Wednesday 8 May 2013


Heard of Fastback? I wouldn't be surprised if you said no. For someone with as much talent as this guy, it's impressive how little popularity he has. My first exposure to this guy was on a Daft Punk fan message board, where he became a hero with his uncanny inside knowledge on the French Touch scene (do we still call it that? I don't know I'm so out of... touch). He threw us all for a loop by going by the screen name Akchote, and slowly deviating from the trap style productions he had been posting into things like... this.

He had photos of promo CDs of SebastiAn remixes that hadn't be released, information about the new Kavinsky album, and information about SebastiAn and a few other Ed Banger crewmembers' activities... then after all the conjecture that perhaps he was actually SebastiAn began flying, he posted this.

Which was followed by Noel Akchote, SebastiAn's older brother and famed French country musician joining the message board and tearing this guy down as a stalker and general creep-o. It was all rather weird, but somewhat entertaining I guess. Ah, internet....

I still don't know what to think, honestly. Nor do I care, I guess. I follow Fastback on Soundcloud, and I am frequently blown away by the amazing quality of this guy's electro. Some of his tracks are available for sale on his bandcamp page.

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