Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fresh French House

Hi there

I know that a lot of you guys like Nu Disco / French House, that kind of stuff. So here a post that focus on the new releases there is.

Justin Faust & Vincent Fries are simply killing it on this one. And another track, his remix of Fabian Last Night.

Vincent Fries & Justin Faust - Choppy Slick by Justin Faust

Fabian - Last Flight (Justin Faust Remix) by Justin Faust

A regular Leonardus track, and regular Leonardus comes as great in my book so...

Get Up And Boogie by LeonardusMusic

I don't remember talking about Mix Chopin, one of my favorite producer from Canada, be sure to check out his EP :Love Story, you won't regret it.

Mix Chopin - Lush by Mix Chopin

And last but not least a whole EP for free, by Calembour released on Indo Silver Records. Including remixes by LeBatman (my favorite), Loopalike, the frenchy John Poincarré and Futurewife.

INDO009: Calembour - My Darling! by Indo Silver Records

Oh and, the little bonus from Futurewife, two bonus track !

Futurewife - Springer Spaniel by Futurewife

Futurewife - Say Yeah, Say Oh! by Futurewife


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