Thursday 3 September 2009

Flying Lotus

I'm trying to get a relatively early night tonight, so just one quick post before I go to bed.

Think about what it would sound like if Burial, Aphex Twin and Dr Dre all sat down and had a jam session around a campfire. If you can imagine that, well then welcome to the peculiar world of Flying Lotus. This Californian dips toes in hip-hop, dubstep and IDM to create short but sweet experimental electronic rhythms. His debut album "Los Angeles" came out back in June 2008, and I plan to grab a copy as soon as my local record store stocks it. But until then, enjoy these three tunes :)

Keep it funky, Joe


asdfffdsa said...

Definitely interesting

Anonymous said...

He also released the album 1983 in 2006, its quite different though. More madlib-ish. def like his newer stuff better