Monday, 10 November 2014

It All Ends

Some of you in the know may have seen that my two favourite Scandinavian music folks are calling it a day, I expected it of The Knife after they went on the massive tour they were doing considering they last did it in 2006 on a way more local scale. I can deal with that, Silent Shout is one of my top ten albums and they've had a good run. But the other one is hitting me surprisingly hard...

I honestly didn't expect Röyksopp to be calling it so soon, I mean they were just gearing back up with the Late Night Tales and Robyn collab and whatnot. They're calling The Inevitable End, and wave goodbye to "the traditional album format" and they said they'll keep making music. And I certainly hope so, Röyksopp have been on my music radar since 2001 and I don't know how I feel about such a big cornerstone of my listening history to just suddenly stop, they've seen me through a lot over the years.

However if this is it for albums, I do think the album is a fitting end to the project, it's the perfect blend of their vibe with just a small hint of bitter-sweetness and a bigger focus on lyrical content. Think What Else Is There? and you're about there. Now excuse me while I reflect on 10+ years of Norwegian electronic and maybe cry a little.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Winter Is Coming

Sorry for the sparse posting but I'm sure you all understand after the last one why I took a little bit of a break. In more upbeat news Clark has a new LP out and it is killer. If you're new to clark start here, move on to Body Riddle and never look back, he effortlessly dances between beautiful ambient and lush sounds to what I best heard described as Melodic Grit. The guy is as serious contender for my favourite warp act of all time along with the many other classics they have on their roll.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Gloomy Sundays VI

Isidro Escamilla - Virgin of Guadalupe (1824)

This Sunday I actually have a reason to be gloomy. No one should have to see their friend put in the ground, especially one who probably lived more than the rest of us combined. But here we are anyway. So long J, I'll always remember you for never giving a shit about what anyone thought of your opinion, being the first person to show me John Martyn and your love of tattoos and body art. Thank you for being a friend and thank you for being there when I first arrived and had no one. I was a boy then but now I'm a man. Thanks for all the good times and I'll see you on the other side.

-Claude Van Foxbat