any other names?
It comes from my last name, I’ve been using since I was 12 I think. It’s the only name I’ve used so far as an artist.

If you could travel back to any point in time in music, which time would
you choose and why?

Maybe the 70s , definitely the most creative decade musically imo. So much disco, soul, rock all the fundamentals of modern music! Plus it was all about vinyl back then!

What artist/s has/have influenced you the most?
Hmmm, a lot of artists have influenced my musical style but I guess a top 3 would be, Fatboy Slim (that’s when I first discovered about sampling), Armand Van Helden and of course, Daft Punk.

How would you define your own music?
My style changes every year I think, at the moment I d say it’s a mix of French/Filter House with some nu-disco elements.

Explain the process in whipping a sweet house tune.
Find a good sample, chop it up, rearrange it , add some dirty beats and a catchy bassline maybe some synths too and that’s all for me!

If you could remove any album/artist/track from history, what would you

“Pitbull – I Know You wWnt Me” and the “I’ll Do You Like a Truck” song.
I just hate them. Many more of course but these came right into my mind.

What is, in your opinion, the best track you've ever made, and why?
The ones I’ll make in the future :) When I look back I always find things I don’t like in my songs.

What songs/albums have you been listening to a lot recently?
Lately I’ve been listening a lot to the Fear of Tigers album and some classical music.

Do you know of any artists that you feel are under-appreciated?
Me of course! Seriously now, concerning my music style there a lot of people that seem very promising for the years to come, (most of them are in my top friends list in myspace)! Although I think it d be easier to name some artists that are over-appreciated imo.

What is your favorite House label (excluding GXC of course :P)? Favorite
album from that label?

I m not really into labels but I guess from currently active labels I d go for Kitsune and Ed Banger. Fave album is Justice – Cross, very innovative sounds there .( I m talking about new stuff here , my all time fave album is Daft Punk’s Homework ).

I can't get enough of your GXC stuff, what does the future hold for Poka?
Can you give us any insider info?
The GXC stuff belongs to the past! Really I wonder how people liked these tracks! The sound quality is terrible mainly cause my studio equipment was kinda primitive then... Anyway, now I think my production skills are improving day by day.
About the future now, I’ve been preparing some new tracks over the past 3 months , most probably I’ll release a 4 track EP till June but I cant say anything more yet , just that I want the tracks to sound perfect , so no need to rush ! Plus , I’ve been remaking all my old tracks so make sure to check my soundcloud profile often , I ll post them there for free download . Finally , apart from music making I d like to do some more dj’ing this year and party all over the world ! That’s what it’s all about anyways!

Thanks ilictronix and Prez for the interview!
love ,

Poka was nice enough to create a sweet mix for the site, as well as include three of his prized tracks, in high quality. Not only is the mix incredible, but it's an ilictronix exclusive! Enjoy!

Poka - Ilictronix Mix [right click to download]

Here's the tracklisting for the mix...

1) Daft Punk - Da funk
2) Poka - Party In me (2010 Edit)
3) Mr Oizo - It Takes Two
4) Moulinex - Lover In Me
5) Le Knight Club - Nymphae song
6) Leonardus and Babar - Your Eyes
7) Cassius - 1999
8) Peppe le Funk - Floor and Order
9) Silver Disco - Send Me Out For Love
10) Siriusmo – Gummiband
11) Sebago – Hands on Me
10) Poka - Still Dont Wanna
11) Tom Middleton – Remember the Love
12) Romanthony - Hold On

And here are the tracks Poka included...

Poka - Cruising [right click to download]

Poka - Somebody Who Loves Me (Pumped Up Mix) [right click to download]

Poka - Starcrash (Nteibint Edit) [right click to download]

Be sure to check out Poka here and here.

Ah the benefits of blogging,
<3 Prez


Mr. Brown said...

I think I just creamed my pants... the blog keeps getting bigger and better :p

Matt said...

Poka is one of the best artists that I've heard about about from this blog. This is some great stuff.

Dj_Waybig said...


Awesome interview!

Anonymous said...

For some weird reason I have never heard of Poka, but those tracks are just...indescribably awesome.

Keep up the good work Poka!

Miguel said...

Exelent interview.

Good luck to this blog.

Alex said...

Did the mix already end abruptly or was than an upload issue?

Still, great mix and interview.

I really need to interview someone...

SpanishOne said...

Poka has converted instantly in one of my favourite producers since I discovered him... he makes exactly what I like to listen!!
I discover him on this blog and from then, I have downloaded ALL his material.
BTW Cruising is a new one :)

foozy said...

i discovered poka about a year or so ago with the track 1987. since then i've been including him in just about every set.
must haves:
phoenix sun
my love is here to stay.

andreas said...

Sounds are great

Beware french house scene, poka is out there!!

untra said...

Im just now starting the exclusive mix, but Tom Middleton is one of my favorite DJs and Romanthony's Hold On is one of the best damn soul tracks ever produced. Im gonna like this :)

Anonymous said...

Nteibint = this guy ??? his more into electronica than house. ???

poka said...

To the anonymous user above :
Yes its this guy ! the track was mistakenly named as Nteibint edit . Actually NTEIBINT is a friend of mine that helped in the mixing/mastering procedure of this track.
cheers ,
poka .

p.s NTEIBINT apart from being a friend is an awesome artist with a very unique sound. So i d recommend to everyone to check him out :)
p.s2 thanx to everyone for all the nice comments :)

Anonymous said...

I think I replayed the mix for about 10 times now. Amazing work you did there. Especially on your own stuff :)

Adam said...

Wow cruising is incredible! It was impossible for me to to shake my ass while listening to it! His sampling skills are top notch!

Nicholas said...

Easily one of my favorite producers. Please keep it up Poka.

kamei said...

Kamei is my lastname too.