Saturday 1 September 2012

Well well well

Hey there, I'm kinda back so I thought I'd share a few things before I forget and or run out of time to post.

Rex The Dog just remixed Robyn's Who's That Girl... feels like this track time traveled from the 80's and it's goddamn good.

Benga's new EP Pour Your Love features a remix by the four french guys I've been listening to a lot this year, the talented dudes of Club Cheval. If you liked Now U Realize you'll definitely love this clubby remix.

At Home, from Crystal Fighters's latest EP got remixed by a name that's brand new to me, Fusty Delight. His soundcloud is filled with great remixes, check it out if you enjoy good synths!

And I couldn't end this post without mentioning Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. These two men are one of the best collab that could happen in hip hop. They already release a lot of great songs and their LP will be out in Octobre, they're also touring Europe in September so if you they have a gig near your place, grab a ticket!

This the first song I've heard from them, I was incredibly impressed by the quality of everything in it, there is simply nothing wrong on any level, nothing could have been done better in my opinion.

And their brand new release, Thrift Shop. I hope you like big coats and broken keyboards.


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