Friday, 16 September 2011

A Very Daft Update

Hey guys, it's Nite here with a quick update. I know for many of us hip-hop/house fans out there it has been a horrid week with Mehdi's Death and whatnot (trust me it hit me extremely hard),but don't despair, there is some good news! Daft Punk's new/old track from 1994,"Drive", has been revealed today, just less than an hour ago. Featuring on the Soma 20 year compilation album, which will be released on the 19th of September, The Rave-Ready track provides us with heavy synths and crunchy basslines that sounds like it should have been on Alive 1997.(EDIT):Here's a full length vid for the track. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Also,it seems Daft Punk is back in action, getting ready to (hopefully) make an album,the first(non-orchestrated)one in six years since Human After All. It also has been confirmed that they are currently collaborating with Paul Williams...Yes,that's right,THE creator of the Rainbow Connection Paul Williams. I could explain more in a nerdy squeal but you can read it more here



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I heard this on the radio the other and it's prety good considering how old it is.

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