Friday 14 May 2010

The other side of the Spectrum

Yo guys, Its Nite here. I noticed that Mr. Brown just recently put up some filthy dubstep for you guys. Ahh the heavy bass, that filthy wobble, it just pumps you up, no? Well today im going to present to you another side to dubstep, most of you have never heard before.

We're going with some clean dubstep.

The band I'm presenting today is a UK Dubstep/Showtune producer named Pangaea, relatively old compared to the newer generation of dubstep producers out there. When making their dubstep, they take it to its very core,cleans up all the filth,and sends out a purified ambient type of dubstep very unique and different to the dubstep we usually associate with today.

Don't get mad though. The lack of filth pangaea brings is made up with their creative style and smooth tone. Its definitely chiller than Rusko or Caspa, but its just as good(if not, better, in my opinion)

Anyways, here are some of Pangaea's tracks:

Let me know what you guys think of them in the comments section.
Peace, Nite


Claude Van Foxbat said...

I remember that night in TDC chat, where I linked Pangaea & Cookie Monsta AND the Breathe Remix. :)
you have good taste Nite, kids these days got no idea dubstep didn't wasn't allways about the wobbles :D

nathanel said...

@up . that's right.
I think dubstep is heading now into totally different territory. Because i think that what we liked about first dubstep was it's intelligent approach to it :)

You should also check 2562(my fav tune Flashback)
also Sbtrkt did a nice remix of José James' "Warrior"



Anonymous said...




boo it sucks.

Doctrations said...

check out darksky and boogaloo crew, rumblejazz, joy orbison, SBTRKT, James Blake there's alot of this.
I'm not trying to promote but there's alot of that on
keep it up