Monday 7 May 2012

Cats & Dogs

Good news! I'm going to art university! Good news 2! Now that I no longer have to do boring things like anotations, putting together a portfolio and going to interviews I can crack out this post I've been waiting on for about a month or so now. This leads us to Good News 3! which is that I will have a massive bit of free time coming up as I leave college and wait about 4 months till Uni starts, which I plan to exploit like it's 1991! Just as soon as I get used to blogger's fancy new futuristic WEB 2.0 layout.

First up is Rex The Dog. Here's posted a couple of his remixes iirc, which got me to swipe me a copy of his album that took me way too long to find a copy of. Anyhow it's pretty sweet, it's mostly made up of tracks from EP's he'd released previously, but chopped down by a couple minutes. Now I've seen a lot of people moan about that but honestly I think his tracks work better in this format, especially when the Dog doles out quality track after quality track that're full of synthesized bliss.

Doing a bit of research I found Rex's youtube channel where he has some neat stuff, including a lot of videos of himself dropping this and other tracks live, and a sick rendition of one of the album's tracks on a circuit bent Casio VL Tone. I've never actually seen curcuit bent stuff used for conventional tracks so it was new to me, he's also got some other cool stuff so give him a peep at rexthedog1980

Rounding us off is Miss Kittin, who I've recently been diggin' as I track down a copy of her second album BatBox. I've mentioned her first offering I Com before and how it explores a bunch of atmospheres. The dancefloor stuff may be a little thin on the ground, but the entire first half is pretty much all quality dancefloor styled tracks before the more ambient/experimental second half. I figured it'd be a nice compliment to Rex's stuff if I were to drop my favourite slices from it on ya enjoy!

Mass Hysteria,
- Claude Van Foxbat

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