Saturday 11 August 2012

Up & Output

You know that new soundsystem I mentioned last time? well over the past few days I gave it the first few runs. Obviously I couldn't pick just anything to play, oh no. This had to be special, to inaugurate it into the collection I made a few selections The first of which being Bangalter's timeless rework of DJ Mehdi's Signatune (which I'm not going to post), and the rest? well let's just see about them.

Well of course a bass test was in order. So I chose the kind of track that sounds completely different through say, laptop speakers than it does a sub. The first ten seconds of this are just plain inaudible through my phone, but it's a different beast altogether on my new setup. No doubt thanks to those rolling sine waves bliss running alongside.

So I'm feeling some more hip hop stylings, and I turn to good old FLyLo for my fix. This tune has always been a favourite, though it's more like two tracks actually 'cause at about 1:30 the breakdown gives way to some whole new sounds and beats that (dare I say it) sound just a little bit dubstep.

Something a bit faster now, as we move closer to Drum & Bass territory with Skream's love letter to the Jungle scene. It reminds me a lot of Omni Trio's Feel (Feel Good) I posted a little while ago thanks to that well executed vocal sample. There's not much different here actually, there's liberal usage of amen break throughout, and it's a little slow for a proper full on 'ardcore Jungle inspired beat.

It wasn't long before I planted myself back in familiar experimental and electro territory though, kicking things off was a track from Clark's debut Clarence Park for way back in 2001. The LP is home to a track that has one of my favourite sounds ever on it. That main melody sounds amazing anyway, and when it starts to get cut up and spliced it really is something else.

And bringing it all to a close is a track from way back when that I had long forgotten about. MSTRKRFT's The Looks got plenty of play from me then, and coming back to it everything is still just as sweet. I remember my first listen of this one, it was good and all but it needed that extra something to bump it up to proper quality status. And that was answered with the key change at 3:10, which I could tell was leading to something big. and then 3:40 rolls along and we get some tasty guitar licks to go with our electro. And the end result is a pretty sweet deal.

And that pretty well documents the first 48 hours of my new speaker setup, I only hope they last as long if not longer than my old ones. Take this selection for yourself and give your soundystem a treat!

The Green Wire,
-Claude Van Foxbat

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