Tuesday 18 November 2014

You've Got Red On You

Been waiting to make this post for a long time. you know Weebl? of Badger, Badger, Badger and Amazing Horse fame? well for a long time he's been running a fictional synthpop group dubbed Savlonic. He's got a well documented love for bands like Ladytron, and the main character of the band is even based on Ron Mael of Sparks so that should give you some pointers in terms of sound.

Now it goes without saying that like all things Weebl these are essentially parody tunes, but some of them could pass for more serious ones. It's kinda a shame really cos he has a knack for catchy tunes and if he really wanted to could easily make a serious record. Still love them as they are though, there's some amazing lyricism that makes for some non-sequitur verses. Have a selection of my favourites from their recently released kickstarted album Red:

Get Savlonic's debut Red here:
Weebl's Shop

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