Saturday 26 December 2015

Post-Holiday Quickie

Afternoon all, hope your respective winter celebrations went down well. Now, I'm sure you've heard people moan and groan that nobody makes Christmas music anymore and so we're leftwith the same dregs we've heard for years and years every winter. Well thanks to my buds over at Galaxy Swim Team I was treated to this on my soundcloud feed, a more modern indie-pop syle take on Paul McCartney's original. Not for everyone sure, but I could defintley see a market for this in future (What I wouldn't give for a sleazy electroclash cover of Wham!'s Last Christmas).

And since I'm here I may as well say I wrote and scheduled another annual New Year's post/track dump, and it'll be a tad earlier this year so keep an eye out for it going up on the 30th! Until then I hope you're all havin' a good time, and I'll be back soon.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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