Saturday 3 September 2011

Audio Video Disco


First thing first : I think I'll leave it here, what's your opinion ? I'm still not conviced, not bad but it really does not have the "justice" touch tracks from Cross had.

Alright now, tracks I really enjoy.

Massive tune by Dada Life, those banana and champagne lovers still got it.

A collab between ETC!ETC! and Kid Cedek, sampling this old gem. Could listen to this for hours.

My favorite track from The Magician's magic tape 14. Gigamesh's finished demo he posted about a year ago.

Oh and this one, the Majesty diserves his name !

Let's wrap things up with two fresh remixes from Ghosts Of Venice, shall we ?

[Update: Apple music is the only place I could find this track to replace now that Flash is broked - had to embed the entire EP and you only get a 30 sec preview so apologies in advance. -CVF]

Enjoy! -Here

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