Wednesday 24 August 2011

Fresh French House

Hi there

I know that a lot of you guys like Nu Disco / French House, that kind of stuff. So here a post that focus on the new releases there is.

Justin Faust & Vincent Fries are simply killing it on this one. And another track, his remix of Fabian Last Night.

A regular Leonardus track, and regular Leonardus comes as great in my book so... [link/player is no longer live]

Get Up And Boogie by LeonardusMusic

I don't remember talking about Mix Chopin, one of my favorite producer from Canada, be sure to check out his EP :Love Story, you won't regret it. [link/player is no longer live]

Mix Chopin - Lush by Mix Chopin

And last but not least a whole EP for free, by Calembour released on Indo Silver Records. Including remixes by LeBatman (my favorite), Loopalike, the frenchy John Poincarré and Futurewife.

Oh and, the little bonus from Futurewife, two bonus track !

[link/player is no longer live] Futurewife - Say Yeah, Say Oh! by Futurewife


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