Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Locust Toybox

David Firth, Internet animator best known for his infamous Salad Fingers series, also has a number of music based side projects including I'm The Manager and The Grape Digging Sharon Fruits. Locust Toybox is another one of these projects, and unlike the others is a purely electronic affair. If you've ever seen any of Firth's flash cartoons you can hazard a guess at what his tracks sound like. For those who haven't everything ranging from 8-bit chiptunes to full on ambient is covered on his 8 albums. it's quite hard to sum up in words due to the constant change in styles, instead check out my choice cuts below:

Locust Toybox - Arisa [click to download]

Locust Toybox - Cardboard Morning [click to download]

Locust Toybox - His Most Famous Act [click to download]

Locust Toybox - Raspberry Ripple [click to download]

Locust Toybox - Hyper Darts Challenge [click to download]

Locust Toybox - Oatmen [click to download]

Gingerbread Patriots - A Story Of Peeple (Locust Toybox 8-Bit Remix) [click to download]

Locust Toybox - So 2005 [click to download]

Oh, and since Firth is a really nice bloke, You can download ALL EIGHT of Locust Toybox's albums for free (and legally) HERE that's over 100 tracks for nothing. Enjoy

Find Locust Toybox on:

There's Trouble A-Brewin',
-Claude Van Foxbat

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DefErb said...

Oh man. This is just the thing I needed. Al 8 albums for free?? You the man firth.