Sunday 15 November 2009

The Ilictronix guide to Dubstep, part 1: Skream

I've been listening to quite a lot of dubstep recently, so I thought I'd share some of my collection with you all. Over the next few weeks, I'll be featuring some of my favourite dubstep artists in a mini series.

It seemed logical to kick off with perhaps the best known name in dubstep, genre pioneer Skream. His track "Midnight Request Line" was an underground smash back in 2006, and now he's back with two new singles, old skool jungle cut "Burnin' Up" and reverb-drenched stomper "Memories of Third Base". That's not to say he's not been busy during that big three-year gap though, delivering 5 installments of his "Skreamizm" EP series and powerful remixes for the likes of Klaxons, Distance, Bat For Lashes and, of course, La Roux. Here are a selection of my favourite Skream cuts.

Keep it funky, Joe


scallywaggle said...

whats with this shit music? at least post some garage.

Mr. Brown said...

Haha, thanx Joe, I needed some fresh skream, been listening to the midnight requests for ages now.

Anonymous said...

Where's his awesome La ROux remix??

Anonymous said...

I recommend you cover Joker... I don't know near enough about him!

Unknown said...

Stenchman – Stinkmix 3 – Salirophilia

1. stenchintro
2. stenchman – gutfucker (vip)
3. lil wayne – a milli (stenchman rmx)
4. cardopusher – gibold
5. skream – aggyface
6. stenchman – licking the envelope
7. benny page – step out (vip)
8. eskmo – harmony
9. outkast – bombs over bagdad (stenchman rmx)
10. marchmellow – real simple
11. justice timberlake – wheres my starship
12. stenchman – cow story
13. emalkay – when i look at you
14. bar 9 – malicious tactics (vip)
15. suspect + switchdubs – rotary
16. flux pavillion – bad dj
17. the streets – blinded by the lights (nero remix)
18. skream – metalick
19. prodigy – breathe (numbernin6 rmx)
20. stenchman – vagitarian meal
21. unitz – the drop (vip)
22. burial – archangel (bootyleg)
23. mrk1 – talk to frank
24. stenchman – coceck
25. mia – galang (dz rmx)
26. stenchman – so beatnik
27. benny page + zero g – ruffneck
28. stenchman – sick bay
29. reso – beasts in the bassment
30. riz mc – radar (sukh knight rmx)
31. nas – made you look (stenchy rmx)
32. j@kes – justice
33. stenchman – distress signal (vip)
34. mark omen ft lupen crook – eyes wide shut
35. stenchman – everything

Anonymous said...

Play some Garage hahahahahahahahaha. you joker. Garage is dead, shit and dead lolol!!!!!!!!!!!

dubstep said...

some well good tracks you posted

pachaholic said...

sick tracks there