Sunday 22 July 2018

Back In The Garage

Stuart Davis - Garage (1917)

Lordy help me I'm back on my nostalgic garage kick. Well, I say back like it never really left, and I didn't plan this post but still. Starting off once again with some more soundtrack business, this time more Rom Di Prisco from Need For Speed IV. Any long time readers will be familiar with me waxing poetic about how I love the {Artificial Intelligence} era Warp Records sound because that simple bleepy techno sounded so futuristic to a young Foxbat fascinated with electronic music. Well one of the earliest examples of a tune that made me feel that way is Cygnus Rift, sandwiched away between all the other sci-fi titles on the soundtrack, that intro is a primo example of what I'm talking about. For me it hits the same buttons as when I occasionally get my trance euphoria head on, it's gorgeous stuff. Just be careful turning this one up, that bassline introduced at around 50 seconds in is a real killer shelf wobbler even on low volumes.

Next up is yet another example from Rockstar's in-house productions for Grand Theft Auto III. Like Stripe Summer from last time, it's chock full of cliché 2000's production, obviously taking cues from Daniel Bedingfied's Gotta Get Thru This and the obvious abuse of auto-tune throughout making it a much more clear parody of the pop of the era. While it's certainly more obviously dated than Stripe Summer, it's still actually a very solid tune despite it's satirical origins, fitting in nicely with other tunes I have in a similar style like Felix Da Housecat's Pray For A Star.

And playing us out, another blast from the past. This one gets a lot of fun poked at it for various reasons, but I will stand by it being potentially one of the best remixes of all time when compared to it's source material, as ell as being one f my first ports of call when I need to elaborate to someone what exactly makes Garage its own genre. Coming up on 20 years since it's release and I've yet to grow tired of that bassline, or the sultry vocals of Kelli Ali for that matter. It's a bit long in the tooth at 9 minutes long but I'll be damned if I don't listen to it pretty much all the way through every time.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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