Thursday 15 March 2018

Spotify Monthly Selections March

I've been on much more of a downtempo kick as Spring takes its time to set in. This month's playlist starts with a piece Massive Attack made for a soundtrack that I'd somehow never heard of until now, it gets a bit cliché cinematic soundtrack in spots for my taste but I'm very much into Polaroid Girl. Followed by another trip hop act I recently started seeking out; Fila Brazillia, who despite the exotic name and lush sounds actually come from Hull of all places.

Some electropop sprinkled in too courtesy of another two recent additions to my listening roster; Cornelius and Erlend Øye. Both of them scratching my itch for what a friend of mine lovingly calls "Napoleon Dynamite Electronica", they're fairly simple and full of DIY-esque sounds that I am currently loving.

Getting a little nostalgic too, with a bunch of Housey tunes from one-album-wonder Mylo, Rex The Dog and of course, Daft Punk. Taking yet another turn into the downtempo towards the end, I'm trying to structure the playlists to have nice peaks and valleys see, The Knife's Vegetarian Restaurant is also from a film soundtrack oddly enough, and it is probably one of my all time favourites from the Swedish sibling duo, a far cry from the dark and cold electronics of Silent Shout for sure. I'll see you all next month with the next installment!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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