Saturday, 27 November 2010

We Are Not In Love

If you even attempt to keep up on the blogging world at all, you've inevitably heard of Crystal Castles. Moreover, you've probably heard their recent collaboration with vocalist Robert Smith. In case you HAVEN'T, here it is.

Crystal Castles Ft. Robert Smith - Not In Love [click to download]

Now clearly, this is a pretty epic track. It has a great 'I Listen To Obscure Indie Stuff' feel to it, while still maintaining some appeal for the non-indie kids who just like good music.

Now, compare this version to the version Crystal Castles (or rather, Ethan Kath... he did the whole track himself. No Alice.) put on their Crystal Castles (II) album earlier this year.

Crystal Castles - Not In Love [click to download]

I honestly think the album should've waited until they had the Robert Smith vocals, but I suppose dividing the hype between multiple releases is better for them.

What a lot of people don't know about Not In Love is that it's a cover of an old 1983 rock track by a group called Platinum Blonde. They were a Canadian band, so understandably, they never made it that big. For some reason, the rest of the world seems to think Canada is a stupid place full of stupid people and stupid music. Now if they're BRITISH, or AUSTRALIAN... OH MY GOD SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. Just something I noticed.

Seeing as there aren't many copies of the 1983 original available to the blog-reading community, I thought it might be cool to give you guys a taste of what was being emulated here.

Platinum Blonde - Not In Love [click to download]

Good old 80's rock. The hair, the sleeveless shirts... truly an era that could stand to return. An era when rock music had some testosterone in it. An era before gurlymen took over popular music (Hey Soul Sister, anyone?).



Alex said...

You're right, Boba. The vocals on the album version are dire.

Nathan said...

People ignore Canadian bands? The Arcade Fire?

Boba Fettuccini said...

They did back then. Without the internet, Canadian bands would never make it anywhere.

Bastille said...

Metric and Deadmau5 have also done ok.

Boba Fettuccini said...

Once again, in the internet age.

Name more than Canadian bands pre-2000 with significant hits.

SteveA said...

Hey Boba - awesome comment on the whole testerone of the 80's - these were real bands - artists. They had a different vibe and feel then - it seemed more authentic!

David said...

Maybe Canadian music used to be over-looked but that's hardly the case these days. It feels like every other band is from Canada, especially when it comes to indie music.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I agree. It's a shame it WAS ignored, because Canada is a breeding ground for some great stuff. I should do a post on some of the old Canadian electronic music I've found.

Here said...

Yeah but... Justin bieber... :D

Boba Fettuccini said...

Say that name again, and I will make sure you are impaled on a flapole.