Thursday 15 February 2018

Spotify Monthly Selections February

Back once again with another Monthly Selection! It's officially a series! February's listenings are all suitably loved-up; cribbing a few choice cuts from my personal Valentine's playlist we open with the eternally classic Your Love from Frankie Knuckles, before taking things in a more uptempo funky direction with the duet of Chase & Status and Chromeo. Followed by a nod to my roots with the bombastically filtered house of Macross 82-99 and some classic pre-wubfest Dubstep from D1.

Taking a turn into slow jams towards the end, The Knife's fantastic live version of Heartbeats caps off the playlist. Taking maybe just a smidgen of inspiration from José Gonzalez's cover of their song, The Knife take the upbeat electropop of the studio version and turn it on it's head, it's devastatingly beautiful. I can't overstate how much I adore Karin Dreijer's vocals, she is and remians one of my top 10 voices in music.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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